How To Drift on a Go Kart

In go-karting, experienced drivers often perform a ‘drift’ to look stylish and save time on the track.Your go-kart will seem to glide around a corner in a well-executed drift.It is easy to learn how to drift.You will be able to tackle the toughest corners on a track with a little practice.

Step 1: Drivers drift for information.

If you can, try and observe other drivers on the track and how they approach a corner, because each track is a little different.You can use these tactics in your drift.At what point they begin the drift, watch for their speed, lane, and direction.

Step 2: Before drifting, be aware of the track.

It’s important that you’ve raced around the track several times so you know the severity and length of upcoming corners before you get to them.There may be some hidden characteristics of a track that only a driver will be able to see, for example, if there are any blind corners, or how different weather conditions can make the track slippery.

Step 3: Wear all the necessary safety gear.

If you’re going to drive a go-kart, make sure you wear a helmet that protects your head in the event of a crash.It’s a good idea to strap yourself into the seat tight so that you’re snug in the kart.If your go-kart stops in the middle of a corner after a failed drift, there’s a chance that you’ll hit the sides of the track.

Step 4: Correct your posture.

If you’re an expert in a go-kart, make sure that your back is straight and that you sit in your seat.When you need to drift, this will give you maximum control of the wheel, gas, and brakes.

Step 5: Take your speed up.

Your natural reaction when approaching a corner is to hit the brakes.Speed is needed to drift.If you’re going too slow, you may end up going the wrong way.If you practice performing higher speed turns around the track, you’ll get a feel for how fast you need to go.Most drifts are completed at speeds over 40 miles per hour.

Step 6: Stay calm at all times.

It may feel like you’re out of control when you approach a drift.Pro-drifters say that drifting itself is a form of controlled chaos because it feels too chaotic.If you’re attempting a drift for the first time, you should breathe through the nose and mouth to slow your heart rate.If you don’t feel confident that you’ll be able to begin a drift on the oncoming corner, take it normally and try again next time.

Step 7: The outside lane has a corner.

You need to approach a corner from the outer lane at all times to complete a drift.It will give you the maximum amount of space to complete a drift and reduce your risk of crashing into other drivers.The outside lane of a turn is usually a little darker because most racers follow that line.When approaching the corner, look at the track beneath you for a darker strip if you can’t see the outer lane.

Step 8: As you approach the turn, accelerate.

Straight sections of the track precede most corners.When you hit this area, accelerate your kart so that you can drift.You will need to go over 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) to complete a conventional drift.If you don’t have enough speed coming into a drift, you’ll just end up taking the corner.Speed is required for a drift.

Step 9: Go away from the turn.

As you approach the turn, lean your kart and your body left.You will have enough room to drift around the corner.

Step 10: Go back towards the turn.

If you can, turn your kart towards the turn so that you’re facing the inside lane of the corner.It’s possible to over-correct if you’re unsure of the drift.If you can picture how you would orientate your kart around a turn, that will help.

Step 11: To maintain the drift, apply the brakes and pulse the gas.

After applying the brakes, immediately release them.This will cause your kart to drift.As you take the corner, pulse the gas to maintain the drift.The amount of gas you need depends on the turn.A sharp turn will require a burst of speed while a gentle turn requires a low pulse of gas.You risk spinning out or stopping completely if you slam the brakes too hard.

Step 12: You should realign your kart.

If you’re drifting for the first time, there’s a good chance your kart won’t be perfectly aligned with the track as you come out the other end of the corner.If this is the case, you should reorientate your wheels so that you’re ready to tackle the next part of the track.