How To Deal With Being Humiliated in Front of Your Crush

It will get better if you are humiliated in front of your crush.Remember that your crush probably doesn’t realize you’re embarrassed.Dealing with your feelings is more important than dealing with the humiliation.It is helpful to confront your feelings so you can move on.

Step 1: If necessary, go to a private place.

Being humiliated is understandable if you are upset.If you can, go to the restroom and calm yourself down.Slow, deep breaths help your body relax.If you need to, go ahead and cry.If you can’t leave, hide your face in a book or focus on your phone.Try not to pay attention to what is happening around you.Breathing deeply will help you relax.

Step 2: If you can’t leave, focus on something calming.

Distraction can help you block out what’s happening when walking away.You can distract yourself by talking to a friend, sorting your school work, or writing something down.You can distract yourself by thinking about something.Try talking to a friend, looking at a painting, or thinking about the last episode of your favorite comedy.

Step 3: Count your breaths so you don’t cry.

If you feel like you’re about to cry, focusing on your breathing can help you relax.Count on each inhale with slow, deep breaths.You should count your breaths until you feel calm.Hold your breath for 5 seconds if you count to 5 on your inhale.exhale for a 5 countRelax your body by repeating 5 times.

Step 4: Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling.

Venting about the incident can make you feel better.Tell a friend or trusted adult what happened.Let them know if you want advice.You could say that my feelings are hurt because a girl embarrassed me in front of my crush.I am worried that my chances of dating them will be ruined.People are laughing at me.What should I do?

Step 5: You should not hide from people because of the incident.

Feelings of humiliation can make you want to run away, but this won’t help you feel better.It might make people aware of how embarrassed you are.When you are calm, rejoin your classmates and act like nothing happened.People will forget the incident if you do.It is likely that no one knows how embarrassed you are because everyone is focused on what they are doing.If someone brings up the incident, you should try to ignore them, but also learn to laugh at yourself.People who are able to handle humiliation seem more mature, elegant, and nonchalant.It will help you recover from awkwardness faster, and it will do wonders for your popularity.

Step 6: You can improve your mood by engaging in an activity.

Don’t let the experience ruin your day.Do something that makes you happy.invite your friends to join youIf you are at school, you can ask to visit the library, talk to your friend, or doodle in your notes.If you are at a party, you can ask your friends to dance with you, start a game, or take selfies.Go for a walk, watch your favorite show, or make something if you are at home.

Step 7: Don’t judge yourself if you feel your emotions.

It is okay to be upset, hurt, angry, or sad.You have the right to feel that way.Don’t try to get rid of your feelings.You will feel better faster if you acknowledge how you feel.Say to yourself, “I feel angry because Amy is supposed to be my friend, and I’m worried Alex won’t like me now.”

Step 8: Tell your friend what you would say.

It helps to think about what you would say to a friend.Imagine how humiliated your friend was.Think about how you would comfort them.You would probably say, “I can’t believe that just happened to you!”Trust me, we are all on your side.If you need to talk, I am here for you.

Step 9: Write about your feelings in a journal.

Record what happened and how you’re feeling in your journal, notebook, or word processor.Try to remember why this experience made you feel that way.To understand how other people might view the incident, try to view it from a different perspective.You can come back the next day to write more if you’re still upset.This will make you feel better about the situation.

Step 10: Think about how important this will be in 5 years.

In 5 years, whatever happened won’t matter.In the future, imagine yourself living your best life.Do you think this humiliating moment really matters?It will not matter in a few years if you fall down at a middle school dance.

Step 11: What happened can be turned into a funny story.

There are some funny stories about embarrassing experiences in your past.Maybe your next story will be about this experience.Imagine telling this story at a party in the future.Try to laugh at what happened.If you are really hurting, don’t feel like you have to laugh at it.There are great funny stories from most embarrassing moments.

Step 12: Ask others if they were embarrassed so you don’t feel alone.

Everyone gets humiliated when you feel alone.It might be helpful to talk to others about their embarrassing moments.People can be asked to share their most embarrassing stories and how they felt at the time.Ask how they feel about the incident now.Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your crush?

Step 13: The person who humiliated you has motivation.

It is helpful to consider why someone else humiliated you.They probably did it for a reason that has nothing to do with you.Think about what happened at the time and how this person typically treats other people.What happened between you in the past?Remember that their decision to hurt you shows who they are, not who you are.Don’t let their decision to humiliate you affect you.

Step 14: If you feel like you made a mistake, forgive yourself.

It is a good thing that everyone makes mistakes.You can become the person you are if you make mistakes.You are forgiven for what happened.Allow yourself to make more mistakes in the future.I know that everyone makes mistakes, so I forgive myself for spilling my lunch on my crush.

Step 15: If you want to get revenge, focus on your happiness.

Don’t spend your time trying to get back at people who hurt you.Revenge will only lead to more hurt feelings.Use your time and energy to be happy.Attend social events, engage in hobbies, and spend time with your friends.Start a fun activity to distract yourself from the thought of revenge if you catch yourself imagining it.You can play a game on your phone, invite a friend over, or play with your pet.

Step 16: You can learn from the experience to get over it.

This experience can be used as a teaching moment.Think about what you learned.Consider how you might use this experience in the future.Someone shared a secret that you told them.It’s possible that you should be more careful about who you trust in the future.Most people have had the same experience if you slip and fall.

Step 17: Don’t be afraid to face the same situation again.

You might be nervous about facing the same situation again after you humiliate yourself.If people laugh about it, this is even more true.People will eventually forget what happened if you face your fear.You should live your life the same way you normally would.Let’s say you slipped in the cafeteria.The next day is when you should be in the cafeteria.

Step 18: It’s time to let go of the “what ifs”.

You might be playing the incident over and over in your head, but this isn’t helping.You probably could have done something differently, but that doesn’t matter now.You can’t change the past, so focus on the present.It’s easy to see the different options you had in the past.Don’t sweat it!

Step 19: If you think it will help, talk to the person who humiliated you.

If the person has hurt you more than once, you might want to talk to them.When you are calm, ask them to talk.Tell them how you feel about the event and what you hope will happen in the future.It is possible that they don’t know they hurt you.I was hurt when you embarrassed me yesterday, so I consider you a close friend.I don’t want our friendship to be ruined, so I want you not to reveal my secrets.