How To Cold Read

Cold reading is a technique used by magicians, psychics, and other tricksters to convince someone that the reader is communicating with the spirit world.You can learn a few tricks and ask the right questions to master the art of cold reading.You can convince people that you possess supernatural reading abilities if you are modest, confident, and committed to the performance.

Step 1: Purchase yourself time during the reading and use props to set the mood.

A crystal ball is a prop associated with psychic readings.When you’re thinking of things to say, choose something that will create a believable atmosphere for your subject and distract them.When you need a minute to come up with your next line, you could look into a crystal ball and say “Just a moment, I think I’m getting something.”

Step 2: If you’re performing for an audience, pick out your topic in advance.

Pick a person in the crowd and watch them for a while.You can use the information they share about their life later on.When you’re ready to begin, tell that person that you sense a powerful energy coming from them and you would like to read them first.If you hear someone mention Mike, you can bring up the name to prove you’re a true messenger of the spirit world.

Step 3: You should be modest about your reading abilities.

You should not make crazy claims about your powers.It will be easier to meet or surpass your subject’s expectations if you set the bar lower.You want your subject to be surprised.Instead of boasting about how you can read someone’s mind, say something like “I’m able to sense things that are troubling people, and their problems come to me in bits and pieces.”If you would like that, I could try to read you.

Step 4: The success of the reading depends on your subject.

It’s up to them to understand what you’re saying.You are the messenger.The responsibility of connecting the dots off of you is taken over by this.Before the reading, you could say something like “The spirit world relays information to me in mysterious ways, so it’s up to you to make meaning of the things I’m about to tell you.”

Step 5: During the reading, be confident.

When you seem confident, your subject is more likely to believe you.Even if you are wrong about something, try not to stutter or get flustered.You are the one with supernatural powers.You are fortunate to be in your magical presence.If you make a claim that’s wrong, say something like “Are you sure that doesn’t mean anything to you?”Maybe the meaning hasn’t been revealed to you yet.

Step 6: Questions should be concealed as statements.

You can use this technique in your reading to learn more about your subject.Your subject will take the bait if you confirm one of your statements.If your subject doesn’t respond, move on and try again.If your subject jumps in and says that their grandma used to live in a white house, use that as a jumping off point for your reading.

Step 7: Your subject should be allowed to do most of the talking.

If your subject wants to talk a lot about a specific person or event, let them.Don’t interrupt them.Your subject talking will reveal things about themselves that you can use later to demonstrate your abilities.

Step 8: Look at your subject’s clothing and mannerisms.

You can use these characteristics in your reading.Just avoid anything obvious that your subject would pick up on, like “reading” that their favorite band is Metallica when they’re wearing a shirt right in front of you.”Don’t worry if your deductions are incorrect, just move on with the reading.If your subject is wearing a necklace with a heart pendant, at some point in the reading, you could say that they are anxious, but that anxiousness disappears when you are with your true love.

Step 9: Speak in general statements that apply to everyone.

This makes it less likely that you will be wrong.The broad statements fit your subject’s life.If you gathered information from your subject earlier, avoid anything too specific.You could say something like, “As a child, you sometimes felt unhappy and like no one understood you”, but it has the illusion of being specific.

Step 10: Let the topic guide the discussion.

Many subjects come into a reading with troubles or desires that are weighing on their mind.If you notice that your subject keeps bringing up a topic, take the reading in that direction.If you tell them what they want to hear, they will be more willing to believe you.You could say something like “You experienced heart break not too long ago, and you’re having trouble moving on” if the subject keeps mentioning their ex.Your past relationship is weighing on you.