How To Get a Job at Disneyland

Disneyland is a dream job for many people.Disney parks are filled with imagination, fun, and your favorite characters.If you know what to expect, you will still enjoy working at Disney.You will be working for the Mouse in no time if you learn to recognize what Disney looks for in an employee, navigate the application process, and do well at your interview.

Step 1: You should be old enough to work at Disneyland.

You have to be 18 to work most other jobs at Disney.If you want to work at a place that sells alcohol, you have to be 21.

Step 2: You should check your work documentation.

You need to show your social security card to be a US citizen.Don’t worry if you are not.Disney sponsors a lot of foreign workers for some jobs.

Step 3: You can check your availability.

Disneyland is open all the time.If you can be available all the time, that might help you get hired.

Step 4: Apply to a lot of different jobs.

There are a lot of jobs at Disneyland, from janitors to cashiers, costumed characters to engineers.The more applications you have, the more likely you are to be hired.If you are shy, work the night shift or backstage.Behind the scenes is where the park guests are.You don’t have to be scared of jobs as characters or performers.

Step 5: The personality requirements need to be looked at.

Disney employees have high standards for customer service.They need to act cheerful and enthusiastic all the time.Get in the Disney mood by responding cheerfully to everything for a few days.

Step 6: There is a worker’s union.

Disneyland workers pay dues to a union.You should apply for part-time jobs if you don’t want to pay dues.

Step 7: You should have all your application information.

Make sure you have everything you need.If it’s missing information, Disneyland might reject your application.You will need a visa number or social security number.You need to know the phone number and address of your supervisor if you have had other jobs.A portfolio or school transcripts are required for some jobs.Make sure you have a written resume and a professional head shot.

Step 8: You can check the careers website.

You can find jobs that fit your interests on the Disney careers website.You don’t want to apply to the wrong Disneyland park if you choose the right location.If you don’t know what you want to apply for, use broad words like food, customer service, or characters.You can look at all the available jobs in the area.If you know the official title of the job you want, you can search for it.

Step 9: You should check to see if you need to try out.

Some Disney jobs, like character performers and singers, require you to auditioning first.Don’t apply through the website if the job you want is only for auditioning.You can register at the job posting.There are some walk-ins.All you have to do is show up.

Step 10: You can apply for your favorite positions.

Go to the online application form.All the required information must be filled in.Your application can be rejected if you leave things blank.You can type NA if something doesn’t apply to you.A personality test is included in some job applications.As possible, answer this as honestly as possible.Don’t submit an application for a job.Go to the interview first.You’ll be called back for an interview.

Step 11: You should proofread your application before sending it.

Make sure that your phone number and email are correct, that everything is spelled correctly, and that you didn’t leave any information out.Before you submit the application, ask a friend or family member to read it again.

Step 12: Put your application records in a safe place.

If you get emails from Disney, be sure to keep them.Save your application confirmation and application login information.If you are asked to come in for an interview, you need to know how to log back into the jobs portal.

Step 13: You should check your email filters.

Check your email settings as soon as you finish your application.If you have a Disney address, make sure the email goes to your inbox.

Step 14: Wait for a response.

It might take a while to hear back if there are lots of applicants or if the perfect job for you isn’t available yet.You can check the job website for any updates on your application.Unless absolutely necessary, don’t call to inquire about your job application.They will ask you to check the website.This might make you think you have trouble following directions.

Step 15: After six months, apply again.

Disneyland will keep your application on file for six months.They will match it to openings that fit your application.You can reapply if you don’t hear from them for six months.

Step 16: If you have a job that requires it, you should prepare to perform.

Make sure you’re ready for the job interview.Performance jobs require a professional head shot and a paper resume.Check the job posting for other requirements.You can bring sheet music or a monologue.Don’t forget to practice.This could be a song, a dance, or a monologue.

Step 17: If you have one, go for it.

Make sure you know the time and date for your job interview.It’s not necessary for you to be called in to try out for Disney jobs.If you check the schedule, you can sign up in time.The Disney cast is just as excited as you are.

Step 18: Get the information you need for the interview.

Make sure you have everything you need for the interview.You should know when the interview will take place, whether it will be a single or group interview, where to go, parking information, and whether or not you need to bring any additional paperwork.They won’t mind if you ask them if they just tell you this information.If you applied for more than one job, make sure you know which one you are interviewing for.It is okay to ask.

Step 19: Look at the job and the company.

If you want to read through the Disneyland website, read the job posting again.You don’t need to memorize the website, but you should be able to talk about what the job requires and what Disneyland values.

Step 20: Being enthusiastic is what practice is all about.

Disneyland employees need to be enthusiastic about their jobs.Practice a little before your interview if you aren’t naturally enthusiastic.Don’t be afraid to sound goofy when you talk about how much you want to work at Disney, smile whenever you speak, and put a positive spin on all your answers.Say “Not yet, but I’m excited to jump in head-first as a cast member at Disneyland!” if the interviewer asks if you have any previous experience.

Step 21: Ask your friends what to do.

Ask anyone who has worked at Disneyland for advice.If you don’t know any employees, you can ask your friends and family for interview advice.Lots of cast members are happy to answer questions on Disney forums.

Step 22: Pick conservative clothing.

Disney is a family-friendly company with high standards, so you will need to show them you can dress the part.If you are applying for an upper-level job, wear a business suit.If you are applying for a customer service job, you can wear dress slacks, a dress shirt, or a knee-length plain dress.It’s a good idea to wear conservative colors like gray, navy blue, or beige.Make sure your interview clothes are clean and dry.You should not wear costumes, Disney t-shirts, or hats for an interview.Even if it’s at Disneyland, it is still a job interview.

Step 23: If you have tattoos or piercings, cover them.

Disney employees are not allowed to have visible tattoos or facial piercings.Make sure your interview outfit covers your tattoos by taking out your piercings.If you have a tattoo that can’t be covered with clothes, cover it with makeup.

Step 24: Arrive on time.

You can ruin your chances if you show up late.You have to be there on time if you can’t arrive five or ten minutes early.Don’t show up early.You should not check in more than fifteen minutes before the start of the interview.It’s a good idea to plan your route ahead of time.It’s important to include time for parking and finding the interview room.

Step 25: Answer questions with enthusiasm.

At a lot of places your attitude is more important than your answer in an interview.Even if you don’t know the answer to a question, be confident and enthusiastic.If they ask you why you don’t have open availability, smile and say “I would love to be here all the time!”I will be able to change my availability after I finish school in May.

Step 26: Your interviewer, thank you.

At the end of your interview, smile, look your interviewer in the eye, and shake their hand.Tell them you hope to hear from them soon, and thank them for taking the time to interview you.If you have the interviewer’s direct email address, you can send a thank you email.Do not write a thank you note.It might not arrive until after a decision has been made.Even if the gift is just food, don’t send it.The interviewer is in an awkward position.