How To Clean Gunk from Your Cat%27s Eyes

Cats can get gunk in their eyes due to allergies and seasonal changes.You may be wondering how you can remove the gunk from your cat’s eyes safely.You don’t want your cat to develop eye infections, so removing this gunk is important.Warm water and cotton balls can be used to get rid of eye gunk.If you suspect your cat has an eye problem, you should bring her to the vet for a checkup.

Step 1: The water should be boiled.

As you want to be sure you are cleaning your cat’s eyes with the cleanest materials possible, you will need access to sterile water.The water should be boiled on the stove or kettle.Allow it to cool to room temperature.Place the bowls close to you so you can get to them easily.

Step 2: Take the cotton balls.

To apply the warm water to your cat’s eyes, you will need clean cotton balls.You can use a towel or cloth.Make sure the item you use is soft to the touch and won’t scratch or irritate your cat’s eyes.

Step 3: Put your cat in your lap.

You need your cat to stay still so you can clean their eyes.Try sitting your cat in your lap and not looking at you.Hold under their chin and they will stay still.It’s important that your cat doesn’t move too much.A friend or partner can help you hold your cat.Some pet owners put a towel over their cat’s head and adjust it so their eyes don’t see it, to help it stay still.

Step 4: Make sure your cat’s eyes are clean.

Once your cat is in a still position, dip the cotton ball in the water.Use your dominant hand to wipe the gunk away from your cat’s eyes.Try to keep the gunk out of your cat’s eye.Once you have cleaned one eye, use a different cotton ball and dip it in the other bowl of water.You can wipe your cat’s other eye with a cotton ball.You should use a different cotton ball for each eye.If you use the same cotton ball twice, it can cause an infection.

Step 5: The tea bags should be steeped.

Black and green tea can soothe an irritated eye.To make sure your cat is not exposed to any chemicals, use organic tea.The tea bags should be steeped in hot water for three to four minutes.Put the tea bags on the paper towel.They will be able to cool off.

Step 6: Don’t let your cat go.

The tea bags will need to sit on your cat’s eyes for a few minutes for this method to work.You could try placing a towel over the cat’s head.You can adjust the towel if she has her eyes open.A friend or partner can help you hold your cat.Keeping your cat is much easier if you have an extra pair of hands.

Step 7: The tea bags should be applied to your cat’s eyes.

Place tea bags on your cat’s eyes once you have her in a static position.Before you put them on her eyes, make sure they are not too hot.Allow the tea bags to sit on your cat’s eyes for a couple of minutes.The tea bags will loosen the crust around your cat’s eyes and make it easier to wipe it off.

Step 8: Make sure your cat’s eyes are clean.

The tea bags should be removed.Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to wipe away gunk.Due to the warmth of the tea bags, the gunk should come off easily.

Step 9: If your cat has an eye problem, it’s a good idea to check it out.

If you notice that your cat’s eyes are red and that the gunk is not going away, you should bring him to the vet.If the gunk looks green or yellow and is sticky or smelly, you should bring your cat to the vet.If you notice that your cat is scratching or pawing at something, you should bring her to the vet.Her eyes may be sensitive to light and she may tear up a lot.It’s possible that these are signs of an inner eye issue.

Step 10: The vet can give you a diagnosis.

Your vet can examine your cat’s eyes.If your cat’s eyes appear red, irritated, or sensitive to light, she may take a sample of the gunk to test forbacteria.

Step 11: Discuss your treatment options.

Depending on the issue your cat has, your vet will recommend treatments.You can give your cat antibiotic eye drops for a period of time to treat many eye issues.Cats have eye issues that heal well with the right treatment.Your vet may recommend an antibiotic for your cat.She suggests keeping your cat’s eyes clean.If your cat has a blocked tear duct, she can use plain water or a saline solution.