How To Chunks of food can be made into Granola Make.

It is easy to make your own delicious Granola at home, even if you buy it at the grocery store.All you need is a few ingredients in your pantry, kitchen tools, and an oven.Start with a basic recipe that uses a 6-to-1 ratio of dry to wet ingredients, then make your own with whatever you want.You can eat whenever you want after that.

Step 1: Roll oats in a large bowl.

There is only one non-negotiable ingredient in homemade granola and that is rolled oats.Half of your dry ingredient total should be made up by them.Old-fashioned rolled oats have a better texture than either instant or quick- cook oats.

Step 2: You can combine the dry ingredients with the oats.

Attach everything together with a wooden spoon or hand.Add 1 c nuts (225 g) and the other dry ingredients.There are 1 c (225 g) seeds.It could be more nuts or seeds, or another dry ingredient.You can add dried fruit later, and it doesn’t count here.Adding chocolate chips or other add-ons that melt should be done at the end.

Step 3: Put your wet ingredients in a bowl.

The ingredients in this recipe should be half vegetable oil and half liquid sweetener.Stir the oil and sweetener with a wooden spoon.Canola oil has the mildest flavor, but extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil also work well.Try honey, maple syrup, or brown rice syrup.

Step 4: Combine the wet and dry ingredients.

Pour the contents of the medium bowl into the large bowl, and use the wooden spoon or your hand to thoroughly incorporate the wet and dry ingredients.The oil and sweetener mixture has a lot of dry ingredients.

Step 5: Place the granola on a rimmed baking sheet.

The oven should be set to 300 F.Spread your oats on a rimmed baking sheet as it preheats.If you want, you can lay the paper on the pan first.Depending on your oven’s temperature accuracy and your preferences on how toasty you like your granola, you may choose to set the oven to 275 or 250 F.

Step 6: Stirring it every 15 minutes, bake it for 45 minutes.

Remove the granola from the oven every 15 minutes and use a wooden spoon or silicone spatula to smooth it back out into a single layer.For doneness, check it every 5 minutes after 30 minutes.It is finished when it is golden brown.The granola can go from golden brown to burned quickly if you don’t check often.

Step 7: It is possible to mix in dried fruit, other add-ins or seasonings.

Scoop the granola into a large bowl after it cools.Risins, dried cranberries, and dried cherries are just a few of the types of dried fruit you can stir in.If you want to add seasoning, you have to taste the granola and make a decision.If you are adding chocolate chips or another add-in that you don’t want to melt, make sure the granola is completely cooled before mixing it in.

Step 8: Prepare the oven by mixing the dry ingredients.

If you want to stir the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon, preheat the oven to 250 F and then grab a large bowl.3 c rolled oats can be used.1 c of almonds.Cashews are 1 c (225 g).shredded coconut0.25 c is 56 g of dark brown sugar.

Step 9: In a medium bowl, combine the wet ingredients with salt.

Stir the liquids and salt in a separate bowl from the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon.The wet ingredients include 0.25 c and 30 mL of maple syrup.0.25 c vegetable oil.Salt is a dry ingredient, so mixing it into the wet ingredients first helps incorporate it evenly.

Step 10: Take the wet and dry ingredients and mix them together.

Pour the wet ingredients into the large bowl of dry ingredients, then stir them together with a wooden spoon.It is important to give the dry ingredients an even coating of the maple syrup and oil mixture.Make sure you wash your hand before using it as a mixing tool.

Step 11: For about 75 minutes, bake the granola on a sheet pan.

Spread the granola evenly on the rimmed baking sheet.The pan should be removed from the oven every 15 minutes.Make sure the granola doesn’t get brown after 1 hour.Remove it when it is golden brown.If you increase the temperature to 300 F and reduce the baking time to 45 minutes, you will run a higher risk of burning some of the granola.

Step 12: When the mixture cools, add 1 c of raisins.

Scoop the granola into a large bowl after a few minutes of cooling.Then add the raisins.If you want to keep it warm, store it in a sealed container until it is completely cooled to room temperature.

Step 13: Store fully-cooled granola in a container.

A glass jar with a screw-top lid is great for storing granola, but a zip-close bag will do the job as well.Make sure the granola is completely cooled before you eat it.The sealed container will be ruined by warm granola.

Step 14: For up to a month, keep the granola in a dry place.

The pantry is a good place to keep your food.If you haven’t eaten it all before then, seal it back up tightly and it should last for a month.Adding a tag with a use-by date is a must if you are giving a gift.

Step 15: Enjoy your homemade food.

It is great with yogurt, ice cream, and breakfast cereals.Just grab a few for a snack.You will probably never want to buy the store-bought stuff again once you start making your own.