How To Evolve Honedge

Are you new to Pokémon X and Y?Honedge, a new steel/ghost type Pokémon that takes the shape of a sword, was introduced in the sixth generation of Pokémon games.Training Honedge to level 35 is all it takes to evolve it to its second form, Doublade.A Dusk Stone is required to get Doublade to its final stage.

Step 1: There is a Honedge in Route Six.

If you don’t already have a Honedge, they’re not hard to find in Pokémon X and Y.The area connecting Route Seven to the Parfum Palace is where you’ll want to look in.There are two rows of shade trees along Route Six.To find Honedge, you need to get to the tall grass behind the trees and then exit through one of the side paths.Honedges appear 15% of the time in tall grass.Before you encounter a Honedge, you will probably have to fight a few Oddishes and Sentrets.Honedge can be obtained in Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby.This can.Honedge can’t be caught in the wild in these games.

Step 2: You can catch the Honedge.

There is no special strategy to catch the Honedges in Route Six.Once you get into a fight with one, get it down to a low HP level and throw your best Pokéball at it.The fight shouldn’t be difficult because the Honedges are level 11 or 12.Honedges are extra-weak versus ghost, fire, ground, and dark type attacks.Honedges are immune to many types of attacks.Honedges can take damage from water and electric type attacks.Honedges take less damage than other types.

Step 3: The Honedge needs to be trained to Level 35.

It’s not unusual to level up your Honedge by training it slowly and steadily.You have about 23 or 24 levels to gain until it will evolve, since you’ll catch your Honedge at about level 11 or 12.This can take some time, but it will be a little faster if you use experience- boosting items.You can get something.Share your thoughts on the victory over Viola from Santalune City.150% of the normal experience it would get from battle will be given to the Pokémon that holds this item.The Lucky Egg can be found in a number of places, including the hotel lobby, the PokéMileage Club, and wild Chanseys.

Step 4: Allow it to change.

The evolution of Honedge will begin once you get it to level 35.Evolution should happen automatically, without any time or item requirements.

Step 5: There is a stone in Terminus Cave.

Normal training can’t help you evolve your new Doublade into its final form.You have to use a special item called a “Dusk Stone” to get it to evolve.This stone can be found in a few places in the game.You can find it in Terminus Cave, which is accessible from Route 18.You can’t get to Route 18 until you defeat Team Flare and Lysandre at their HQ, so you’ll need to do this before you can find the Dusk Stone.The Dusk Stone can be found on the second basement level of the cave.There is an Iron item on the stalactite.

Step 6: You can get the Dusk Stone from Secret Super Training.

The Secret Super Training minigame can be used to get a Dusk Stone.”Watch Out!” is the level you need to beat.That’s one good second half!The Dusk Stone is a prize if you defeat the balloon bot.The training mini games can be accessed via the bottom screen of the 3DS.It is to the left of the Player Search System.Only fully-trained Pokémon are eligible for Secret Super Training.You have a better chance of getting a rare item if you beat the target time.

Step 7: If you want to get a Dusk Stone, use another option.

There are other ways to get a Dusk Stone.You can get a Dusk Stone if you beat Balloon Popping level three in the PokéMileage Club.You can get a Dusk Stone if you beat the Psychic “Inver” trainer on Route 18.Strengths and weaknesses are reversed in these battles.Your score is the number of hits you make that are effective, but not very effective.One of the possible prizes is the Dusk Stone.You can get a stone if you beat a team.The only thing left is after beating the Elite Four.

Step 8: You can use the stone on the blade.

It is easy to evolve Doublade once you have a Dusk Stone.The evolution sequence will begin if you just use the item.You now have a weapon!Don’t use this rare item if you know it will consume the Dusk Stone.You don’t need a level requirement to evolve Doublade this way, but you may want to hold off until it learns all of the moves you want.There is a link to a page with all of the move possibilities.