How To Cite Figures in APA

When you want to support your ideas in an essay or paper, figures like a chart, graph, or image are great sources.For an essay or paper for a class, you may need to cite figures in APA.Whether you are citing a figure from a book, an article, or a website, you can create a citation and format it in APA in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: The number of the figure should be in italics.

The figure doesn’t need a title.The number of the figure should be based on where it is placed in the paper, going in chronological order.If the figure is the first figure to appear in the paper, you would start the citation with, “Figure 1.”

Step 2: There should be a descriptive phrase about the figure.

Give the reader an explanation of what the figure is about.The information in the figure should be summarized in a concise way.If you want to cite a graph with statistics, you can write, “Graph of statistics on household income in Canada in 2010” or “Black and white photograph of Martha Graham in the Vienna Performance Hall.”

Step 3: Referred to where you found the figure.

After the title of the book, article, or website where you found the figure, write, “Reprinted from” or “Adapted from.”If you are citing a figure from a book, you should include the page number where you found it.For example, you can write in a citation for a book, “Reprinted from The Life of Martha Graham”.

Step 4: The author has a first and second initial.

The author’s first and second initial should be used instead of his full first name.They should note their last name as well.If there are more than one author, separate them with the word and.B. Lork and M.

Step 5: List the source.

If the reference is a book, note the year the book was printed as well as the city and state of the publisher.The publisher’s name should be included as well.If you are using an article reference, include the year the article was published as well as the journal and the number of the volume.The page number is where you found the figure in the article.If the reference is a website, note the year the figure was published on the website.For “no date”, use “n.d.” and the URL of the website.You can write, “2008, Retrieved from” or “n.d.”

Step 6: The figure is copyrighted.

The name of the copyright holder for the figure should be noted in the citation.You should be able to find this information in the citation.If you cannot find the figure’s copyrighted information, you can leave it out.

Step 7: The completed citation needs to be reviewed.

Look over the citation to make sure it contains all the necessary information.There is a complete citation for the figure in the book.Martha Graham is pictured in the Vienna Performance Hall.The Life of Martha Graham was written by K.L.New York, NY: Homer Press.A complete citation for a figure from an article would be:Statistics on household income in Canada in 2010.Adapted from Statistics Canada revealing shift in census.There is a complete citation for a figure from a website.A child is playing with toys.The article was published from Children Today, n.d.Joan Lee’s work was copyrighted in 2008.

Step 8: Double-space the citation underneath the figure.

The figure should always be below the citation.This will make sure the figure is clearly identified.It is easy to read if you double-space it.

Step 9: If you plan to publish your paper, you should get permission to reproduce the figure.

If you want to publish your paper in a thesis, journal, or publication, you will need to get permission from the original copyright holder.You obtained permission when you printed “Reprinted with permission” at the end of the citation.You can write, “Figure 4.”Statistics on household income in Canada in 2010.Adapted from Statistics Canada revealing shift in census.The Statistics Canada Bureau has a copyrighted work.It was reproduced with permission.

Step 10: The figure is in the reference list.

The source for the figure must be included in the reference list at the end of the paper.You should double-space each entry in the reference list.The title of the book, article, or website, the author, and the publishing information for the source should be included in the citation.”Lee, K.L.” is a citation in your reference list for a book.The year 2008.The life of Martha Graham.New York, NY: Homer Press.