How To Cite the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in APA

The rights of children are protected by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.It’s a common source for research papers dealing with child psychology and other topics.If you’re writing a paper using the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style, you will follow the format provided by The Bluebook, a legal citation guide.

Step 1: The title of the convention is what you should begin your entry with.

The full title is what you should type.The title case should include the first word plus all other words.The Bluebook style does not include the words “United Nations” at the front because the name of the entity is inferred by the official source.The convention’s title should be placed after a colon.There is a Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Step 2: The convention was signed.

The convention was first signed in a month-day-year format.The name of the month should be shortened since the UNCRC was signed.It is a good idea to put a colon after the year.Convention on the Rights of the Child was held in 1989.

Step 3: Provide publication information from a treaty source.

If you accessed the text of the convention somewhere else, you need to cite an official source.The United Nations Treaty Series is the official source for UN convention.The volume number should be followed by the abbreviation and the page number where the convention begins.There is a period at the end of your reference list entry.The Convention on the Rights of the Child was held in 1989.There are 3.

Step 4: Provide the title and year in your citation.

The first element of the reference list entry and the year of publication are included in a normal APA citation.In the case of a treaty, use the year it was first signed.The closing punctuation has a parenthetical citation inside it.The international community recognizes that people under 18 years old have the right to access essential services, such as education and healthcare.

Step 5: The title of the convention should be placed in your text.

You can mention the title of the convention directly in your text.If you do this, you don’t need a full citation at the end of the sentence.You put the year in parentheses after the title is mentioned.The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) allows children to develop their personality, abilities and talents in a loving and understanding environment.

Step 6: The first mention of the Convention should be used as an abbreviation.

The full title of the convention is so long that it is better to only use it once in your paper.Whenever it’s mentioned in your text or in a parenthetical citation, you can use an abbreviation.In the first instance, you’ll include the abbreviation in parentheses.The abbreviation will be used in the rest of the paper.The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child can be used as an abbreviation.