How To Call Iceland From the United States

Even though you are in the United States, you can still talk on the phone.If you want to call the European island in the U.S., there are a couple of extra steps that you need to take.If you know the right country codes and consider a few practicalities, it’s easy to callIceland.

Step 1: You can dial 012.

You can call numbers outside of the United States if you dial 012.You can dial this number if you want to call most countries outside of the U.S.

Step 2: The + key can be used for some cell phones.

It is possible to change the exit code on some cell phones.Try hitting the + key if the call doesn’t get connected when you enter the prefix 011.

Step 3: The phone number is 354.

This number is the official country code.All of the towns and cities within the country are covered by 354, which is the small country’s city code.

Step 4: The phone number is entered.

You can input the number of the person you want to call.The area code is 4 or 5 for most 7-digit Icelandic phone numbers.Reykjavk is the capital.Those that live inside of Reykjavk are designated by 5.

Step 5: Wait until the person picks up the phone.

The phone should ring.Wait until the person you are calling picks up the phone.

Step 6: The time in Iceland is calculated.

Before you make your call, make sure that it’s not too late or early in the day.The time is known as the “Greenwich Mean Time” or “GMT”.There are 4 time zones in the continental U.S., each with their own time zone.Before you call their number, figure out what time zone you are calling from and how long it will take.The time is 8 hours ahead of the actual time.The time is 7 hours ahead.It is 6 hours ahead ofCT.Before you call, you can search online to find out what time it is in the country.

Step 7: Daylight saving time is on.

Daylight saving time isn’t observed inIceland so adjust the time during the spring and summer.If your clocks are set forward in the spring or summer, you should subtract an hour from the time difference between the US and Iceland.The time difference can be calculated if it is fall or winter.Daylight saving time causes it to be 7 p.m. in Iceland when you call from the US.

Step 8: You should know that international calls will cost more.

When calling an international number, most phone carriers have additional fees associated with it.If you give the phone company a call, you can get a good estimate on how much your call will cost.International calling costs can be reduced by phone companies.Some cell phones may be unable to make international calls.

Step 9: You could use online chat instead.

It is possible to call and talk to someone on the phone with the help of programs.International charges will not take effect if you are connecting through the application.If you don’t want to pay for international fees, use online chat instead of the phone.Both of you need to have an account on the platform that you are using to chat.Facebook chat, Gchat and Yahoo Messenger are popular chat programs.