How To Choose a Winter Perfume

Choosing perfumes the rest of the year is similar to finding a winter perfume.You need to find something that you enjoy having on your skin.It’s a good idea to go for a bit heavier scent in the winter, and spicy and gourmands are good choices.

Step 1: Go heavy.

In winter, you can go for heavier scents, while in summer it’s light and ephemeral.The heavier the scent, the longer it will stay with you.

Step 2: Pay attention to the base notes.

The base notes of a scent are more important in winter.A perfume consists of top notes, middle notes and base notes.The base notes are the most important part of the scent.You’ll find a lot of base notes in winter perfumes.The people at the perfume counter can help you figure out the base notes of colognes.You can research perfumes online.

Step 3: Pick a perfume or eau de parfum.

You may need to change your scent in the winter.The scent of eau de parfum is between 15 and 18 percent.It can go up to 30 percent scent, but it can also be as low as 15.In the winter, most scents won’t have as much punch as they did in the summer, so you want something stronger.

Step 4: Think of dessert.

There are lots of sweet flavors in the winter, such as your favorite Christmas cake.Picking a scent that reminds you of desserts is a sure fire way to pick something appropriate.Gourmand fragrances are quite sweet and are often reminiscent of sugar.Shay and Blue, Candy, and Le Petite Robe Noire are some gourmand perfumes.

Step 5: Consider a scent that is spicy.

The “warm” category includes spicy scents.Think about your favorite winter spices.The Orientals scent has a rich, exotic smell.Shalimar is a classic example of this type of scent.

Step 6: Try something.

They have a rich, heavy scent reminiscent of pine trees and burning wood, so they are a good choice for winter.This category includes bergot, patchouli, oakmoss, and labdanum.They may be matched with something strong.There is a perfume in this category.

Step 7: Go rogue with a summery scent.

If you don’t like winter, you can use your scent to remind yourself of better days to come.Pick something that reminds you of summer, or choose something sweet and floral.You will be transported back to warm summer days when you spray it.To make the scent more wintery, pick a floral that has a base of jasmine or tuberose, for instance.A good example of this type of scent is Vera Wang’s Princess.

Step 8: There is a fragrance quiz.

It can be difficult to visit the perfume counter.Take an online fragrance- finder quiz to find out what you like.When you get to the store, you should have a place to start.A fragrance quiz can be found by doing a simple search, but many major perfume websites also have them.If you like it, you can ask people you know what their scent is.

Step 9: Before you go shopping, don’t apply fragrances.

You want a blank canvas when you go to the store.If you put on perfume that morning, it won’t compete.You should not use other items with strong scents.

Step 10: It should be sprayed on a card.

A perfume is sprayed on a card.When you first spray it, try to smell it again in about 5 minutes, once it’s had time to dry and settle.If you like it both times, you can take the next test.Coffee beans on the counter can help you clear out your nose.It’s a good idea to take a whiff between scents to clear your mind.

Step 11: You can spray it on your skin.

Try it on your skin.You might wonder why you have to smell it on a card.Each perfume interacts with your skin and body chemistry, giving it a unique scent, unlike every other person who wears it.You want to make sure you like the smell of it before you buy it.Leave it on for a few hours before buying it.You may not like it after a while.