How To Decorate Golf Balls

Adults and children can enjoy decorating golf balls.If you want to make a gift for the golfer in your life or accent your home décor, you can use golf balls for original artwork by adding designs with permanent marker or paint.You can use red, black, and white paint to make your garden look better.

Step 1: You can choose a design.

There are many designs to choose from.If you’re new to decorating golf balls, floral patterns are an easy, fun, and cute pattern to draw.You could make popular characters or recreate the solar system.You have so many options, come up with a plan for how you want your golf balls to look.Fruit, bugs and animals, holiday themes, and other types of sports balls are some of the creative ideas.

Step 2: There are golf balls and markers.

Quality markers will not fade over time and won’t rub off on you.Pick an array of colors.Red and yellow are the colors that stand out the most on turf.There are a lot of golf balls.You may come up with a new design that you want to try, or you may discard something you don’t like.You can try a lot of different designs and illustrations.The balls will not roll away if the materials are placed in a cardboard box.

Step 3: To wash the golf balls, use dish soap.

Place them in a sink and scrub them with hot, soapy water to remove dirt from the surface.Before drawing on them with permanent marker, dry them off with a dish towel.

Step 4: There are lines around the golf ball.

Set the golf ball on a flat surface and hold the marker steady with the tip touching the ball.Slowly roll the golf ball for a straight line.You can draw another line by moving the marker to the next point on the ball.It is possible to use lines as stems for flowers in a floral pattern.For a specific theme, use different colors.To make a golf ball look like a bumblebee, use red and green and black and yellow.

Step 5: There is a floral pattern on the ball.

The ridges on the ball are marked with a marker.You can make a flower pattern by coloring in one ridge with one color and each of the surrounding ridges with a brighter color.If you use neutral colors like black and brown, this process will work for paw prints.

Step 6: The ridges have color in them.

If you want a polka-dot pattern, color every other ridge for a checkered pattern.Depending on how you want your pattern to look, you can use a variety of colors.The finished design will be fun to watch.You can make a great piece of home décor by coloring golf balls and placing them in a vase or frame.

Step 7: How you want your golf balls to look is up to you.

You can use spray paint or paint brushes for a more solid look.You may need to get a lot of golf balls.You might want to change your design if you have too many golf balls.You should use as many golf balls as you need.Knowing what type of design you want before you start can help you decide on paint colors and brushes.

Step 8: Put your workspace together.

The mess and fumes make painting golf balls best done outdoors.On a flat surface, place empty egg cartons upside down.Put the golf balls on the egg carton to hold them in place while you work.

Step 9: Sandpaper the golf balls.

The paint will stick better if the gloss on the ball is removed.This will help remove dirt.

Step 10: Primer should be added to the golf balls.

Put the golf balls on the egg cartons and spray them with primer spray.The paint will stick and have a longer hold if this is done.Wait for the balls to dry and hold away from your face as you spray.

Step 11: You can use spray paint to paint a solid color.

You can make a ball out of an empty egg carton by spraying it with spray paint.When it is dry, turn it over and spray the other side.If you don’t have spray paint, you can use a large brush to coat the balls.You can continue to create designs with a more colorful background if you have a solid colored golf ball.

Step 12: To make a clean-cut design, use stickers and paint.

Stickers of stars, letters, flowers, and other shapes will work well for designs, initials or names when you place the sticker on the ball and paint over it with either a brush or spray paint.Before you remove stickers, allow the paint to dry.

Step 13: A fine brush can be used to draw smaller designs.

You can fill in the ridges with different colors by using the tip of a small brush.Paint one ridge a dark neutral color and the surrounding ridges a bright color.

Step 14: There is a workspace where you can paint.

The mess and fumes make outdoors the best place to work.If you will be working indoors, open a window and lay down a newspaper.Place empty egg cartons on top of the newspaper or flat surface area where you will be painting.The empty egg cartons will be used to hold the golf balls while you work so that they remain steady and you can keep one hand free.

Step 15: The golf ball has paper on it.

This will remove the dirt from the ball.It’s important to remove all the gloss from the golf ball surface to keep it from sticking.Dust and sand should be brushed off after each ball is sandpapered.

Step 16: The balls should be painted with a paint primer.

The balls are in an upside-down egg carton.It will help to give the paint a better hold and it will also help the colors look more vibrant.Before moving on, allow the primer to fully dry.

Step 17: The ball should be painted with red paint.

The balls should be on the egg carton.You can either use a large brush or spray paint.Before adding black, let the red paint fully dry.The black paint will run into the red paint and cause a mess on the ball.

Step 18: Put black paint on a large circle for the head.

Continue to draw a line from the top of the head.There is a line between the wings.Black paint can be used to fill in ridges on the ball.You don’t need to make a lot of black spots.Some will look great.

Step 19: There are two small white rings inside the head of the ladybug.

Put the eyes towards the top half of the head.Wait for the ball to dry as the design is complete.

Step 20: You should add varnish to protect your golf balls from the elements.

Allow the varnish to sit while you apply it.You can put them in your flower beds once the varnish is dry.Keep them in shaded areas to prevent the color from fading quickly in the sunlight.