How To Get Started in Women%27s Lacrosse

There is a long road to get into women’s lacrosse.Do you have the desire and drive?You have to know that going into a sport is tough, but it will pay off in the end.Maybe you don’t know what the journey will look like.These steps can help you get started with women’s lacrosse if you have that drive and desire.

Step 1: Buy or borrow a lacrosse stick.

They can be expensive, so look at thrift stores, secondhand sports shops, or just buy a cheap stick from your local sports store.

Step 2: You can cradle the ball.

The end of your stick is where you should put the ball.Place your dominant hand at the top of the lacrosse stick.You need to move your dominant hand up and down.Do it with your non-dominant hand once you have mastered this process.When you practice this, switch back and forth from hand to hand.You can go to a one handed cradling now.

Step 3: You have to learn to pass.

This is the same as throwing a ball.You can point where you throw by raising your arm.Raise your arm.Throw back.Soft fingers are needed to catch the ball.The net should absorb the ball’s energy.Don’t reach for the ball.Finish with a cradle and pass.

Step 4: Play a game with a partner.

Anyone will do it.Ask your siblings, girlfriends or neighbors.You can play wallball if you don’t have a partner.You can play wallball by finding a brick wall and throwing a ball at it.The ball should be cradled on the rebound.This is done several times.

Step 5: You can learn how to scoop a groundball.

Put your head on the stick.Put your back hand on the stick.Make sure your back leg is planted.Then scoop the ball with your front leg.Put the stick in the cradle.

Step 6: You have to learn all the rules.

It is important to learn the game after playing it.The rules should be downloaded from what you can and can’t do in the game helps you understand it better.

Step 7: Work hard.

Women’s lacrosse, or any sport for that matter, is dependent on Cardio.A big part of the game is running.It’s important to be in shape and fit.Upper body workouts are important for strength training.Core work is important for defense and shots.

Step 8: You can find a team.

You can start playing on teams once you have the basics down.You should practice your skills when you are on a team.The team that can pass and catch the ball is the one that wins.You should keep improving your skills.Try out for your school’s lacrosse team once you get to high school.The main goal is to make the team.Staying out of trouble and your grades are important side pieces.You are a representative of your school and community.If your high school team is good, you can be a freshman that makes the team.

Step 9: Once you’re good enough, look for travel teams that are competitive.

This will allow you to interact with other girls in high school.

Step 10: Go to the camps.

They can teach you new things.They expose you to the college recruitment process.You can share your new skills with girls who didn’t have the chance to attend those camps when you come back home.This will help you become more valuable as a team member.

Step 11: Talk to your coach.

Tell him that you want to play at the college level and that he should help you get to the next level.He/she can critique your current level of play.The coach can give you suggestions.

Step 12: A highlight tape can be made.

College coaches will be able to use this to find film footage.You should highlight your technique, effort, and good characteristics.

Step 13: Do you know about your college options?

You should look at the school after you get an offer.You should visit and see what the campus has to offer.Do not accept if you don’t like it.It is important that you are happy in this place because it will be where you will spend the next four or five years of your life.

Step 14: Understand the commitment.

It is important to understand what you are committing to once you have accepted your offer.Your hard work has paid off, but you still have work to do.Lacrosse is more of a job once you get to the collegiate level.You are expected to keep up with your schoolwork.You will not have a school to play for if you don’t do well in school.It is important to have fun.You will quit if you don’t keep it fun.