How To Get on House Hunters

House Hunters is a reality show that follows individuals, couples, and families as they search for new homes with their real estate agent.If you would like to be featured on House Hunters, you need to submit a casting application.You can find out how to fill out an application.

Step 1: Go to the House Hunters subpage on the website.

House-hunters is a show onpietown.TV.Go to the bottom of the page.Click the link to apply for a buyer’s license.

Step 2: You have to fill out the required fields.

Your full name, city and state, daytime phone number, and email address are required.A photo of yourself or your family is required.The image should be small.

Step 3: The additional fields need to be completed.

If you give as much information as possible, you are more likely to be selected.Also consider filling in your address, age, and occupation.Discuss the questions about your household and real estate agent.Why do you plan to move?Tell us about the features and style you are looking for.

Step 4: To agree to the terms, you must verify your information.

There are two things you can do at the bottom of the page.The first box should tell you that the information you are giving is accurate.If you check the second box, you agree with the terms and conditions.Click the button if you want to submit your application.You have to be at least 18 years old to apply.Your agreement to keep information about the program confidential is represented by the terms.Before you submit your application, make sure to read and agree to the terms.You could save a copy for yourself.

Step 5: Wait for a representative from Pie Town to reach you.

The producers will contact you if your situation appeals to them.You may be asked to attend a casting call, where producers decide if you and your real estate situation are an ideal fit for an episode of House Hunters.

Step 6: Pie Town has a page called the House Hunters.

House-hunters is a show onpietown.TV.Continue scrolling until you reach the bottom of the page.Click on the link for the application.

Step 7: Answer the required fields on the online form.

You need to include your full name, city, state, daytime phone number, and email address.Attach a photo of yourself that is less than 10 MB.

Step 8: Extra information can be provided in the additional fields.

Provide as much information as possible.You can fill in your company name and address.You can answer the questions about your client.What makes your client’s home search unique?How competitive is the housing market?

Step 9: If you confirm your information, you agree to the terms.

There are two options at the bottom of the page.You can confirm that the information you have entered is accurate by selecting the first box.You can show that you agree with the terms and conditions by putting a check in the second box.Send in your application by clicking the button.You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for the show.Information about the program’s events and details are confidential according to the terms.Before you submit your application, make sure you read and agree to the terms.Save a local copy of the full application for your records.

Step 10: Wait for a representative to call you.

They will contact you if they are interested in your story.You might be asked to do a phone interview, record a video, or attend a casting call.

Step 11: Get in touch with House Hunters International.

You can apply for House Hunters International if you want to rent a vacation home or buy a home outside the US.You can send an email to [email protected] us about your moving plans.You should include your full name, phone number, current location, and an estimated moving date.Attach a photo of your family to the email.

Step 12: You can apply for a house renovation.

House Hunters Renovation is a spin-off.The aim of the spin-off is to find soon-to-be home owners in specific cities.To find out if they are casting in your area, go to pietown.TV/casting/house-hunters-renovation.If they are not currently casting in your area, check back in the future or contact the production company via to inquire if they plan to cast in you.

Step 13: Information can be submitted for House Hunters Outside the Box.

The focus of this spin-off is on buildings that will be converted into residential structures.Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “HH Outside the Box Casting” to apply.If you purchased a former church, fire house, school, or other structure that wasn’t intended for residential use, but you want to make it into your new home, you may be considered for this show.Information about your motivation and plans for the project should be included in your email.You should include your contact information as well.

Step 14: An idea can be pitched.

If you have a great idea for a show but it doesn’t fit into one of the House Hunters show categories, you can submit it to Pie Town productions as a new show idea.Go topietown.TV/pitch-us-submission-form.The required fields are your full name, email address, and log line.Attach a large photo of your family.A log line is a description of your plot and a summary of the elements that will make the show interesting to audiences.In order to submit your application, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions.You must be at least 18 years old to submit an original idea.Before you submit your idea, make sure to review the terms in full.

Step 15: Allow your personality to shine through.

Pie Town looks for individuals who are energetic, passionate, fun, and have great stories to tell about house hunting.Most viewers would consider individuals and situations to be interesting and entertaining.

Step 16: You can show your quirky side.

It’s important to show what makes you unique.Don’t reveal things you’d be embarrassed about showing on TV because they may be aired publicly.Positive features about you or your family will make you stand out.If you want a special item in the new house that most people don’t have, tell producers about it in your application.You or your client may have a unique hobby that can be incorporated into the style of the new home.You could want a giant slide instead of a staircase.The feature should be something you or your client would be happy to live with, so think outside the box.If you have an odd flaw that you don’t mind exposing, it may improve your chances of being cast for the show.

Step 17: Be who you are.

You don’t want to come across as fake or trying too hard when you show fun and interesting characteristics of your family.Don’t use gimmicks.While remaining true to yourself, you want to display your uniqueness without going too far.Imagine that the experience is a trailer for a movie.What are the most interesting things about you?

Step 18: Don’t be boring and have fun.

If you land a phone interview, show high energy and enjoy yourself.It will show if you are having fun.If you keep your energy up, you won’t have to turn it on and off.You might be watched in the waiting room.

Step 19: Make yourself available.

Make sure your phone accepts calls from private or blocked numbers.People missed out on reality shows because they were hard to get in touch with.

Step 20: Look at reality shows.

Pay close attention to certain features when watching House Hunters and other reality shows.The stories that are told through the characters on the show.You can get a good idea of what types of behavior and communication styles are preferred by producers.