How To Freeze Homemade Gnocchi

When they are cooked, gnocchi look like pillows.They’re simple to store in your freezer and can be made with little effort.It’s as easy to eat when you’re ready as it is to boil them.

Step 1: There is a baking sheet lined with paper.

The dough won’t get stuck if the baking sheet is covered.If you pour enough flour, it won’t start to form piles.The gnocchi can’t stick to the tray.

Step 2: The tray has uncooked gnocchi on it.

It’s best to store uncooked gnocchi.The gnocchi may stick together if they are not crowded on the tray.The space between each dumpling should be the size of 1 piece of gnocchi.Dust the dough with flour to prevent it from sticking together.

Step 3: The gnocchi should be dry at room temperature.

When trying to cook gnocchi, they may feather apart.For at least 45 minutes, keep the gnocchi at room temperature.For up to 4 hours, gnocchi can be dried.You can cover your gnocchi with a tea towel.

Step 4: The tray should be placed in the freezer for 3 hours.

When placing the gnocchi in the freezer, keep the tray level so they don’t move.It takes about 3 hours for gnocchi to freeze.

Step 5: The frozen gnocchi will be put into a bag.

Take the gnocchi from the tray and put them in a plastic bag or container.You should freeze the gnocchi in a single layer to make sure they don’t freeze together.Place 125 grams of gnocchi in separate bags for single serving that are easy to prepare.If you store the gnocchi in a container, use pieces of paper to separate the layers.

Step 6: The gnocchi can be kept for up to 2 months.

It’s a good idea to label your gnocchi with the date when you made them.Once you’re ready to use them, gnocchi can be cooked directly out of the freezer.

Step 7: In a pot, boil 6 quarts of salted water.

The pot should be kept on the stove.Before you add the gnocchi, make your water boil by salting it.Adding more water will help keep it at a boil.

Step 8: The water should be directly from the freezer.

It’s not necessary to thaw out gnocchi before you cook them, but they will take a bit longer to cook than fresh.Remove the gnocchi from the freezer and shake off any excess flour that may be stuck to them.

Step 9: 6 minutes is how long it will take the gnocchi to float.

The gnocchi will cook all the way through if the water is boiled.They will float to the top of the water once the gnocchi is finished.Once cooked, gnocchi should be soft and fluffy.The heat in the pots should be consistent.

Step 10: The water should be drained and served.

Add your favorite sauce to the gnocchi once the water is removed.It’s a good idea to top them with cheese and herbs.Gnocchi tastes just as good with butter as it does with tomato sauce.