How To Create a Raised M%E2%80%90Seal Design for a Painted Terracotta Pot

Adding a design over the top of a mud pot can make it more interesting.M-Seal is a useful medium for shaping a 3D-style or embossed type of design.This guide will show you how to make and add a design to a terracotta or mud pot.

Step 1: Pick a pot that is the size and shape you want.

The larger the pot, the easier it will be to add a design to the surface, but you’ll need more modeling and painting materials for larger designs.

Step 2: The newspaper should be placed on the table to cover the work surface.

Put your pot on the newspaper.

Step 3: The pot should be painted white or black.

The design will adhere to the pot with ease if there is an initial seal layer.Allow this coating to dry for 4 hours, or as long as the manufacturer wants.

Step 4: You can use a creative design to help shape the M-Seal design.

You could get the design from an online print-out, stencil, stamped design, or piece of paper with a lovely, clear and easy to model design on it.The design is easy to follow with your fingers and can be molded into this shape.There are easy designs that include flowers, a tree, an acorn, and a cat.

Step 5: The design should fit the pot.

To check for fit and suitability, place the paper design against the pot where you’ll add the design.It’s good to go once you’re happy with it.

Step 6: This design should be used as a template for shaping the modeling medium.

Place it on the work surface to make sure it fits in the terracotta pot.The guide will be used to make the design pieces for sticking onto the pot.

Step 7: The M-Seal can be mixed on a paper plate.

Step 8: The M-Seal should be unpacked.

There are two packs in one box of M-Seal.Take an equal amount of M-Seal from both packs and mix well to make the design medium.It should be on the paper plate.talcum powder can be poured on the other side of the paper plate.If you want to make sure your fingers don’t get sticky when you mix them, apply the talcum powder to them first.

Step 9: Form the design.

Make your design from the M-Seal putty mix.To make the shapes exact, follow the template you cut out in the previous section.If, for example, you’re making floral design, then shape petals, leaves and a stem from the M-Seal, following your paper design on the work surface.Whether you design one whole piece or several pieces to be joined together is up to you.Whatever seems appropriate for the design is what you should do.

Step 10: The pieces of the M-Seal design should be stuck on the terracotta/mud pot.

Attach the shaped M-Seal design piece or pieces to the exact position on the pot with glue.Before doing this step, be sure that the enamel has dried completely.

Step 11: For 1/2 an hour, allow the design to dry in place.

Step 12: If relevant, cut the details into the piece.

If necessary, use the cutter/knife to cut designs, such as making lines or slits on the design, or removing unwanted parts.

Step 13: The design should be painted with white fabric paint.

It should be dry for 20 minutes.Once the paint has dried, use fabric paint to paint the whole design.

Step 14: Allow to dry.

Allow your painting to dry for one hour after it’s been painted.The pot is finished when it is dry.If you want, you can seal it or varnish it.