How To Clean Sunfish

Sunfish are usually found in North America.This type of fish is easy to find and delicious to eat.The scales should be removed to clean the sunfish.You can store the fish on ice.

Step 1: The area should be prepared.

It can get messy to clean a sunfish.You will be cleaning the fish when you put the newspaper down.As you clean, the newspaper sticks to the fish, which makes it stay in place.Before you start cleaning, make sure the sunfish is dead.

Step 2: Pick a tool.

The scales can be removed with a fish scaler.You can find a sharp knife with a serrated edge if you don’t have a fish scaler.The scales can be removed with a knife.You can find a fish scaler at many places.

Step 3: The scales need to be removed.

The scales should be removed using your tool.Don’t cut the fish with your hand.As you remove the scales, work from the tail to the head.The knife should be moved from the tail to the head.You don’t have to cut very deeply.Continue until the skin is smooth.

Step 4: Cut the head off.

Look for the back of the gills on the fish.The knife should be inserted into this location.Continue until the head comes off completely.The gill slits are on the side of the fish.

Step 5: The organs should be removed.

The sunfish has a belly.Go back to the vent with the knife.As you do this, make sure to avoid the organs.Remove all of the organs after you make the cut.The vent will be near the back of the belly.You can save the fish roe if you find it.When you remove the organs, dispose of them.

Step 6: The fins and tail need to be taken off.

The sunfish has fins and tail.You don’t have to make any changes to your body.Cut where the fins and tail begin.When the fins and tail have been removed, dispose of them.There are five fins that you should remove.There is a fin on top of the fish.The sunfish has a pectoral fin.Beneath the fish are the Pelvic and anal fins.The tail is at the caudal fin.

Step 7: The back should be cut from the flank.

Cut behind the gill.The flank is along the side of the fish and is cut from the gill all the way down.Don’t remove meat just yet.

Step 8: The bone needs to be cut down.

The fish should be held firmly with your free hand.Go from the tail fin to the vent.It should be a 1-2 inch cut.Cut the bone with a sharp instrument.

Step 9: From head to tail.

Start at the top of the fish.The fish has a spine.Cut from the head to the tail.Cut the meat away from the ribs once you have done that.

Step 10: Get rid of the sunfish.

You should rinse the fish off after you have finished filleting it.The fish should be placed on ice.When you are ready to cook it, keep it on ice.