How To Confess to your crush.

It can be difficult to tell someone how you feel if you have a crush on them.It’s something you’ll have to do sooner or later if you want to move the relationship to the next level.It’s possible to calm your nerves by getting comfortable with your crush and thinking of creative ways to confess how you feel.

Step 1: You can either write a note or make a card.

One of the best ways to confess a crush is with a note.If the person doesn’t feel the same way, it tends to be less awkward than in-person confessions.If you want to confess your crush, you can either write a short note or put it in their locker.Make sure your note is legible and short.It does not need to be clever or romantic.You seem really sweet, kind, and cute, just cut to the chase.I would love to get to know you better.It’s always better to confess to your crush in person than it is online.A note can be personal, but also gives you some space if you’re nervous.If all else fails, having a conversation on the phone is always better than texting it.

Step 2: Don’t say anything to introduce the idea.

Actions can make your crush more obvious than saying, “You know, I really like you.”It will be clear if your crush becomes aware that you like them.Go out of your way to talk to your crush and accidentally hit them in the hallway.Always make a point of saying hi if you change your routes.Make eye-contact.You’re embarrassed, don’t shy away from it.When you see the person you’re crushing on, smile and make eye contact.Show an interest in what they do.Before you confess anything, try to get to know your crush as a friend.It may grow on its own.

Step 3: Ask for help.

Asking for help with something simple is a great way to start a conversation.This can get you into some flirtatious conversations with your crush.You’re in a class and need help with a homework assignment.You seem so smart in this class, start with a compliment.Is there a time when we could talk about this assignment?I need some help.Asking for help will make them think respectfully of you, and they’ll think you’re honest enough to ask.They will make your feelings better.Pretend you lost something.Have you seen a book?Say, “You’re so sweet…” when your crush helps out.

Step 4: “Mistakenly” slip it out to someone else.

In some cases, a rumor could work to your advantage.If you tell a friend that you have a crush on someone, and they know about it, you might have done the job without doing anything at all.It will be a lot easier when they know.Don’t be embarrassed about it, tell a couple of your friends.You can always deny it if it spreads.There won’t be any evidence that you did anything embarrassing or got rejected if you never said anything.If you’re interested in someone, never deny it.Why would you care if someone liked you?There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Step 5: There are reasons to invite the person out.

You don’t know how your crush feels about you.If you’re pretty sure that your crush likes you back, it’s a lot easier to confess a crush.If you want to figure this out, you can invite your crush to a party or an after-school activity which isn’t a date.I thought you might want to come see the new Iron Man, because my dad gets extra tickets, so I kept an eye out for that.I thought you might like them.When you get a chance, take it as a good sign that your crush is really interested in you and wants to go with you.

Step 6: It’s a good idea to flirt.

When you get the chance, be friendly and flirtatious.This can be used to communicate more than just a crush.You might mess around with your friends or other people if you talk to your crush the same way.Just be who you are.Tease your crush in a friendly way.There are funny reasons to let your sense of humor out.Instead of asking, “How are you today?”I’m thinking of organizing a jail break from school.Need someone with you.What do you say?In or out?The phrase “I have a crush on you” is not romantic.It will become unnecessary to say out loud if you make it obvious that you’re interested.

Step 7: Don’t delay.

Is it the best time to confess a crush?Right now.You don’t need to wait because you’re giving your crush the chance to find someone else to crush on and forget about you.The perfect time is now if you like someone.When your crush is dating someone is the only time you should wait.It can be difficult to tell someone you like them while they’re in a relationship.When they’re single, it’s best to find someone else to crush on for a while.

Step 8: Stay cool and calm.

It’s not a big deal to tell someone you like them.It will be a nice thing to say if they don’t feel the same way.You should approach them in a calm and cool way.Try to take the pressure off yourself.Before you do it, build yourself up.Say “I got this” in the mirror.My crush should want to be with a person like me.Put yourself out there.On the day you decide to do it, look your best.Wear clothes that fit you well and flatter you, and make sure you’re clean-haired.

Step 9: If it’s necessary, introduce yourself.

It can be hard to confess a crush if you don’t know much about it.The risk of having them say, “Wait, who are you?” is something you don’t want to do.If you don’t know if the person knows you, introduce yourself.It doesn’t have to be complicated.I think we have the same grade as Mr. Robinson’s class last year.I’ve wanted to tell you something for a while.

Step 10: You can talk one-on-one.

Private conversations are the best way to have them.It’s important that both of you are calm and comfortable, so that you don’t make this a big deal, but it is also good to have some privacy.Between class periods is a great time to catch someone.It’s a good time when you’re leaving the same class.You could try to sit on the bus together.Call back and say, “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?”Don’t try to confess to a crush in the middle of the lunch room or in a big group.It can be awkward if it doesn’t work out.It’s a private conversation.

Step 11: Follow up with a specific date or event.

If your crush says, “I like you too,” then what?Are you just going to say it’s cool?No!It’s important that you have a specific date in mind.I hoped we could go to the dance together.Would you like to do that?”If there’s nothing school related, or you’re not in school, I hoped we could get a bite to eat sometime.”Do you want to eat pizza this Friday?Do you mean around 7?It might be better to not rush it.Don’t expect much of an answer if you tell someone you like them.They might want to think about it for a while.That’s a positive thing.Don’t worry about waiting.

Step 12: Go to the chase.

The big moment doesn’t have to be a big deal.When the content is “I like you,” there’s no reason to make it complicated or super-creative.Introduce yourself, smile, and say, “You know, I’ve wanted to say this for a long time.”You seem to be cute and sweet to me.I’m thinking about you.I like you a lot.Don’t follow a “script” when talking.A lot of people who feel awkward in this situation think it will be better if they read from a script.As if you were talking to a friend.

Step 13: Don’t worry about rejection.

You know what?It happens.It has happened to everyone.It’s better to be rejected than to wonder what might have happened if you’d said something.You will grow up, and so will your crush.Go for it and get out there.If you get rejected, just smile and say, “Well, I’m glad to know at least.”Have a good week.Don’t do anything dramatic.You know now that you can move on even if you’re upset.

Step 14: If you haven’t already, befriend them online.

One way to get to know someone before you say you have a crush is to be friends on Facebook or follow them on social media.If you want to make contact, reach out online first.When you finally talk in person, having a couple of online chats can help.If you want to start a conversation when you’re in person, you can bring up stuff that you already talked about online, or reference something that everyone saw on Facebook.Good break.

Step 15: Make sure your crush doesn’t see anyone.

Whether or not your crush is currently seeing anyone is one of the most important things to know.It’s a good idea to hang back if they are, because you don’t want to make things too complicated for someone you like.You can either check online or watch closely to see if your crush is committed.Ask your friends or talk to them.

Step 16: Discuss your crush with your friends.

If you want to learn more about the person you’re crushing on, reach out to your friends and acquaintances.When you hang out with people that are friends with your crush, start asking about them.What do they like?Do they like anyone?Do you think they would be interested?All good questions to ask.It’s not the worst thing to happen if it slips out.It might make your job and stress easier.

Step 17: Groups are a good place to hang out.

There are reasons to hang out with your crush, but not on a date or one-on-one.You can invite them to do things with your friends.If you want to invite your crush, organize a simple group hang-out, like a movie night at someone’s house, or a group dinner somewhere.Have someone else ask if you still worry about approaching your crush that way.It’s good if you find out you don’t like them.You didn’t confess a crush or make a mistake for someone you do not have that much in common with.

Step 18: Make sure you pay attention.

If you want to learn more about someone and find out if they are a good match, you need to open your eyes a bit.Who does your crush like hanging out with?What is their sense of humor?In their free time, what do they like to do?Spend some time paying attention and watching to learn as much as you can.When you’re around each other, watch for signs of body language.It could be a sign that she’s not interested in you if she starts using closed body language, arms crossed and not making eye-contact.You may be able to save yourself some grief.