How To Dress Like Kristen Stewart

You can either be a fan of the film series where she plays a strong, bold vampire named Bella, or you can just like the way she pulls off a relaxed, tomboy style and still look feminine and put together.Even on the red carpet, Stewart seems to always appear natural and relaxed, even though she is known for her sexy style.You can emulate her style by looking for clothing that matches her signature looks, creating outfits based on her taste and preferences, and doing your hair and makeup to look like her.

Step 1: The look consists of a shirt, jeans, and a coat.

Stewart is often photographed out and about in a look that is comfortable and cool at the same time.Pair a ripped shirt with jeans and sneakers.You can show off your printed socks by rolling up the jeans.Tie a long knit sweater around your waist to complete the look.If you want to rock Stewart’s style, this is a good look.You can change up your look by wearing a leather jacket and accessories that have some edge.As a look for a relaxed night out, this could work.

Step 2: Dress pants, a collared shirt, and boots or heels are appropriate for an office look.

Bring Stewart’s style into the office by wearing black dress pants with a white or gray collared shirt and high heeled boots or black heels.For a Stewart-like look for the office, you can wear a collared shirt in a plaid print, buttoned up and tucked in to your pants.You can finish your look at the office with a leather jacket and metal accessories.

Step 3: For a night out, wear a jumpsuit with heels and a necklace.

Go Stewart for a night out in a jumpsuit with heels and a necklace.Stewart has a mix of comfort and style.It’s possible to wear a short jumpsuit with heels or boots or a long one with a leather jacket.

Step 4: You can go for jewellery and accessories with edge.

Stewart usually buys jewellery made with metals like gold and silver.Her necklaces are usually made of metal, with a simple charm or choker style, in dark colors like black and blue.There are accessories that feature metal detailing, like a leather purse with a chain metal handle or a sunglasses with metal arms.As part of a night out look, you can wear skinny leather belts.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to keep your makeup minimal during the day.

Stewart tends to keep her makeup simple and casual during the day.To give your face a natural look, apply black mascara and light pink lip stain.Stewart is known for her pronounced eyebrows, so up your eyebrow game by using eyebrow gel or liner to give your face more depth.You can use your eyebrows to stand out over your sunglasses.

Step 6: For a night out, wear a dark eye and lipstick.

You can also go for a night out on the town with Stewart.Pair a smoky eye with shades of dark purple, black, and silver and lipstick in a dark red shade for a dramatic makeup look.Before you go out for the night, make sure you apply black eyeliner to your eyes because Stewart is known for her dark eyeliner.For a classic Stewart look, finish it with black mascara.

Step 7: You should give your hair a messy look.

Stewart’s tousled hair is a shoulder length cut with a swoop to one side of her face.You can get this look by applying styling gel to your hair while it is still wet and using a blow dryer to dry it.If you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to create loose curls similar to Stewart’s.If you want to have a swoop of hair on one side of your face, you should part and lift your hair.

Step 8: You can try braided cornrows.

For red carpet events or casual day out, Stewart wears this hair look.If you want to create a Stewart look, you can create two to three small braids on either side of your head.If you want the look to stay put all day or night, you can secure the braids with hair ties or hair spray.