How To Enjoy Watching Baseball Games

Baseball is known as America’s Pastime, but maybe you are having trouble enjoying it during the three hour game.If you find baseball boring, try learning a little about the game, playing along, and taking in the surroundings.You will enjoy the game if you invest in what’s happening on the field.

Step 1: The rules of the game can be learned.

If you don’t know what you’re looking at, boredom will set in.Knowing a few of the ins and outs of baseball will help keep you interested.Baseball games last for nine hours, with 2 halves, so that both teams get to bat.When the defensive team gets three outs, the half is over.If the pitcher throws four balls before he throws three strikes, the batter can be walked to first base.The batting line-up remains the same throughout the game, so you can always know when your favorite player is coming up.He will be in the batter’s circle when the player is at bat.When a player goes all the way to home plate without being tagged out, runs are scored.

Step 2: Look for ways to get out of a bind.

It can seem like there is less to be excited about when your team is on the field in the defensive position.You are still rooting for the team when they take the field.They should get their three outs as soon as possible.Outs can be achieved by the pitcher throwing three strikes and the batter striking out, a defensive player catching a fly ball, or a player being tagged.If there are runners on every base behind the bag the defensive player with the ball in hand can force out the runner.Before the batter reaches first base, force outs apply.

Step 3: Ask questions.

Some baseball fans are watching the game with you.Sharing their knowledge of the game is what a true fan loves the most.They have some nifty stories, they can explain what is happening on the field, and you may have never noticed the quirks of certain players.

Step 4: Pick sides.

If you don’t have an investment in the outcome, it can be hard to watch a game.Pick a team to root for.Either one will do.If you want to engage in a little playful banter, you can join your friends and root against them.

Step 5: You can learn the terminology.

It might seem like people are speaking a different language when they use baseball terminology.To talk shop with your friends, get in on the game and learn some of the terminology.Here are a few common terms to get you started.A long out is a fly ball that can be hit out of the park, but is caught at the last second.A three up, three down refers to getting all three outs on the first three batters.The earned run average is the number of earned runs a pitcher allows.Fans will track this stat.One of the most common tracking stat is the run batted in.The credit is given to the batter for hitting the ball and allowing another runner to score a run.The clean up hitter is often fourth in the lineup and is considered the strongest batter who can hopefully hit a grand slam when the bases are loaded with a player on every base and he hits a home run.

Step 6: You can play your own game.

There are a lot of games you can play for money.When you play a game based on what is happening on the field, you will be more invested in the baseball game.Everyone puts a dollar or quarter into a hat.One person holds it.The hat is passed on when the batter changes.Everyone antes up again when the person holding the hat wins the pot.The ground ball is a ball.Fly Ball is easy to understand.You know if the batter is going to hit a ground or fly ball.You have to drink if you guess wrong.Everyone drinks if the batter strikes out.No one drinks if he walks.

Step 7: Take a break.

A good baseball gathering is incomplete without a spread of good snack food.Take a break from the game, sneak some chips and dip, fire up a hot dog and open a soda.You will be refreshed and ready to return to the game if you have a good chat with a friend around the snack table.

Step 8: The line score should be read.

The line score can get you back up to speed if you have lost track of the game.It will be displayed in a box on the screen so you can keep an eye on it.On the far left of the score line is where the teams are listed.Below the numbers running along the top of the grid, the hits and runs scored are listed.The letters “H” and “R” are used to designate them.

Step 9: The game should be given a chance.

Even if you don’t like baseball, you can still follow a team and watch games.You will learn more about the game, the players, and the strategies, as well as become more invested in your team.Try to watch the games for a full season.You may be able to love baseball.

Step 10: Don’t forget to dress for the occasion.

If you are comfortable, you will enjoy the game more.Start with comfortable shoes.Don’t worry about dressing up, games are casual affairs.Check the weather.If you are going to be exposed to the sun all day, you should layer up and wear sunscreen.If you don’t want to be picked on by drunk strangers, wear a team shirt, but avoid the visiting team’s jersey.

Step 11: You can explore the stadium.

Baseball stadiums offer a wide range of entertainment from historic landmarks to wild clubs.Find out what makes the stadium special.Take a walk and see what you can find.There is a bar and a swimming pool at the Cleveland at Marlins Park in Miami.You should bring your trunks.You can see the stadium and the game from the rooftops of the apartment buildings in Chicago.

Step 12: Enjoy the great outdoors by soaking up the sun or breeze.

Being outside with a group of friends is one of the great things about being at a baseball game.You could be sitting at home, but instead you are out in the sun.

Step 13: Enjoy junk food.

It takes about three hours to play a game.You are looking at a good chunk of your day if you take the time it took to get there and get out.Get some snacks and have fun.You can grab cotton candy from the nearest vendor.Don’t eat from a baseball hat.You can get plastic baseball hats filled with food.It is a fun souvenir to take home.You won’t find a stadium special anywhere else.Chase Field has an 18 inch corndog called the D-Bat Dog.The Brat Dog is a brat stuffed with a hot dog and wrapped in bacon.The beef and beans in Miller Park Inside the Park are deep- fried.You can throw your peanut shells on the floor.One place where you can make a huge mess is here.

Step 14: Keep an eye out for the quirks of different players.

Baseball has a lot of superstitions.You may not see a player wearing their underwear inside out or a magician with a flaming waistband.Some players have rituals and little quirks that can be fun if you catch on to them.Boggs would write “chai” in the batter’s box when he was at the plate.Kevin Rhomberg tagged the player who tagged him out.When he gets a hit, Luis Valbuena flips his bat instead of throwing it.Every time Uehara returns to the dugout, he gives a hard-hitting high five.Put your hand in the air if you want to get out of the way.

Step 15: Pick a favorite player.

It doesn’t matter who or why.Maybe he has a funny name.The fans might do a weird chant when he bats.It will draw you back into the game if you follow the player.

Step 16: You can join the crowd.

Being in the crowd is a large part of going to the game.Fans work together to create a sport wave, sing the National Anthem, and stretch in the seventh.The fans should get in the game.Cheer, wave, sing and stretch it out!