How To Cook Eggs in an Instant Pot

Why don’t you add eggs to the list of recipes in your Instant Pot?You can either cook up a bunch of hard boiled eggs or make scrambled eggs for breakfast.Try out the two recipes to see which one you like more.

Step 1: Water should be poured into the Instant Pot.

You don’t need a lot of water because you’re steaming these eggs.Before you start, make sure the steamer basket is inside the pot.The bottom of your Instant Pot holds the steamer basket.If you add too much water to your Instant Pot, you can make it too pressurized and overcook your eggs.If you want perfectly hard boiled eggs, stick to 1 c of water.

Step 2: Eggs can be put into the basket.

Eggs shouldn’t fall on top of each other in the pot.They should be in a single layer so that they get steamed evenly.You can put up to 12 eggs in the Instant Pot if it’s large.Make sure they are all in a single layer.

Step 3: Put the lid on the pot.

Attach the lid to the Instant Pot by twisting it sideways until you hear a click.The knob on the top of the pot should be moved to make sure it is sealed.As your pot locks into place, it may sing a jingle.

Step 4: Cook on low pressure for 3 to 5 minutes with the manual.

You can enter your time limit by pressing the “manual” button on the Instant Pot.For soft-cooked eggs, cook them for 3 minutes, for medium- cooked eggs for 4 minutes and for hard-boiled Eggs for 5 minutes.Once you reach your time limit, the screen will switch to “On” and you will be able to lock the lid in place.Adding soft-cooked eggs to ramen is a great idea.Medium-cooked eggs are great to eat on their own.Deviled eggs can be made with hard-cooked eggs.

Step 5: It’s best to wait for a natural release.

When the timer runs out, the Instant Pot will start releasing pressure so you can open the lid.If you want to take the lid off your eggs, you have to wait for the pot to release its pressure.The natural pressure release will gently cook the eggs until they are soft and perfect.You can see the natural release when the pin is down and the lid is turned.If the pin is still up after 15 minutes, turn the knob to release the rest of the pressure.

Step 6: The eggs should be in a bowl of water.

Use a spoon to set the eggs in a large bowl of cold water.The eggs should stop cooking about 1 minute.If you want to keep your eggs fresh, put them in a container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Step 7: Eggs can be broken into a bowl.

You can make as many eggs as you want.For a perfect serving for one person, stick to 2 or 3.If you want to make your eggs more nutrition-packed, you can add chopped onions and mushrooms.

Step 8: Add milk, salt, and pepper to the eggs.

Add a pinch of black pepper and a dash of salt to your bowl.When you stir your mixture with a whisk or fork, it will be frothy and smooth.Adding milk will make your eggs fluffy.

Step 9: The Instant Pot should be set to the saute function.

There is a button on the left side of the screen.To get your Instant Pot ready for eggs, press this button.The saute function is similar to a burner on your stove top.You can cook eggs, meat, and vegetables on it.

Step 10: The Instant Pot can hold 28 grams.

Eggs don’t stick if you grease the bottom.To coat the bottom of the pot with butter, use a wooden spoon.It is normal for the butter to sizzle a little when you drop it in.

Step 11: When the butter is melted, put the eggs in.

Slowly pour the whole thing into the bottom of the pot.As it hits the pot, your mixture may sizzle a bit, but that is just because it is warm.The whole time that you are cooking, keep the lid of the pot open.

Step 12: When the eggs are fully cooked, lift and fold them.

If you want to fold the eggs back on top of each other, use a wooden spoon or spatula.When there is no liquid left in your eggs, scoop them out of the pot with a spatula.You should only have to wait for about 5 minutes for the scrambled eggs to cook.