How To Clean Old Cast Iron

Traditionally cast iron has been used to construct skillets and ovens.Rust accumulates on the surface of cast iron as it ages.Before you wash old cast iron, you need to remove rust.If you follow the correct techniques and use the right materials, it is easy to clean old cast iron.

Step 1: Use steel wool to remove the rust.

As you wipe back and forth to remove rust, apply force to the steel wool.The rust should start to peel off.Continue until you expose the raw cast iron.

Step 2: The cast iron can be washed with hot water and dish soap.

You can wash the old cast iron skillet with a sponge and dish soap.Work in circular motions around the cast iron to remove the rest of the rust.

Step 3: Put the cast iron under the faucet.

All of the soap and water from your skillet should be washed off with warm or hot water.Food may taste like soap if you don’t thoroughly rinse the cast iron.

Step 4: The cast iron needs to be dry.

The cast iron will rust if it’s left unattended.The cast iron should be dried with a dry rag or terry cloth.Once you’ve dried it, place the skillet on a stove top and set the heat to high.

Step 5: Put oil in the pan.

You can season your cast iron pan with corn, vegetable, or canola oil.The oil should be rubbed in with a cloth or a paper towel.The exterior and interior of the pan should be saturated in the oil.

Step 6: The pan should be heated for an hour at 350F.

You should preheat your oven to 350F.Once it’s hot, put the pan upside down on the top rack.Adding a protective over the cast iron will prevent food from sticking to it.

Step 7: Let the pan cool down.

After the pan has been in the oven for an hour, you can turn it off and let it cool down.The pan will not crack if it is allowed to cool down in the oven.

Step 8: Combine the parts of white vinegar and water.

If you expose your cast iron to it for too long, it will oxidize and destroy it.Only very rusted cast iron items should be used.If you’re cleaning a cast iron item, combine equal parts of warm water and white vinegar in a tub or sink that’s big enough to fit the item.

Step 9: The cast iron should be submerged in the solution for 30 minutes.

If you want to remove the rust, you should submerge your cast iron in the solution.Do not allow the cast iron to sit in the solution.If your cast iron item is not submerged, it will be an even color.

Step 10: The cast iron should be wiped with a sponge.

The rust can be wiped with a cloth or sponge.You can stop soaking your cast iron if the rust comes off.If the rust is still in the cast iron, soak it and check back frequently to make sure it’s all gone.Remove the rust from the cast iron by scrubbing it.

Step 11: You should rinse and dry your cast iron.

Once the cast iron is clean and the rust has been removed, rinse it under cold water.To dry the cast iron, use a dry cloth.

Step 12: Wear safety equipment.

Make sure the stove is off before you use it.If you want to remove rust from the cast iron, you need to wear gloves and a facemask.If you want to clean the stove indoors, open the windows and make sure it’s in aventilated area.

Step 13: The steel wool or wire brush can be used to remove rust.

Go back and forth over rusted areas on the stove with a steel wool or wire brush until the rust starts to come loose.Continue until you have removed all the rust from the cast iron.Instead of steel wool, you can use a 150 to 400 grit sandpaper.

Step 14: Dust and dirt should be vacuumed.

You can remove all the dust particles and debris from the cast iron by using a vacuum attachment or a shop vac.Continue until all the dust has been removed from the oven.

Step 15: The polish should be applied to the oven.

Rub cast iron polish on the surface of your oven by putting it into a rag or cloth.The entire oven should be covered with a thin coat of cast iron polish.This will change the color of the oven.After applying the polish, let it dry for 24 hours.You can buy cast iron polish at fireplace stores.

Step 16: Put a damp cloth or sponge in the oven.

Before washing your oven, make sure the polish has dried completely.To find out if the oven has dried, use a dry cloth to rub the surface.If it is wet, use a damp cloth to scrub the cast iron.If there is still rust or dirt in the oven, you may have to repeat the process of cleaning it.

Step 17: It is a good idea to dry off the oven.

To dry off the oven, use a cotton rag or dry terry cloth.When it’s dry, put some kindling in the oven and bring it outside.Bring the oven to 300F by lighting a fire.Continue to heat it until the oven stops smoking.The oven is safe to use again once it stops smoking.The polish smoke is hazardous to your health if you are heating the oven indoors.