How To Download Ringtones

There are many ways to download new ringtones if you don’t want to create your own.You can use any number of free download websites if you have an Apple device.Zedge makes an app forAndroid and ringtone download sites work great on this platform, which makes it possible for iPhone users to personalize their phones with ringtones.You can learn how to use download sites to personalize your devices.

Step 1: You can download a free ringtone in your browser.

It can be difficult to find a legitimate website to download free ringtones, but sites like and are often recommended on the web.Online reviews are the best way to find out if a site is legit.You can search for the site name and the word review.

Step 2: You can find the tone of the site by searching.

You can enter song names/sound types and lists of ringtones by category or popularity on most free ringtone download sites.

Step 3: Select a tone you want to download.

Different websites have different names for the download button.Pick a location where you will remember, like your desktop or downloads folder.

Step 4: You can transfer the ringtone to your phone.

If you use an Apple device, you can skip this step.Swipe from the top of the phone.Press Win+E (or launch Finder if you’re using a Mac), then double-click your phone in the list of connected devices if the first card says anything other than “Transfer Files.”To create a new folder, drag the ringtone file from the old folder to the new one.

Step 5: The ringtone can be transferred to your phone.

Double-clicking the ringtone will launch it in the app.If you want to view the ringtone in Finder or Windows Explorer, you have to right-click it.Remove the file extension and replace it with.m4r when you hit Del.Then, drag the file that ends with.m4r into the library.Select your phone at the top of the screen, then click on the Tones button.

Step 6: The default ringer for your phone will be your new ringtone.

Go to the settings app and select “Sound and notification”.You can choose yours from the list.Go to the settings app on the phone and select sounds.You can tap on the ringtone to select it.

Step 7: You can open the app.

The easiest way to download new music is to use the iTunes Store.

Step 8: Go to More, then select Tones.

Step 9: You can browse available ringtones by selectingCharts orFeatured.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can type your search at the bottom of the screen.

Step 10: The price is next to the ringtone.

If you are prompted to enter your password, you will be able to continue with the download.

Step 11: To download the ringtone, tap “OK”

You can save the tone to your phone.

Step 12: Go to the “Settings” app and choose “Sounds”.

If you have a new ringtone, you can set it as your default ringer in the settings app.

Step 13: You can choose a ringtone by tapping “Ringtone.”

When someone calls your phone, you will hear a new song.

Step 14: Go to the App Store on your phone.

Zedge allows you to download unlimited amounts of ringtones for free.You can use the app to find a ringtone, but there are a few steps you need to take to sync them to your location.

Step 15: To type Zedge, tap the “Search” icon.

Select it if you see “Zedge” in the search results.

Step 16: To install Zedge, tap “Get”.

You will be able to install the app on your phone.

Step 17: You can launch the Zedge app on your phone.

Step 18: Select “Ringtones” when you tap the menu.

A variety of different tones can be found in the categories, featured and popular options.To search for a specific tone or song, tap the magnifying glass icon and enter your search.

Step 19: To start the download, tap the “Save Ringtone” button.

Step 20: You can connect your phone to a Mac or Windows computer.

You can use the cable that came with your phone.Once the phone is plugged in, you should open iTunes manually.

Step 21: Select the app that you want, then choose it.

The top left corner of the screen is where you should find your phone.

Step 22: From the “File Sharing” area, select “Zedge”.

The saved ringtone is on the right side of the screen.If you download more than one ringtone, they will all show up here.

Step 23: Click the menu in the top left corner of the window to add files to the library.

Step 24: Click “open” if you want to use the ringtone.

If you want to sync more than one tone, place checkmarks into them.

Step 25: On the left panel, you can click on the Tones menu to check the sync tones.

Step 26: Click it to apply.

The process will begin.The sync is complete when you hear the chime.

Step 27: Select “Sounds” when you open the “Settings” app on your phone.

Step 28: You can tap on the ringtone to select it.

Your default ringtone is the one you downloaded from Zedge.

Step 29: The Play Store icon can be found on your home screen.

Zedge is a popular app that does not require a subscription.

Step 30: Select Zedge from the search results when you search the Play Store for it.

Step 31: To begin the installation, tap the “Install” button.

The “Install” button will be changed to “open” once the installation is complete.

Step 32: To browse available tones, open Zedge and tap “Ringtones”.

There are a variety of different tones that can be found in the categories, featured and popular options.To search for a specific tone or song, tap the magnifying glass icon and enter your search.

Step 33: To hear a preview, tap the “Play” button.

You can keep browsing if you don’t like the tone.

Step 34: To download the ringtone, tap the downward-pointing arrow icon.

You may be asked to allow permission for Zedge to save files.If so, tap “OK” or “approve”

Step 35: You can choose from the list of sound options.

The tone you download will be the default option if you tap one of the options.You will be asked to select a contact for whom to set a ringtone.Notification events include incoming email and text messages.