How To Don’t use a Straightener or a Crimper.

There is a fun and unique way to wear your hair.While similar to wavy or curled hair, crimped hair creates a zig-zagged, sharp pattern that sets it apart.This look can be damaging and time consuming if you use a crimper or a straightener.There are other ways to achieve this trendy look.

Step 1: Get your hair wet.

You can either use a spray bottle or fresh out of the shower.If your hair is wet, towel dry it using a patting motion.Leave-in conditioners and oils are normally used on wet hair.If you want to avoid the mess of getting your head wet, you can use a spray bottle to damp each section of hair.

Step 2: Your hair needs to be brushed out.

If your hair is tangle-free, it will be easy to create the braids.Freshly combed hair can be braided.Run a wide-toothed comb through your hair.You can’t brush out your hair after it has dried.It’s important to have it parted where you want it, because brushing your hair after it is set could cause hair loss.

Step 3: Section off your hair.

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, the number of sections you need to create will be different.You can only make two or three braids if you have very thin hair.You can make up to ten if you have thick or short hair.The tighter your crimps are, the smaller your sections will be.If you take large sections of hair, you will create less dramatic waves.Take hair out of the way so you can braid it.This will make the process simpler.

Step 4: You should braid your hair at the tip.

Start from the root.This is where you can learn all about the braiding technique.Make sure you create very tight braids if you want tight, defined crimps.Pull and tighten the three strands as you move down the hair.If you want looser, less defined crimps, hold the three strands of hair loose as you braid them.Make sure you braid as far as you can from the tip of the strands.Unbraided hair will remain straight.You may look a little funny if you have a full head of tight crimped hair.Use elastics at the end of your braids to make sure they don’t come undone.

Step 5: Over the braids, apply hair spray or hair gel.

This will make your crimped hair hold its shape as it dries.If you are using a hair spray, mist it lightly over the braid from the roots to the tip.If you want to use a hair gel, rub it into the palm of your hands and then lightly stroke it down each braid.A little product can be applied to a section before you braid it.You can experiment with different techniques to get the results you want.

Step 6: You should sleep on your braids.

The braids take a lot longer to dry than normal hair because they are trapped in the crevices of the twisted hair.Before heading off to bed, it is best to just create the braids.Your hair needs to stay in these braids until it is completely dry.You can speed up the process by running a blow dryer over your braids.If you are going to be doing this, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray on your hair.

Step 7: Pressing your fingertips will make sure your braids are dry.

Make sure you feel all of your braids, especially the ones that may have been pressed into your pillow.If you are certain that the braid is dry, thread your finger through it to make sure the inner part is also dry.If you have a few damp spots, you can wait a bit longer or use a hair dryer.

Step 8: Don’t braid your hair.

Remove your hair tie and gently undoing the braid if you are certain that there are no damp spots left.Shake out your hair after every braid has been undone.The sectioning of each braid may make them look a bitchunky when you first remove them.You can help to blend the sections by shaking out your hair.

Step 9: You can style your hair by running your fingers through it.

After removing braids, do not brush your hair.This will make your hair poof out.Instead, comb through your hair with your fingers and play with it until you like it.Make sure it lasts all day by spraying it with hairspray.Play with different hair styles.Throwing a headband onto crimped hair can look cute and create a beautiful ponytail.Get creative!