How To Draw a Cartoon

Drawing a cartoon is easy and fun since you get to really draw without many limits compared to realistic drawings.Almost all types of cartoons use the basic steps.Enjoy.

Step 1: The proper materials include pencil, pen, and coloring materials.

You need drawing materials to start drawing.crayons, color pencils, watercolors, and many other coloring materials can be used in cartooning.

Step 2: Pick out the draft lines.

The first thing to do in cartooning is to make a draft illustration of the character using a pencil.The main shapes of the cartoon character are in the draft.

Step 3: The cartoon character can be drawn with a pen.

The preferred pen to use in papers is a drawing pen since it gives you a variety of width.Drawing pens are easy to use.

Step 4: The pencil marks can be erased using an eraser.

Step 5: It’s up to you to color as you please.

You can use any medium you want, it’s up to you.

Step 6: The background draft should be drawn.

Simple shapes and lines can be used.

Step 7: Adding more details to the background will make it more appealing.

Step 8: You can draw the background with a pen.

Step 9: The pencil marks should be erased.

Step 10: Add more details.

Shadowing can be done using a pen.

Step 11: You can color as you please.

Step 12: The background can be combined with the character.

It can be done using both methods.

Step 13: You will need to set everything up before you start.

Check the things you’ll need for all the materials.Below is a picture.

Step 14: Get an idea of what it will be about, such as crocodile hunting, politics, your view of new items, ducks, and so on.

This will give you an idea of what you need to draw in the background and foreground.

Step 15: Practice drawing a character on a spare sheet of paper because you will need some characters.

Draw a random shape.It can be anything.A circle and a square.You have to think about how the character is going to feel.Try copying expressions into the mirror.It is possible to act out what your cartoon character is going to do.Think about how he/she looks.Do not copy drawings you find in magazines, books, posters, and the internet.You will get into a mess.

Step 16: You need to practice drawing props, scenery, etc.

You can practice this by drawing scenes without characters.You can draw objects that you don’t need.

Step 17: You have to draw a cartoon strip or a practice strip.

To draw a couple panels, use a straightedge.Try a ruler.

Step 18: Start drawing a finished cartoon.

Draw first, then color with colored pencils, markers, crayons, paint, glitter, etc.You might want to draw how big the cartoon is.

Step 19: Cut out your cartoon if it doesn’t cover the whole paper.

You can tape, glue, staple it.Wherever you want!

Step 20: After you are done with your cartoon, you can show it to your family and friends.

Step 21: Finished.