How To Call Eritrea

It can be difficult to have a friend or loved one in a distant country because you can’t talk to them as often as you would like.If you have your country’s exit code, the area code and the 6-digit subscriber phone number, you can get in contact with someone in Eritrea.

Step 1: The country you are calling from has an exit code.

The phone company will be able to connect you to the telephone services in that country if you use the exit code.Depending on the country you are calling from, exit codes vary.The United States and Canada have an exit code.The United Kingdom has an exit code of 0.

Step 2: You can type in the country code for Eritrea.

The phone company will know when you make a call to the country of Eritrea.

Step 3: If you are calling from a mobile phone, dial 7.

The area code of the phone number is considered the next number, but there are only two options.

Step 4: You can call the 6-digit subscriber number.

To avoid calling the wrong person, be sure to type the numbers into the phone.The country and area codes are added to the 6 digits of the phone number.If you want to make a call from the United States to a mobile phone in Eritrea, you will need to dial.

Step 5: Wait for the phone to ring.

It can take a while for a call to connect.Wait to hear ringing to make sure the call is connected.If the phone doesn’t ring within 15-20 seconds, hang up and try to re-dial the number.

Step 6: You can buy an international calling card.

Some of the costs for placing international calls are offset by calling cards.The card, which you can buy at most grocery stores, comes with a specific number of call minutes that you have already paid for.Look for cards with low fees to place calls and low maintenance fees.Time is taken away from your calls by these charges.Pick a card that has options for calling Africa.Europe or Asia might be region specific.

Step 7: The card has a PIN on it.

If you flip the card over, you can find the PIN, which is usually hidden under a scratch off or peel-off coating.The PIN is printed on your receipt by some calling companies.Check your receipt if you can’t find it on the back of the card.Call the customer service number on the card for assistance if you can’t find the PIN.

Step 8: You can dial the access number.

To use the card, you have to call the company.The 800-number is usually listed on the front or back of the card.If you are calling for the first time, listen closely to the directions.When calling, have the number on hand as the automated message will prompt you to enter your PIN.

Step 9: Wait to be connected when you dial the phone number.

The automated message will prompt you to enter the number you want to call after you enter your PIN.You need to enter the country code, area code and 6-digit subscriber number.While you are being connected, be patient.If you dial the number, you should hear ringing within a few seconds.If you don’t, hang up the call and call the access number again.Contact the customer service number of the card company if problems persist.

Step 10: It’s important to keep track of your minutes.

To keep track of when your call was connected and how long you spent on the line, use a pen and paper.When you place your call, some companies will remind you of how long you have left, but it is always a good idea to keep track of yourself.When you get to your last 5 minutes, consider reloading or purchasing a new card.

Step 11: You can get an overseas calling plan by contacting your cell phone company.

Some phone companies offer international plans for discounted rates if you will be calling overseas often.How much money you spend on your phone company will affect your savings.If there are any additional fees for calls to places like Africa, be sure to ask your provider.

Step 12: You can use a phone service to call.

Users can place international calls to other people who have the app downloaded on their device for little or no cost.They use a service called Voice over Internet Protocol to place their calls.When a call is placed to another user of the same app, it’s free, but they will charge fees for calling mobile or landline numbers.A flat rate for use of their services can be much less expensive than other methods of calling.If the person you are calling uses a phone, you should use this.

Step 13: The messenger app supports calls.

If you want to make a free phone call to someone who has a phone, you can use apps like Facebook Messenger.You will not be charged for placing the calls, but be aware that your phone company may charge for data or internet usage.