How To Deal With Missing Your Significant Other

It is difficult to be apart from a loved one.Taking care of yourself and your emotional health is important, even though it’s okay to miss them.No matter how long you are apart, the same steps need to be taken to cope with missing your partner.You can still think about the person you love and miss in a positive way byframing your thoughts and filling up your free time.If you’re missing someone due to a death or break up, learn how to cope.

Step 1: You can spend more time with your family and friends.

Sitting at home alone waiting for your partner to return isn’t going to make you feel better about their absence, and will probably drive you crazy.Try to spend this time with your friends or loved ones.The chance to catch up with old friends is what the separation is about.Remember your friend how much they mean to you by spending more time with them.A coffee date can be arranged by calling a friend.You can invite a few friends over for dinner.It’s a good idea to visit your grandma out of town over the weekend.If you feel depressed, don’t withdraw from people.

Step 2: Devote more time to hobbies.

Most likely, there is some activity you scaled back on to make time for your significant other, or a new activity that you have been wanting to try and haven’t done yet.Instead of being lonely, embrace your extra time to finish that model ship or dress.You can learn a new language with a free phone app.Pick a book you want to read and start reading.

Step 3: A beautiful work of art celebrating your relationship can be created.

Try something new, or use whichever medium you like.You can design a cross stitch pattern with your initials, joke, or favorite movie character.You can paint an abstract representation of how you feel about your partner.Take a picture of your favorite pictures.Cross stitch requires counting and is a great hobby for spending time alone.Pick a simple pattern if you are trying it for the first time.You can buy cheap outdoor paints at a craft store or Walmart.Add things like sand or plaster to create different textures by choosing colors that express your feelings.A picture frame with or without a glass can be used.If there is no glass, glue images to a piece of cardboard and cover it with modge podge or spray varnish to protect it from damage.

Step 4: You can write a poem, comic, or illustrated story.

Send your significant other something special or share something with them when they return.You can use whichever writing outlet you like.To show how much your significant other means to you, make an amazing gift.An original poem can be written with a calligraphy pen.You can make your own paper.You can make a children’s book about how you met.You don’t need to be great at drawing to make a cute book.Adding meaningful details to each scene is one way to make illustrations simple.

Step 5: New relationships are cultivated.

You can join a book or movie critique club.These activities allow you to get out of the house and make new friends.Some of your free time will be used to read or watch these things.You could even meet another couple you can hang out with on date nights.

Step 6: Exercise will distract you.

If you feel sad, you can go for a run, ride your bike along a trail, or go to the gym and do at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises.Not only does exercise help relieve stress and get your mind on something other than what’s bothering you, but your body releases endorphins that act like pain-killers and mood-boosters.Five minutes of intense exercise can instantly boost your mood, but it can also help with long-term depression.Your body needs exercise to function properly.

Step 7: Work on any unfinished projects.

You can use your time apart to finish some unfinished tasks.These could be things you’ve been working on and didn’t finish, or something you put off until you had enough time to finish it.You will feel good about yourself because you have accomplished those things.Fix the screen door that swings open in the wind, sand down your bathtub, and refinish your grandmother’s antique dresser.You can finish writing your book of short stories, make those throw pillows, or sign up for pet training classes.Put shelves in the bathroom, paint your bedroom, or plant a vegetable garden.

Step 8: Spending time apart is good.

Spending time apart is necessary for maintaining your independence.If you can’t be away from each other for a few days, you’re probably too dependent on them for your own happiness.You don’t need someone else to give your life meaning if you remind yourself that you are a valuable person.Say something like, “I am a valuable person and having alone time is good for me.”Being apart makes you realize how important your partner is to you.You might start taking things for granted if you are never apart.

Step 9: Don’t worry about what your significant other is doing.

You might be masking your own fears of abandonment or getting hurt if you find yourself obsessed with what your significant other is doing without you.What you can control is how you spend your time.Being preoccupied with these thoughts is a sign of attachment anxiety.People with this problem are always waiting for the relationship to end because they expect the worst from their partners.

Step 10: Call or video chat.

Scheduling a time to talk on the phone with your significant other can give you something to look forward to, if you are too far away to see each other in person.It’s also a chance to talk to each other while you’re apart.Don’t text or call too much.Evaluate your relationship, how long you will be apart, and how often you see each other.If you know your significant other is busy, send a personal message through email or Facebook and leave a sweet message.These forms of communication won’t interrupt your significant other while at work or a family event, and will be a nice surprise.If you can, try to watch a show at the same time while your partner is away.It will give you both something to discuss other than how much you’re missing each other if you know your significant other is watching the same thing as you.

Step 11: It’s important to keep your relationship fresh.

When you get to see each other, and even when you are able to talk on the phone or through an internet video call, make sure you aren’t always saying the same things.There are different types of activities for date nights.If you want to learn more about each other, talk about new topics you haven’t discussed before.Bring up a topic you’ve heard recently if your conversations become stagnant.Discuss your childhood.What did you want to be when you were a kid, and what was your favorite Halloween costume?You can find ideas about new activities in local newspapers and websites.Ask your friends and co-workers what they do together.

Step 12: A special activity can be planned.

New activities you have never done as a couple should be included.Plan your day together as a surprise and include something your significant other has always wanted to do.Use your imagination!It’s a good idea to plan a whole day around one theme, like a romantic movie or a visit to Paris.You can visit your city’s art museum, walk across the prettiest bridge near you, and sit at an outside cafe for a couple hours if you want.Visit a public garden for a picnic lunch, stop by a plant store on the way home to pick out a few of the flowers you saw earlier, and plant them together when you get home.Stick to a water theme and schedule a visit to an aquarium or science museum, find the biggest public fountain in town and bring some change to make wishes together.You can end the day with a walk along a canal or beach.They should plan a scavenger hunt.You can write clues that will lead you to different places that remind you of each other.

Step 13: Tell your partner that you love them.

Communication with each other about your feelings is the best way to deal with separation.Tell your significant other that you miss them when you talk.Tell your significant other what you’re doing and what’s going on in your life.Tell your partner how grateful you are that they are a part of your life.

Step 14: Accept your negative feelings as normal.

Don’t try to distract yourself from thinking about your significant other when you’re missing them.It reinforces the fact that you miss the person so much when you try to not think about them.Ask yourself why you are sad or angry.You can do something about it if you know why you feel that way.Do you miss things they usually do for you, do you have a bad day and wish they were there to talk about it, or are you bored?Call a friend, watch a movie, or learn how to cook exotic cuisine.Try to figure out what is making you angry or frustrated.Do you feel left out?Extreme responses to being separated do not reflect your partner’s feelings.

Step 15: Negative thoughts should be replaced with positive ones.

When you think about how much you miss them.You should stop and correct your tendency to think negatively.Change your thought patterns so that they reflect your feelings for yourself.It doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you are apart.If you find yourself pining over all the time you are missing together, stop and focus on the present moment.It’s nice to have the cat (or dog) all to myself today, I wish we were together right now.She usually goes to my partner first.If you are stuck, use logic to overcome your feelings.It will make you feel unhappy if you think that you can’t be happy when they’re not around.Accept that you control your own feelings, and you will be happy doing something else.Efforts establish cognitive patterns.When you think a loaded thought, your brain is more likely to do it again.It takes time and practice to correct negative thoughts.Don’t let self-criticism make you feel worse.

Step 16: It’s time to replace longing and sadness with gratitude.

It’s normal to not be with your significant other.Think about how lucky you are to have a partner like that.A list of things you appreciate about your significant other is a good place to start.Are you more patient, mature, or friendly as a result of being together?Did you expand your horizon and overcome your fears?Have you learned to think of your loved ones before your own?It does not mean that you can’t be with your significant other if you focus on what you have.It’s okay to not be with someone you care about.If you want to develop a habit of noticing when you feel lonely and wish your significant other was with you, try to focus on feeling grateful for the time you have together.You should start a gratitude journal and keep it with you all the time.