How To Get Free Makeup

It is easy to get a lot of great samples and even some full sized ones if you want to.You can get free makeup by going to makeup counters in department stores and visiting makeup company websites.There are some ways to get free makeup.

Step 1: There is a makeup counter in the store.

You can check the local papers and online to see what promotions are available.If you want to get some freebies, you should check out the promotions at the makeup counter of your local store.

Step 2: Talk to the salesperson.

Resist the urge to ignore high pressure sales people.Be nice and friendly.Listen to their sales pitches and smile at them.Occasionally, you acknowledge that you understand what they are saying.

Step 3: Ask for samples.

After listening to some sales pitches, let the salesperson know that you are interested in some of the products he or she has shown you, but you would like to try them out a bit more before you decide if you want to buy them or not.Ask if they could give you a sample.Say something like this: Thanks for telling me about the products.I would like to try them out before I decide if I want to buy them.Can you give me a small sample of the products you showed me?

Step 4: Thank the person who sold it.

The salesperson will usually give you some samples.Simply thank them if they say no.Try to get samples from a different makeup counter.

Step 5: There are contests to enter.

There are online magazines that run contests.Allure magazine gives away full size products to its subscribers.If you don’t win something the first time, keep entering.

Step 6: Follow your favorite makeup brands on Facebook.

Makeup brands will give you free goodies if you like their pages on Facebook.There are regular giveaways where you can win premium products.

Step 7: Target and Walmart have sample spots.

Walmart and Target have pages on their websites where you can sign up to receive samples.Sign up to receive samples if you check out both spots.The samples may not always be makeup.

Step 8: If you sign up for rewards programs, you will get a free birthday gift and premium samples.

You can earn rewards at makeup stores that include a free birthday gift, invites to special events, premium samples, and coupons.During your birthday month, you can redeem your offer for a free birthday gift in the store if you sign up for many rewards programs online.All of its Beauty Insiders get a free birthday gift and premium samples.All of its rewards members will receive a birthday gift.

Step 9: Ask your favorite makeup companies for samples.

The contact section of the makeup company’s website is where you can ask for samples.If you just contact them, tell them how much you love their products, and ask nicely, some companies will give you samples.When you ask, be friendly and polite.Say please!If you really like the company’s products, you would like to know if they would be willing to send you some samples.

Step 10: You can get the coupons by buying a paper on Sunday.

The best coupons can be found in the Sunday paper.Go through the coupons if you buy yourself a copy.You can clip makeup coupons.Track the dates on the coupons you find.

Step 11: There are coupon websites.

You can get more makeup coupons by visiting coupon websites.You can print makeup coupons.All of the time, these websites add new coupons.Track the dates on the coupons you find.

Step 12: You should watch for sales.

If you have good makeup coupons, watch the local ads for sales on those products.If you use your coupons when the store has items on sale, you will come close to getting all of the items for free.Make sure you read the fine print on your coupons before you use them.