How To Get on Shark Tank

ABC has a wildly popular reality show called Shark Tank.If you have a product or business that you would like to be on the show, consider auditioning.Visit the show’s website or attend an open casting call to apply.A good pitch and a bold personality are required to get in.You may be able to strike a deal with the sharks if you hear back after auditioning.

Step 1: Register for a patent to protect your invention.

If your business hasn’t taken off, apply for a patent.The average fee for a patent application is between $200 and $500.To complete the patent, you need to describe your invention’s purpose and function in clear, definite terms.The U.S. Patent Office’s application can be accessed at people can’t steal your idea if you patent it.Any new idea, process, or product can be patented.Even though the patent is pending, your claim is protected.Contact a patent attorney to complete the application.The average cost of hiring an attorney is between $5,000 and $10,000.

Step 2: Become a legal resident of the U.S.

Before you apply to Shark Tank, you must meet certain eligibility requirements.To be eligible for the show, you need to be a citizen or granted permanent residency in the U.S.Being born in the U.S., being born to American citizens in other countries, or applying for permanent residency is what that means.You will need to travel to attend casting calls or the show if you live in another country.If you are ready to apply, keep this in mind.

Step 3: If you are under 18 you should have a parent or guardian fill out the application.

The age of consent in the U.S. is 18.The rule limits who the producers can allow on Shark Tank.Children can be on the show.You will need an adult to sign all of the documents the show producers give you.The age of consent varies from state to state.Where you live may affect the age of majority.

Step 4: Criminal record is one of the requirements for the show.

Extra requirements may affect your eligibility on the show.You can find a full list of requirements on the show’s website when you download or submit your application.Felons are not allowed to attend the show.If your charges are pending, you can’t apply.You and your family cannot be employed by any of the companies involved in the show’s production.You cannot be employed by these companies before you apply.You can’t be a candidate for public office.You have to agree not to run for public office until 1 year after the last episode of the season you appear in.

Step 5: You can increase your chances of success by waiting.

The show accepts applications all year long.During the filming process, if the show’s producers aren’t holding open casting calls, your application may get buried.You should keep an eye on the Shark Tank website for casting calls.Casting call dates can be found at to apply is not a guarantee that you will get an appointment.Your application may be lost in the shuffle.People want to be on the show.

Step 6: There is an electronic application form on the casting website.

You can access the application through the television network website.It doesn’t take long to complete the application because it consists of a series of questions on a single page.Make sure you have time to think about your responses.

Step 7: Information about yourself and your partners.

Your biographical information is the top part of the application.There are questions about your name, age, contact information, and occupation.The producers use this information to find out who you are and how to keep in touch with you.Make sure the information is correct, particularly your contact information.Nurse or fireman are examples of occupations.It is possible that your occupation is a part of your pitch to the show.These details can be used to pick applicants with compelling stories.biographical information about your business partners is not required.The application tells you to list their names.

Step 8: Tell us about your business, idea, or product.

The reason for applying is the second half of the application.You should include a link to your website if you have one.Click on the categories that describe your business or product.You can finish by typing in a non-confidential description.Technology, sports, entertainment, and pets are examples of categories that describe your business or product.What phase is your business or product in?The idea stage, research and development, and other phases include operating and shipping.Don’t worry about the figures, focus on your dream.Facts and figures are important, but drive, determination, and passion really sell ideas to casting directors.

Step 9: If you can, take a picture of your business or product.

In order to impress the producers, capture your work in a positive light.If you want to highlight your product’s appearance, put it in a room with good lighting and take a photo.You can get a picture of your storefront with your logo and product.The application will be sent when you hit the submit button.It’s optional to submit a photo.You won’t have anything to submit if your product is in the idea stage.If you can submit an image, do it.

Step 10: There are open dates for the Shark Tank casting call.

The best time to attend an open casting call is at the beginning of the year.Addresses and an event schedule are included in each listing.The casting call schedule can be found at calls took place in Washington, California, Tennessee, Nebraska, Arkansas, and New York.The locations change from year to year.

Step 11: You need to download and fill out an application.

You have to bring a completed application with you to the open auditioning.The application is longer than the online one.It asks a lot of questions about you and your business.As soon as you arrive at the venue, give the application to the casting team.The application can be downloaded from person needs to fill out their own application if they are applying with a team.

Step 12: Arrive early to get a wristband.

When the venue opens, the casting crew gives out wristbands.Everyone who shows up in time gets a wristband.The wristbands have a number on them.People with low-numbered wristbands are the first to try out.Check the schedule for any changes as the crew usually hands out wristbands from 9 to 11 AM.The casting team tries to get through everyone that arrives at the venue, but this can change at any time.Unless you submit a separate application online, your application will only be reviewed if you go through the open interview.

Step 13: When you address the judges, carry yourself with confidence.

Be enthusiastic and bold at the same time.You should portray yourself as someone who works hard but knows they belong on TV.Carry yourself in a positive way, such as standing up straight, looking the judges in the eye, and practicing good conversation skills.Don’t go too far with trying to outdo the other potential contestants.Being a confidententrepreneur means answering questions with ease while still smiling.Speak in a firm but consistent tone.Know your pitch idea and show how much it means to you.A good prototype or other presentation material is required.You don’t need to dress up or do crazy things to succeed.A great pitch is the best resource for your business.Posters and props show how your idea will work when you finish it.

Step 14: After your number is called, make a short pitch to the interviewer.

You have 60 seconds to pitch your idea to a member of the casting team.Sell your dream and show your motivation in the pitch.The producers of the show look for both great products and great people.If you have a prototype for a product, bring it with you.Computers, props, and other equipment can be brought in.Give the crew as much of a look at your business as possible.If they are relevant, facts and figures should be included.Keep your pitch short and to the point.The boring financial stuff should be left on the paper application.

Step 15: For an answer to your application, check your mail and phone.

Regardless of how you applied, you will be waiting for a response from the casting crew.The call will be made within 2 months.You usually get confirmation through a letter in the mail when you get the call.You listed your phone number and address on your application form.Don’t forget to watch your email as well.You don’t usually get a response through email, but you never know.It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a callback.If you are rejected, you can either get a letter in the mail or not.

Step 16: Wait for the casting crew to call.

Find out when the phone interview will be by listening or reading your confirmation notice.A member of the casting team calls you using your phone number.They will talk to you in more detail about your business, product, or idea.It is likely that the phone call will happen several weeks or months after your confirmation letter.It depends on the casting team.They have to deal with a lot of people.Questions about your business background, noteworthy experiences, and motivation are covered in the interview.How you developed your idea and the steps you have taken to make it a success will be asked by the casting crew member.The call should be treated like a second interview.Put your personality on display.

Step 17: If your application is accepted, submit more forms.

You have a chance if you hear back from the casting team.It’s best to wait a few weeks or a month.The casting crew will show you how to complete the next set of forms.Send them back in the mail after you fill them out.At this point, you are a semifinalist.It doesn’t mean you’re on the show yet, but your chances are pretty good

Step 18: A 5 to 10-minute video is needed to pitch your product.

Getting on the show requires a final video.The video is about your pitch to the sharks.Along with your own entertaining personality, make a point of displaying your product’s greatness.The more engaging your video is, the more likely you are to be booked for the show.After the second round of applications, video submissions are usually done online.The video producer tells you how to submit the video.If you need to, you can submit it on a CD through the mail.You can film as you please.Work in a well-lit room, get a good video recorder, and dress nicely.If you have a product or business, set it up in a good light.Why is your project deserving of funding?It’s a good idea to include a personal story in the pitch.Mention any sales numbers that show your project’s success.

Step 19: Work with producers and display professionalism.

Presentations that look professional are more likely to succeed.You should film your pitch with decent equipment, respond quickly to producer requests, and communicate appropriately with the show staff.Getting on the good side of the producers is a plus.Business websites and pictures are included in professionalism.These will be looked at by the producers.They should display your project well and show a lot of attention to detail.

Step 20: For a better chance of success, show a bold, authentic personality.

At the end of the day, Shark Tank is entertainment.It isn’t often that entrepreneurs make for an interesting show.You are expected to be outspoken, enthusiastic, and passionate by the show’s producers.Be bold, be dramatic, but also be willing to listen to what the sharks have to say.Think from a producer’s point of view.Do you want to watch yourself on TV or cast yourself?Entrepreneurs that offer drama, surprises, or tension are popular with producers.

Step 21: If you want to find out what good pitches are like, research past episodes.

One of the best ways to prepare for a show appearance is to watch past episodes.Take notes on your favorite entrepreneurs.Study how they present their projects.Use your notes to improve your pitch.Entrepreneurs who failed to get a deal should be studied.Try to figure out what went wrong.It is helpful for products that don’t get funded.Listen to what the sharks have to say.The judges respond to ideas differently.To appeal to as many of them as possible, you have to figure that out.

Step 22: You should seek advice on the quality of your project.

You get to work with one of the show’s producers when you join.It helps if you get feedback from outside sources throughout the application process.Ask for honest feedback on what you have to say.Make sure your pitch is easy to understand for potential customers.Give your pitch to your family and friends.Work with people in your network.To get honest feedback, test it on strangers.You are put through rehearsals when you are approved for the show.The producer will give you practical advice and make sure you are ready for the show.

Step 23: Make sure you practice your pitch as much as possible.

You can judge how good your pitch is by the feedback you give.What do you think the judges will do?It is necessary to improve your pitch.Before you use the pitch for the show, make it exciting and energetic.If you are accepted on the show, you will have a few months to practice.It’s a good idea to give your pitch in front of the mirror as well as people you know.You should practice saying what you need to say.You can modify your pitch.Chances are you can improve it if it doesn’t sound right to you.

Step 24: If you don’t make the show, apply again.

Entrepreneurs fail on the first try.It’s true in both business and Shark Tank.Until you get a yes from the producers, go through the entire application process.You might have a better chance on the second try.If you haven’t filmed a show episode for your idea, you can apply again.If you think the producers rejected your application, apply again.The producers may have decided not to air your episode if you were lucky enough to get to the filming stages.A new camera-ready idea is your best bet.Many people apply for the show.The show’s producers may not get back to you if you have a good pitch.A different producer may be in charge of your second application.