How To Get a Tough Girl to Like You

She has no idea that you exist.If you want to win her over, you’ll have to show her that you respect her for who she is, and you are deserving of her respect in return.

Step 1: The first move should be made.

When a guy takes charge, strong-minded girls appreciate it.Let her know that you’re interested by going right up to her.She might be guarded at first, but she will most likely be impressed by your directness.Don’t be too demanding.The wrong idea about your intentions could be given to her by this.

Step 2: Let go of confidence.

To show confidence in yourself, you don’t have to be a bad boy.In any situation, stay relaxed and comfortable.Speak your mind and use a clear voice.She used to be the most confident person in the room.Show her that you are as sure of yourself as possible.Aggressiveness is not the key.You risk looking like a jerk if you come on too strong.Let your personality speak for itself.Don’t downplay yourself or be too modest, there’s no need to brag.Be proud of yourself and own it.It’s time to loosen up.If you can handle awkward moments gracefully, it’s more impressive to people.

Step 3: You should be your own person.

She will be able to recognize yours if she values her individuality.Don’t follow trends or conform to what others are doing in order to get noticed.Make it clear that you’re someone worth knowing by being upfront about your interests and beliefs.

Step 4: Stay with her.

No matter how small, find things that the two of you have in common.She will be more comfortable around you if she can relate to you.It’s possible to find things you have in common, such as political beliefs or breakfast cereals.As you get to know more about her, you’ll find that you have more things in common with her.

Step 5: It is a little bit mysterious.

It’s great to be assertive and direct, but leave a little for her to ponder.If you keep her guessing, you will come off as a more complex person.If you need a lead-in for your next conversation or date, this could be it.It’s a good idea to hold a little back in the conversation.Don’t talk about yourself too much.She can use her imagination to figure you out.Don’t complain.Quiet dignity is something that everyone has.

Step 6: Don’t try too hard.

It’s not necessary to lay it on too thick.She knows if you’re boasting or trying to seem more appealing to her, and talking yourself up too much can be annoying.Confidence and assertiveness are not stand-ins for your personality.You’ll lose sight of yourself if you get too wrapped up in trying to impress her.She can make her own mind up about what she wants.

Step 7: What makes her tick?

It’s your job to discover what distinguishes her and understand her motives.You can accomplish this by talking to her, and you should, but also pay attention to the way she interacts with others.She may hold on to a tough persona due to how she has been treated in the past.Don’t make her feel cornered when getting to know her, and approach her with no judgement.Everyone is different.Don’t make assumptions about her character based on how she looks or what other people think of her.

Step 8: Show your interest in her.

If you don’t like the books she reads or her favorite place to eat, make an effort to know what they are.She wants you to be involved in the things that matter to her.If you like her, you should accept her interests as part of who she is.When she talks about her interests, listen and be enthusiastic.She can give you recommendations for new things to try.You should go where you know she is.Listen for things she likes and look into them for yourself.Go watch a roller derby match if you know she is a fan.If you run into her, tell her that you were interested in what the two of you talked about and wanted to learn more.

Step 9: Get to know her friends.

You can find out more about her by talking to her friends.A person’s friends can give a lot of information about them, but they’re also her closest friends.Getting her to like you can be done by winning the favor of her friends.You can make new friends of your own.If you like her and she likes them, there is something about them that you would like as well.Friends aren’t instruments for getting her in your corner.You should never manipulate her friends just to make yourself look better, because they can provide insight into what she’s like and provide a buffer for hangouts.

Step 10: Do things with her.

Take every chance you can to spend time with her.If you know of an upcoming event, invite her along.Doing things together will bring you closer.It’s flattering to know that you want them around.She will appreciate the effort.You can start to enjoy your interests together.Rather than following her recommendations, ask if she’d like you to go to a show or an event with her.Group outings are a good way to meet new friends.It is best to have your friends around in a casual setting.

Step 11: Don’t allow yourself to be chased.

It’s possible that a girl with her image and social history is less willing to make new friends.She could be trying to keep you from getting too close to her.Don’t be put off.Being up front and being persistent is what it takes to let her know you like her and want the two of you to get to know each other.Don’t be discouraged.There is no friendship right away.It might be a matter of seeing her a few times and becoming more comfortable with one another.Know when to back off.If she’s not interested, you shouldn’t blindly pursue her.When enough is enough, try to develop a sense of it.It may make her even more closed off if she feels like she’s being harassed.

Step 12: Don’t be a bad friend.

The best way to get to know her is through friendship.You may find that this is more meaningful to you than dating her, because the two of you will most likely start off as friends.Don’t expect her to move fast or force her into anything.It’s up to her to decide if she wants the relationship to progress or not.Others may be reluctant to become friends with her because of the way she looks.If you want to get at the essence of the person, try to see past the “tough girl” label.We are not different at the end of the day.

Step 13: Let her know that she can count on you.

Become a reliable person in her life.To prove to her that you can be trusted, always be ready with a helping hand.It will still mean something to her to know that you care, even though she can be the most capable person in the world.When she needs you, make yourself available.She can talk to someone else.Making her feel at ease means being honest and straightforward with her.

Step 14: Tell her what you like about her.

No matter how tough or independent she is, no one will begrudge her a compliment.She has physical features, so pay attention to more than that.Give praise to the best parts of her character.She might need to hear that someone else likes the same things about her.Don’t make her feel self-conscious about her individuality.Attempts to subtly change her will only be met with resentment.Lavishing her with praise can be tiring.It’s best not to be too heavy-handed with affection if you say something nice about her.Make her feel appreciated.This is more important than just telling her she’s pretty.The things you want to celebrate with her are her positive qualities and successes.