How To Calculate Quilt Binding Fabric Requirements

The finishing touch on a quilt is the quilt binding.The outer edges of a quilt are covered with this fabric.It is easy to calculate the amount of fabric you need to bind a quilt.To figure out your fabric needs for quilt binding, you will need your quilt, a ruler or measuring tape, and a calculator.

Step 1: Measure the width and length of your quilt.

Measure across the longest and shortest part of the quilt.If your quilt is square, the length and width will be the same.Take the measurements and write them down.It is possible to measure in inches or centimeters.Either is fine if you use the same measurement throughout the process.

Step 2: Add the totals together with each measurement.

The perimeter of your quilt will be given by this.If the width of your quilt is 100 cm, then your width times 2 will be 80 cm.If the quilt is 50 inches long, the length times will be 100 inches.You will get a total of 180 inches for the perimeter if you add the length and width together.

Step 3: Add 10 inches for the overlap.

Add 10 inches (25 cm) to the total after you find the perimeter.Extra length will be provided to overlap the binding.If you add 10 inches (25 cm) to your perimeter, you will get a total of 190 inches.

Step 4: Do you know the fabric width?

Most fabrics are between 45 and 60 inches in width.Before you calculate this measurement, you may need to check the fabric you want to use.If you are unsure, check with a store associate.Measure across the shortest part of the fabric piece to find the width, if you are planning to use some scrap fabric for the binding.

Step 5: Divide the perimeter by the width of the fabric.

Divide the 10 inches (25 cm) you added by the total width of your binding fabric to get the perimeter measurement.If the fabric width is 60 inches (150 cm) and the perimeter is 25 cm, then your result would be 3.2.

Step 6: The result should be rounded up.

This will let you know how many strips you need to cut from the fabric.If you don’t get a whole number, you will need to round up your result.Round up to 4 if your answer is 3.2.

Step 7: Determine how wide the binding strips should be.

If you want, you can make the binding strips wider or narrower.For example, you could make your binding strips 2 inches (5.1 cm) for a narrow binding or 3 inches (10.3 cm).

Step 8: Take the number of strips and divide by the strip width.

Take the number of strips you need and divide it by the strip width you want for your binding.If you add up the number of strips you need and the strip width you want, you get a total of 25 inches.Round up if you don’t get a whole number.If you got a result of 10, then round it up to 11.

Step 9: The result should be converted into yards.

You will need to convert this measurement into yards when you get your final result.How much fabric you need to make the quilt binding is your last result.If you got a result of 25 cm, your total in yards would be 0.28 or about 13 of a yard.This is the amount of fabric you will need.