How To Get a Six Pack (for Girls)

There is nothing stopping girls from getting six pack abs, even though most people associate them with guys.With a little bit of hard work and some changes to your diet and exercise routine, you can develop a six pack very easily.

Step 1: A balanced diet is created.

Eat a lot of food to build your muscles.Reduce your calories by avoiding sugar.Lean meat includes beef, fish, chicken, and turkey.Eggs and other beans are lean.Fruits and vegetables with high levels ofAntioxidant-rich.There are nuts and seeds.Whole grains include oatmeal or whole-grain pasta.Try to avoid fast food.Rich sauces, heavy cream, ice cream and desserts.There are sweets, such as candy, cakes, and pastries.Sweet breakfast cereals, chips, and fish sticks are high in salt.Don’t eat before you go to bed.Food that is consumed before bed can be converted into fat if there isn’t enough time to digest it.Don’t eat those late-night snacks.

Step 2: Drink lots of water.

Most of the water for adults is contained in prepared foods.Water keeps you hydrated and prevents you from drinking other calories-laden alternatives.Sugary drinks should be removed from your diet.Sugary drinks like Diet Coke or Coke Zero won’t contribute to your health like plain water will.If you want to avoid soft drinks, you don’t have to be fanatical about it.Green tea is good for you.Free radicals are cells in your body that attack other cells and contribute to aging.Green tea has no calories and is a great way to get some fluids into your body.Before a meal, drink a big glass of water or green tea.The illusion of being full will cause you to eat less.

Step 3: You should eat small portions of food.

Shoot to eat about seven times a day.For a snack, go for a banana and some walnuts.The biggest meal of the day should be before mid-day.

Step 4: The plank exercise is done.

The plank exercise is a simple way to give great definition to your abdominals.All you need is a flat surface, a little bit of time, and gumption as you feel the burn.The prone position is where to get down.The only parts of your body that should be touching the floor are your toes and forearms.Make sure your toes and forearms support your weight.At all times, keep your body straight.As long as you can, hold this position.An arm or leg can be raised to increase difficulty.Place one foot on top of the other.

Step 5: Leg raises.

Leg raises are a great way to build strength.As soon as you get into a starting position, you’ll be able to see how effective this exercise is.To get into a starting position, lie down on a matted floor with your head, back and legs immobile.Shift your hands to the side.Lift your feet up so that they are parallel to the ground and barely hovering above.Keep this position until you start to feel a burn in your body.Slowly lift your legs, with your knees bent, until they make a 90-degree angle to the floor.A “L” shape is what your body should form.Lift your hips up off the floor with the bottoms of your feet facing the ceiling when your legs reach the 90-degree angle.Slowly lower your legs back down to the starting position.

Step 6: Do abdominal exercises.

There are tons of variations on crunches, and they are a great way to get Abs quickly and effectively.Basic crunches requires you to lie down on a matted floor with your back to the ground and knees bent at a 60 degree angle.Lift your shoulder blades off the ground with your hands near your temples or crossed on your chest and feel the crunch in your abdominals.Go back down to the ground.Do it again.Try the crunch.Instead of keeping your hands at your temple, do a basic crunch while stretching your arms overhead.While you complete the crunch, keep your arms above your head.Try the crunch.Bring your left elbow and right knee together when you crunch, by using your hands to the side of your head and your fingertips at your ears.As you crunch, bring the right elbow and left knee together.Bring your shoulder up towards your knee, instead of just your elbow.The key to the movement is to contract the abdominals.Try the crunch.Place your legs at a 90-degree angle onto a medicine ball instead of sitting on the ground.Slowly roll your shoulders off the floor, as if you are in a crunch.Move down and repeat.Try the crunch.Place your legs at the highest point on the decline bench so you don’t fall off.Put your body in-line with the bench by lying down.With your hands crossed over your chest, gently lift your shoulders up, contract your abdominal muscles, and hold it for a second.If you want to repeat, lower your torso back down.You can try a rotation of crunches.20 regular, 10 cross-body, 15 hands overhead.

Step 7: Lift your weight.

Take two chairs of the same height and rest your forearms on them, then pick your legs up off the floor in an up and down position.You should be careful that you don’t fall.

Step 8: Exercise as much as possible.

To run a mile, you should set aside at least one day a week.Playing games like tag and hide can burn calories.It’s a good idea to take your dog for a run, and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Step 9: For the first 3 days a week, work out your abdominals for about 30 minutes.

Work up to exercises all week.Ab workouts are done twice a day for 5 days a week once it gets easier.