How To Cook Hamburgers on the Stove

Everyone loves hamburgers on the grill, but what about hamburgers cooked on a stove?Is they still good?The answer is definitely yes.You can cook hamburgers in the comfort of your kitchen without the need for a grill.You might find that your burgers are better than their grilled counterparts.

Step 1: The meat to fat ratio is 80%.

It won’t cook up well as a burger if it’s too lean.For instance, avoid anything that’s more than 85%.85/15 is a better option if you want to go a little leaner.If you want the best quality beef, buy it at the butcher counter.

Step 2: The patties should be about 6 ounces.

To quickly measure them out, use a kitchen scale.If you have a lot of meat, estimate the patty size.If you have 1.5 pounds of meat, you can make about 4 portions.

Step 3: Form the patties with care.

The more tender the meat is, the less you mess with it.Before moving onto the next one, form a loose patty as quickly as you can.To make a patty, roll the meat into a light ball and flatten it out.The meat doesn’t need to be mashed or kneaded.It will make the meat difficult.

Step 4: Press into the middle of the patty.

When cooking, patiches tend to form a dome-shape.To create a dimple, push your thumb into the middle of each patty.If you prefer your patties to be puffed up, you can skip this step.

Step 5: The patties should be in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Let the patties chill.The patties stay together better when you cook them, and the center won’t cook as quickly if you chill them.If you leave the patties out at room temperature, it can encourage the growth ofbacteria.

Step 6: Put a cast iron skillet in the oven.

Turn the burner on high when you put the pan on the stove.Before you put the burgers in, let the pan heat up on its own.If the water is ready, you can splash it in.The pan is likely to be hot if the water sizzles.A cast iron skillet helps sear the crust, so you can use a griddle pan or another type of skillet.

Step 7: You should salt the patties before cooking them.

If you leave salt on the patties, it will pull out theMoisture, which you don’t want with hamburgers.Before putting the patties in the pan, you should sprinkle salt on the outside.If you want to add a little pepper, you can use a seasoning mix like seasoned salt.

Step 8: The patties should be placed in the skillet.

Put the patties in the skillet.It’s important to avoid popping grease.As soon as the patties are in the skillet, they should start making noise.If you have one, use a splatter screen to keep grease out of the pan.

Step 9: After a few minutes, flip the patties.

The first side should be done in a few minutes on high heat.When you flip the patty, you will see a nice golden-brown crust on the other side.You still want the crust on the outside even if you prefer your patty to be rare to medium.A thin spatula is needed for flipping.It’s easier to get under the crust with a thin spatula.

Step 10: Cook the patties quickly.

The patties will be done after 10 minutes.Cook the patties for less time if you want medium or rare.The meat probe can be used to check the temperature.The meat is well-done at 160 F.The FDA suggests cooking ground beef to this temperature.

Step 11: Push the broken pieces back together.

Your patty can fall apart.To move them back together, just use the spatula.It should stay together if it cooks that way.Adding cheese at the end will help the patty stay together.

Step 12: It’s a good idea to add cheese in the last minute of cooking.

If you want cheese, place the slices on the patties.If you want to melt the cheese, cover the pan with a lid or aluminum foil.There are many cheeses that work well with hamburgers.American cheese is good, but other types of cheese are also good.It is possible to add a dash of water to the pan.The steam from the water will help melt the cheese.

Step 13: Put the patties back in the container and serve them.

The patties need to be removed from the pan.Place them on a plate.Add in extras you want.You can use a variety of condiments.If you want to add more to the dish, try grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, grilled mushrooms, cooked bacon, oravocado slices.