How To Clean Hairspray off of a Curling Iron

If you want to make your hair last a long time, spraying it and using a curling iron is a great way to do it.The process can cause your curling iron to get stuck.If you put hair spray on your curling iron, it can cause it to get messy and dirty.It is important to know how to clean off hair spray if it gets on your curling iron.

Step 1: You need to gather your supplies.

You will need a cloth, a paper towel, and a scrub brush.Rubing alcohol can be used to clean the iron.The benefit of this is that it doesn’t leave a strong smell.The smell of a general purpose cleaner could linger and eventually be transferred to your hair if you use the curling iron again.You can make your own cleaning solution.Add baking soda to the water.Just like a commercial cleaner, this mixture can be used.The baking soda is good at cleaning up hair.An old toothbrush is easy to find.Make sure that the toothbrush is clean and that there is no toothpaste on it.

Step 2: The curling iron should be turned off.

It can be very painful to get a burn from a curling iron.Make sure the curling iron is turned off before you attempt to clean it.Make sure the curling iron is unplugged if it isn’t on.The risk of electrical shock will be reduced.

Step 3: The curling iron should not be hot.

The curling iron is too hot to touch.If you have just used your curling iron, you will need to wait a while before attempting to clean it.It’s best to clean a completely cold curling iron if you want to be safe.You might want to clean it if you haven’t used the iron that day.The risk of getting burned will be mitigated by this.

Step 4: The first thing to do is to wet your cloth with either water or rubbing alcohol.

You don’t want to put the curling iron in a lot of liquid.It’s a good idea to apply liquid to your cloth.The amount of liquid coming into contact with the iron will be limited.It is better to use alcohol or all-purpose cleaner than plain water.It is possible to get the hair spray off with water.It will no longer be necessary to wipe the iron down with water at the end to wash off the residual cleaner.

Step 5: The iron needs to be wiped down.

If you still have a lot of hair on, you should begin scrubbing the iron with a paper towel.Make sure to scrub all the way around the spots that have the most spray on them.Depending on how much hair spray is on the iron, this may take a while.It will be harder to get off hair that has been on the iron for a while.When you use the clasp on your hair, make sure to clean it as well.This spot is prone to getting gummed up with spray paint.The handle and cord need to be cleaned.Sometimes hair can get stuck on the curling iron’s handle.You don’t have to worry about sticky hair spray when you pick up your iron.If the curling iron has a vent, be careful not to get water or cleaner in it.The curling iron has air in it.If the electronics are exposed to a lot of water, they may be damaged.

Step 6: The barrel needs to be cleaned with a toothbrush.

You may need to do a bit of scrubbing if the spray doesn’t come off with a light wipe.Rub your brush onto the iron by covering it in a bit of cleaner.Look for areas that are resistant to cleaning where you can focus your scrubbing.Baking soda and water can be adjusted to make the cleaner thicker for this process.Put some baking soda in a bowl and add water to make a paste.The iron will stick to the brush better than a thinner cleaner.

Step 7: The curling iron has a cleaner on it.

Once you get the hair spray off of the curling iron, you need to wash your hands.If you used rubbing alcohol or all-purpose cleaner, you should wipe the paper towel down with water and wipe it off the iron.If you use water to clean your curling iron, you don’t need to wipe it down again.It is possible to get more hair spray off the iron by wiping it down with a towel.

Step 8: The iron should be dry.

Make sure there is no water left by drying off the iron with a dry towel.Leave your iron alone for a few hours to make sure the water is gone and the iron is dry.You don’t want to use a curling iron with water on it.This is a serious hazard and should be avoided.