How To Forget Someone You Love

It is difficult to break ties with someone if you still love them.With time, patience, and a few healthy strategies, you can find happiness again.Remove the person from your life by eliminating contact and taking down reminders.Let go of the hurt and move on.

Step 1: It’s time to break off contact completely.

It’s difficult to forget someone if you’re still talking to them or just friends on social media.Don’t befriend the person on your social media accounts.If you want to be friends in the future, let the person know you need a break from them.Even though I would like to be on friendly terms in the future, I’m having a hard time right now.I need to leave our friendship.If you have to see the person, try to be friendly.If you’re sharing kids, make sure to say hello if you pass them in the hall.Don’t try to go deeper and leave it at that.

Step 2: Give up the chance to get the person back.

Don’t think that you’ll get back together.It makes you hope and fantasize about the person.Let go of the relationship and remind yourself that it’s over when you need to.I deserve to move on with someone new after we broke up.

Step 3: Write a letter to someone you don’t know.

Put your feelings on paper.Tell your ex how they hurt you.Use the time to write down your good and bad memories.There is no need to send the letter.

Step 4: The person has emails, texts, and voicemails.

You’re likely to go back and read the messages from your ex if you have them.Deleting all messages will make you less likely to be tempted.If you don’t want the memories later, you can save them on an external hard drive and give it to a friend.You can’t take it out at will.

Step 5: If you have photos of the person, take them down or destroy them.

The pictures should be removed from the walls and picture albums.All photos on your phone, computer, and social media accounts should be deleted.You don’t need reminders.If you can’t let go, put them on an external hard drive and ask a friend to hold them for a while.

Step 6: You should have a ceremonial burning of your reminders.

Sometimes it’s necessary to cleanse your mind of the other person.You can gather up items around you that remind you of them.They should be put in a metal trash can.You can use old letters, photos, or clothing to do this.It’s a good idea to do this outside in a non-windy area.Just in case, have a bucket of water nearby.

Step 7: You should remind yourself why it didn’t work out.

It’s possible that you’re having a hard time getting over someone because you remember all the good times.You can break through the fantasy if you remember why you broke up.Write about it.It’s a good idea to journal your painful memories so you can let go of them.It’s hard to get over the fact that your relationship ended because something happened or it wasn’t going well.

Step 8: Allow the person to let go of your anger.

One way to forgive them is to remember the good parts of the person.You can think of them as a whole person who makes mistakes if you think about what made you like them in the first place.When you think of them as fallible human beings with both good and bad qualities, you can forgive them.One way to work on forgiveness is to think about what the person did to you.Think about how those emotions are affecting you.How do you see the world if you are angry and bitter?Some mistakes are bigger than others.It’s hard to forgive someone with serious issues like emotional and physical abuse.It’s important to keep in mind that forgiveness doesn’t exonerate the other person for what they’ve done.You can let go of bitterness against the other person.If you’re not willing to forgive the person, it’s hard to let go of your negative feelings.You don’t forget your pain, just that you stop being angry towards the person.

Step 9: Rather than blaming the break up, frame it as “no-fault”.

You can either blame yourself or the other person for the break up.No one deserves to be blamed for the fact that you weren’t compatible with the other person.If you had a good relationship, try to remember that you were both trying to make the relationship work, and let go of the blaming cycle.

Step 10: Change your response to the past instead of wishing it away.

You may wish you could go back in time and change things.In the end, it’s a fairly natural response.How you respond to the past is all you can do.You should accept that fact instead of wishing you could take it back.Think about a moment that bugs you.”I wish I could take back what I said.”I regret that I said that, but I have learned from my mistake.I will do better in the future.

Step 11: If you’re having a hard time, see a therapist.

You may feel stigmatized by seeing a therapist.You can, too, if you go to therapists, counselors, advisers, and other professionals for advice and guidance during difficult times.You don’t have to be afraid to get help.Professional therapists, psychiatrists, school and occupational counselors, and authoritative voices in your community like priests or rabbis are some of the people you may consider talking to.You can find a voice that has professional expertise.If you’re not sure who to talk to, ask your friends or family.

Step 12: Do you want to be independent again?

You are a whole person on your own during this time.You don’t need someone else to complete you, so take this time to discover yourself.Now that you’re not in a relationship, make a list of all the things you can do.Maybe you can spend more time with your friends and family, go on solo trips, move out of town, or stay up late.It can be fun to be independent.

Step 13: You should remind yourself of your strength.

You may feel vulnerable when you break up with someone, because you don’t have the power to get over the pain.You just need to remind yourself that you are strong.To show yourself that you can and will get through this time, take the time to write down a few of your strengths and past successes.You could say, “I have great tenacity.”It took me a year to run a marathon.I can get through this if I have tenacity.

Step 14: You can make new friends that aren’t in the same circle.

You may have a lot of friends with your ex if you’ve been in a relationship for a while.It will be easier to move on if you make new friends who won’t bring up the person’s name or want to do things with you.You don’t have to give up on your old friends if you have a new circle.You can rely on people you don’t know.It’s possible that you let go of an old friendship.You can make new friends by going to community gatherings, taking fun classes at your library, or even talking to someone at a coffee shop.

Step 15: When you’re ready, date again.

Try dating someone new when you start to feel better.You don’t have to be in a relationship.Just go on a few dates with a person you like, or even just a couple of different people.When you start dating again, let yourself go as slowly as possible.There’s no hurry.It’s a good idea to bring that up with someone you’re dating.You could say, “Hey, I just got out of a difficult relationship, so I’m just looking for something casual right now.”

Step 16: Laughter and tears will let your emotions out.

You may feel like you need to cry when the pain hits again.That’s fine!Take some time to cry.Don’t forget to laugh as well.Check out some silly videos on the internet, or watch a comedy show.Laughter is good for the soul and can make you feel better than a cry.Have a good time with your friends.

Step 17: You should eat healthy food every day.

When you’re grieving, you can either eat junk food or not at all.When you crash from a sugar high, that can make you feel worse.It’s important to get in some fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.In the first day or so, you can still have a piece of chocolate cake or a bag of chips.Don’t only eat chips and cake.It’s a good idea to eat some healthy foods.

Step 18: If it’s outside, get some exercise.

Hike in the woods or go for a walk with a friend.Kayak across a lake or swim in a pool.You can play a game of tennis, run in a park, or just hit the gym.It is also possible to do yoga.Whatever you do will make you feel better.Most days of the week, aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise.Exercise is good for the brain because it releases feel-good chemicals.You’ll get the benefit of the sun’s rays if you’re outside.It gets you out of the house and is great for your body.

Step 19: Allow plenty of time for sleep.

It’s true that sleep and emotional pain are both ways of healing.If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to work on getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night.It’s possible to get into a nighttime routine.Shut off your electronics at least an hour before you want to sleep.Take a warm bath and have some warm milk or herbal tea.You may have a similar problem where you want to sleep all the time.Try not to get too much sleep because it isn’t a bad idea.Get up and leave the world.

Step 20: For support, return to your friends and family.

The people who love you are your family members, personal mentors, and close friends.Don’t be afraid to ask these people some love.Talk to a family member or friend to help you deal with stress and emotions.Use this time to remember that your ex was not the only one who loved you.The sense of comradeship can still make you feel better even if the advice you receive isn’t perfect.

Step 21: Get back to a regular schedule.

A regular schedule keeps you in a routine and makes you feel normal.If you can, try to get up and go to bed at the same time each day.It’s okay to take it easy on yourself.It’s okay to take a break when you need it.Try to keep up as much as you can.

Step 22: Take a little bit of care of yourself.

Get a massage or take a hot bubble bath.It’s the perfect time to get pampered.You can go to a movie, take a shopping spree, or even go out of town for a few days.Do something that makes you feel good.Getting a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop and curling up with a good book are just a few things you can do.

Step 23: Break out of your old habits with a new hobby.

Take a cooking class or learn a new language.Pick up books at the library to learn a new hobby or watch online videos you’ve always wanted to watch.You can take a class at a local community college that interests you.Striking out on your own with a new hobby can give you a sense of independence and freedom.