How To Clean Your Room the Easy, Fast and Fun Way

Are you ready to impress your guests with your room?Follow these easy steps to clean your room.

Step 1: You should put on a good CD, mp3 player or iPad music.

Listen to a song from a favorite artist.It’s important that you choose music that helps you move quickly.It’s always helpful to have music playing while you clean your room or do homework.

Step 2: The things that make your room messy should be put on the floor.

Pull out all of the junk from underneath your bed and closet.

Step 3: The mess should be divided into separate piles of trash, clothes, and toys.

There is an “undecided” pile for possible donations or trash.

Step 4: The trash pile needs to be cleaned first.

Throw out the garbage, rotten food, and things you won’t use again.You might need to make another pile for things that you will give away.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to make your bed a laundry folding space.

Step 6: You should separate your dirty and clean clothes.

The dirty clothes should be put into a hamper or laundry basket.Things that you only tried on briefly should be put away.If you don’t know, smell it.

Step 7: You only have toys and other things on the floor.

Put things in their appropriate places on shelves, drawers, or boxes in the closet.

Step 8: Put all the clean clothes on your bed in a drawer.

All closet items should be put in the closet.

Step 9: Furniture should be moved to facilitate vacuuming, sweeping or mopping.

Step 10: Next, arrange objects, wipe away dust, and put stray objects away.

Step 11: If you’re still motivated, you can clean your windows.

If you have any wood furniture, you can use furniture polish and a soft cloth to wipe it down.