How To Cook Liver and Onions

This is a classic dish.If you don’t like onions as a child, try it again as an adult to see if you enjoy it.The onions and liver should be sliced before being dredged.The onions will be tender and the gravy will form.If you want a warm, winter meal, serve the onions and liver alone or with mashed potatoes.

Step 1: If they haven’t been removed, then they should be discarded.

Use your fingers to remove the outer layer of the body.The membranes won’t be hard to remove.Don’t tear the liver while you remove it.The lyme is usually sold with the membranes already removed.

Step 2: The livers should be sliced into 2 in thick slices.

Place the beef or chicken livers on the chopping board.You can slice the livers with a sharp knife.Don’t use a knife to cut the body parts.If you want to make the best cuts, make sure you use a sharp knife.

Step 3: There are thin 4 in slices.

Place the onions on a chopping board and cut the ends off with a knife.Remove the skin from the onions by slicing them in half.Carefully slice each half of the onion on the chopping board.

Step 4: The flour, salt, and black pepper should be combined.

Add 12 cup (64 g) of flour, 1 gram of black pepper, and 2 grams of salt to a bowl.You can mix the ingredients with a fork or whisk.Black pepper and salt can be added to the flour.

Step 5: The slices are in the flour.

The bowl has the flour, black pepper, and salt.Make sure all of the sides are coated with seasoned flour by turning each slice over in the bowl.As you remove the excess from the bowl, shake the slices of liver to remove them.A light flour coating is all that’s needed.

Step 6: The extra virgin olive oil should be heated in a skillet for 1-2 minutes.

A large skillet has a lid and you can pour extra virgin olive oil into it.The temperature setting should be adjusted to medium-high.

Step 7: Brown the slices of liver in oil for a few minutes.

The slices of liver should be put into the skillet.Make sure the slices don’t overlap.If you want to turn the slices over, cook them for 1-2 minutes and use kitchen tongs.If all of the slices can’t fit in the skillet, brown them in batches.While the second and third batches cook, place the first batches on a warmed plate.

Step 8: The onions should be placed in the skillet.

The 2 sliced onions should be in the same skillet.To stir the ingredients, use a wooden spoon.If you cook the liver in batches, put all of it in the pan.

Step 9: When the gravy forms, add the ingredients and cook for 15-20 minutes.

The beef or chicken soup should be poured into the skillet.A wooden spoon can be used to combine the three ingredients.The skillet should be covered with a lid when the heat is low.The onions will be tender once the ingredients are cooked.If you’re cooking chicken livers, use beef broth.

Step 10: The skillet needs to be removed from the heat before the liver is cooked.

A knife can be used to make a small cut into a piece of liver.When it is pink in the middle with brown edges, it’s ready.Continue cooking it for a few more minutes if it looks raw or rare.The pink color of the liver makes it taste better, as this means that it isn’t over cooked.You can check to see if the meat is cooked correctly.Ensure that the temperature has reached at least 165 F by placing the probe into the thickest part of the body.

Step 11: The onions should be placed on top of the slices.

The spatula should be used to divide the liver.If you want to serve it immediately, place the onions and gravy on top of theLiver.You can eat the liver with mashed potatoes.The mashed potatoes should be served next to the onions and the liver.For up to 3 days, you can keep leftover onions and liver in the fridge.The onions and liver should be kept in the refrigerator.