How To Flea Bomb a House

It can be difficult to get rid of fleas.Don’t worry if you see fleas in your home.Flea bombs can be used to clear the problem.

Step 1: Determine the square footage of the area you will be treating.

There are a variety of sizes of flea bombs.If you want to treat multiple rooms, you will need 1 bomb per room, however in some cases you can use one bomb in a hallway.The size of the area that the product treats is determined by the label.

Step 2: Purchase a quality flea bomb.

Ask your vet which products he or she recommends.Check with friends and family for their opinions on the effectiveness of a flea bomb, or check online for feedback and reviews.Ask sales associates at your local home improvement or hardware store for any information they may have about flea bombs, but always back up what you’re told by a retailer with your own quality research.

Step 3: Don’t read the package instructions at all.

Most flea bombs are the same.Before setting off the flea bomb in your home, make sure you read the directions carefully.

Step 4: Pets and everyone in the house will be gone for several hours.

The chemicals in the flea bomb can cause illness to people and pets.To make sure your family is safe and can stay out of the house for the recommended time period, check the label on your flea bomb.

Step 5: There are open doors and drawers.

The flea bomb can kill the fleas if the doors are open.Cabinet doors and drawers can be used to kill fleas.

Step 6: Eating utensils, food, small appliances, and crockery should be removed.

To keep them away from the spray, remove them from open cabinet doors or drawers.When the flea bomb is done, it’s easier to store items away from the chemicals.

Step 7: Special furniture and electronic equipment should be covered.

Furniture, tables and countertops can be damaged by the chemicals from the flea bomb.These items should be covered with sheets or plastic tarps.You can find old sheets at the thrift store.Hardware and auto stores have plastic painting tarps.

Step 8: Move or seal your fish tank.

Flea bombs are dangerous to fish.If you can’t move your fish tank to another location, cover it up and seal it with plastic wrap.

Step 9: All lights and electrical devices should be turned off.

A flea bomb can be dangerous.The pilot light should be extinguished when the air conditioner is turned off.The power should be cut to all fans.

Step 10: All windows should be closed prior to treatment.

All openings to the outside of the house should be closed prior to treatment to prevent the flea bomb chemicals from leaking outside.

Step 11: Before treatment, vacuum and clean your house.

Your flea bomb treatment will be more effective if the fleas emerge from a vacuum cleaner.

Step 12: The laundry needs to be removed from the house.

Flea eggs can be found in piles of dirty clothes.If you are bombing the house, bag your clothes and take them to a laundromat to have them laundered.

Step 13: The flea bombs should be positioned in the middle of the rooms you are treating.

The flea bomb will not stain the floor if a protective covering is placed under it.

Step 14: Before using any of the bombs, make sure the flea bombs are in place.

You should leave the house immediately if a flea bomb is activated.

Step 15: Get rid of the house by using the flea bombs.

The flea bomb can be activated by following package directions.If you are setting off multiple flea bombs, you should start in the furthest away room from the exit.Do not return to the room after a flea bomb has been activated.

Step 16: Don’t stay in the house.

Pets and people should be kept out of the house for 2 to 4 hours to avoid exposure to the chemicals in a flea bomb.The recommended time frame to be away from the house can be found on the label.

Step 17: Fleas can be treated for your pet.

It’s important to remove fleas from your pet while you’re away so they don’t come back into the home when you return.To kill adult fleas on your pet, ask your vet about pills containing nitenpyram.You can bathe your pet with a flea control product.You can get a professional flea treatment for your pet.

Step 18: When you return, clean your house.

After a flea bomb treatment, there are many things that can be found.Clean tables and countertops, wash sheets and clothes, and vacuum and mop floors.If you want to avoid picking up chemical traces on your skin, it’s a good idea to wear gloves and dispose of them after cleaning.

Step 19: To reduce odors, open windows.

After treatment, the smell of pesticides may persist for hours or days.To remove odors from the flea bomb, open doors and turn on ceiling fans.

Step 20: For a few days, you can vacuum daily.

There are adult fleas that may have survived the flea bomb.

Step 21: Prepare for multiple treatments.

Some products aren’t effective at killing flea eggs.Eggs may hatch days or weeks after your first treatment.After initial treatment, watch for signs of fleas in your house and pets.

Step 22: Your pet should be monitored for signs of re-infestation.

Flea dirt or droppings look like brown specks on your pet.If your pet is scratching, it’s a good idea to use a flea comb.