How To Cure Hiccups by Holding Your Breath

Some people get the hiccups.You might have had someone recommend a funny cure for your hiccups.These cures are more annoying than waiting for the hiccups to go away.One of the most common ways people try to cure hiccups is by holding their breath.

Step 1: Take a glass of water.

The water should be cold.The glass can hold up to 16 ounces of water.You have the option to drink something other than water.If you drink juice or milk, you may become very full because you will be drinking a lot.CSDs can cause hiccups, so avoid them.

Step 2: Take a deep breath.

Hold it.If you can, don’t breathe in or out for as long as possible.People can hold their breath for different lengths of time.You should aim for at least 10 seconds.You can either count in your head or watch the clock.Make sure you don’t accidentally breathe through your nose.

Step 3: Slowly drink the water.

Start pouring the water into your mouth.You should be able to swallow about 10 gulps of water.It’s okay if you spill some water.Simply keep drinking.

Step 4: Hold your breath.

Continue to hold your breath after drinking the entire cup of water.You can breathe normally when you can no longer hold your breath.It may take a while to catch your breath.This is normal.

Step 5: Check to see if the cure worked.

If there is another hiccup, wait 30 seconds.You have cured your hiccups if it doesn’t.You can repeat if the cure didn’t work.No cure has been proven to work.If your hiccups are still there, don’t get discouraged.

Step 6: A paper bag can be found.

You can use a lunch bag.There are too many paper grocery bags.Since you’ll be breathing in and out of the bag, it should be clean.

Step 7: Relax and take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath and fill up your lungs.Close your mouth after taking the biggest breath possible.Your stomach is likely to expand when you take a deep breath.This is normal.Make sure you don’t accidentally breathe in or out through your mouth while trying to hold your breath.

Step 8: Go into the bag.

Place your mouth in the bag.The bag should be held up to your face.The paper bag will blow up like a balloon if you breathe in all of the air.Don’t put the bag over your head.The levels of carbon dioxide in your blood may go up if you blow into the paper bag.The hiccups are caused by spasms.

Step 9: Inhale once more.

The paper bag has air in it.Put air in your lungs.The bag will be empty.Hold your breath for a few seconds when you have breathed in a lot.

Step 10: Exhale.

Take the air out of the paper bag.The bag will blow up again.The bag should be completely filled with air.

Step 11: Check to see if you have stopped hiccupping.

If there is another hiccup, wait 30 seconds.You have cured your hiccups if it doesn’t.You can repeat if the cure didn’t work.You can start the process again if there is another hiccup.You don’t need to wait.

Step 12: Relax and take a deep breath.

Put air in your lungs.Keep the air in your lungs by closing your mouth.Make sure you don’t breathe through your nose even with your mouth closed.You can feel your stomach with your hands.As you breathe in, it should expand like a balloon.

Step 13: Take a deep breath.

Take the number of seconds you hold your breath for.It is safe to hold your breath longer than is comfortable.People should be able to hold their breath for at least 10 seconds.Simply hold your breath for 10 seconds if you can’t.If you start to feel unwell, let your breath go.

Step 14: Take a deep breath.

Take all of the air out of your lungs.Breath normally.Don’t hold your breath.You can make yourself lightheaded if you hold your breath too long.Before you hold your breath again, make sure your breathing has returned to normal.

Step 15: Wait 20 minutes.

You can do regular activities while you wait.You don’t want to forget how long you’ve been waiting.Take your mind off the hiccups.If you want to distract yourself from your hiccups, you can watch TV, go for a drive, or chat with a friend.

Step 16: The process should be repeated.

Go through the same process after taking another deep breath.By now, you may have stopped hiccuping.If you think your hiccups will come back, you can repeat the process.Try another method if your hiccups don’t go away after an hour.You may want to see a doctor if you get a lot of hiccups.