How To Determine the Sex of a Guinea Pig

Many pet owners don’t know the sex of their pet.If you want to prevent a baby from being separated from its mother, you should know the sex of your guinea pig.Many vets offer sexing services for guinea pigs, but you can also determine the sex of your pig on your own.

Step 1: When looking at young cavies, be careful.

Newborn cavies are more delicate when away from their mothers.When examining them, try to be as fast as possible because they get cold quickly.It can be difficult to determine the sex of a young pig.It is easier to determine the sex of a baby when it is 1-2 weeks old.Since males must be separated from their mothers and sisters at 3 weeks old, sex them by this time is crucial.They can have children with their mothers and sisters.Don’t worry about handling small animals.Early handling can make them less afraid of humans.

Step 2: Before handling, wash your hands.

There are diseases that can be transmitted from pigs to humans and things on your hands can affect them.It is important to wash your hands.Don’t worry about gloves.There are few human diseases that can be given to guinea pigs and they don’t do much to stop the spread of diseases from pig to pig.

Step 3: The exam should be performed on a stable service.

avies are squeamish about being picked up and held in place for a long period of timePut a soft, clean towel on a low, stable service, like a table or the floor, in preparation for the exam so your guinea pig is protected and comfortable.

Step 4: The guinea pig needs to be held gently but firmly.

The pig is easily scared and will struggle when frightened.The cavy should be held firmly but gently around the chest and shoulders.The stomach and genital area are facing you and you can cradle the cavy’s back with one hand.It will be easier to look at the genitalia of the cavy.They don’t like being on their backs for a long period of time.Try to do the exam quickly.To speed up the process, you may want to ask someone to help you hold the cavy.Give your pig something to eat.It will make them easier to work with.

Step 5: There is a distance between the anus and genitals.

The cavy’s anus is a vertical opening that is often gray or brown.Underneath the cavy’s genitalia will be the anus.You can see the distance between the cavy’s anus and the genitals once you have distinguished between them.Female guinea pigs have less space between their anus and their vagina.The anus in female cavies is often above the vagina.There is a larger amount of space between the penis and anus of a male guinea pig.

Step 6: The shape of the cavy’s genital opening can be examined.

The cavy has a genital opening.There is a smooth swelling over the female guinea pig’s genital area.To part the genital opening, use your fingers.The cavy is female if the genital area forms a Y shape.The penis of a male cavies is raised above the level of the surrounding skin, which is shaped like a small circular dot.There is a bulge to the genital and anal areas of male guinea pigs.The bulge appears due to the presence of the guinea pig’s testicles, which are just under the skin along the anus and the penis.If there is a donut shape around the cavy’s anus, this is where the testicles will sit.

Step 7: To check for a penis, press above the genital opening.

Heavy older male cavies can make it difficult to see the penis.To make the penis protrude, use your finger to press just about the guinea pig’s genital area.The penis should be visible.If you want to gently press and rub just over the genital area, you can use your finger.The inner part of cavy’s shaft can be felt if you feel a “ridge” just over the genital area.The cavy is male.To confirm that the pig is a male, look for testicles on either side of the penis.The testicles are larger than the pig’s body.

Step 8: If you are unsure about the sex of the guinea pig, have a licensed vet confirm it.

It is not easy to confirm the sex of a guinea pig at home.If you don’t know if your guinea pig is male or female, you may want to bring it to the vet for a checkup.Even knowledgeable vets can wrongly determine the sex of a guinea pig if you go to a vet you trust.If your guinea pig reacts poorly to the exam or becomes distressed, you may want to bring it to a vet.If the cavy is stressed out or moving a lot during the home exam, it may be difficult to get an accurate reading of the sex.