How To Bushes need to be removed.

It is a bit of a physical workout to remove a bush, but it is something any homeowner can do.If you don’t want to cut the bush, use a pickup truck.If you want to get at the roots, cut the bush apart and dig.You will have empty ground when you are done.

Step 1: The truck needs to be back in the bush.

If you don’t own a pickup truck, get a friend who does.It doesn’t matter how much power the truck has, you need a towing hitch.Don’t attempt this with any vehicle smaller than a truck.You can rent a truck if you don’t own one.If something goes wrong, you may not want to do this.

Step 2: The bush has a towing chain around it.

Tow truck chains are strong enough for bushes.As close to the ground as possible, warp the chain around the bush’s trunk.To hold it in place, loop the end of the chain.

Step 3: The truck has a towing hitch.

The rest of the chain should be kept low to the ground.The hitch must always be attached to the truck rather than the bumper.

Step 4: Everyone should be moved away from the area.

Pets and children can be taken inside the house.If the chain snaps, ask the onlookers to stand back.It is for their own safety.

Step 5: Drive the truck slowly.

Roll forward by pressing down lightly on the gas pedal.Stop moving when the chain is off the ground.The bush may not be completely removed at first.You don’t want to stomp on the gas pedal.While driving fast may seem like a good idea, this can cause the chain to break as well as damage the truck or the ground.

Step 6: When the bush is removed, back the truck up and drive forward.

The bush will get another tug if the truck is back up towards it.Continue until the bush comes out of the ground.

Step 7: Gloves and long-sleeved clothing are required.

Before you start the removal process, make sure you protect your skin.You should wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.Attach a pair of gardening gloves to your hands.

Step 8: Hedge clippers are used to trim away smaller branches.

Cut the branches between the clippers.Slowly reducing the bush’s size is done from the outside.You don’t need to remove all the outer branches if you cut the thicker branches in the center.This is a quick and easy job if you use bypass loppers.You can also use a hand saw.

Step 9: The branches were close to the trunk.

There are branches in the center of the bush.They should be cut as close to the trunk as possible.On large bushes, a chainsaw may be used.Safety gear includes a helmet, goggles, ear defenders, and a safety mitt.Don’t let the chainsaw hit the ground.

Step 10: Use a saw to cut the stump.

Slowly cut through the stump with the hand saw or pruning saw.Remove the branches from the trunk.The lower you can cut the trunk, the more weight you will eliminate from the rest of the bush.When you get close to the ground, don’t use a chainsaw.You can stop here if you don’t plan on removing the roots.If you want to kill the bush stump, use a weed killer.Weed killer makes sure that diseases like mold don’t form.

Step 11: To expose the bush’s roots, dig a trench.

A garden shovel works well.As close as possible to the trunk.The dirt on the sides of the trunk needs to be removed.

Step 12: Cut the roots with a saw.

A saw is used to cut through roots.A hand saw or a pair of loppers can be used.A pointed shovel can cut roots on smaller bushes if you don’t have one of these.You have to cut all the roots.A mattock is a viable option for chopping through the roots.

Step 13: Take a shovel and fit it under the stump.

dig straight down in one spot.You can see the bush below the soil.Put your shovel under it.

Step 14: The stump should be lifted with a shovel.

To raise the stump, push down on the shovel’s handle.It might not come out at first because some of the roots are still attached.Continue to dig and cut the stump.It’s better to have another person leverage the stump with the shovel.It will be easier to see and reach the remaining roots.

Step 15: Take the soil back into the hole.

The plant material should be cleared away.You can smooth out the hole by using your shovel.

Step 16: The bush parts should be recycled.

Garbage collection services can accept bundled branches.Check your service contract if you want to find out.Place the pieces in a yard waste bag and drive them to the nearest recycling center if they don’t.Check your town’s website for rules on recycling as well as the locations of any nearby centers accepting organic yard waste.Compost it for your plants.

Step 17: Remove the branches from the tree.

Remove the smaller branches from the outside of the tree.This can be done with a saw.

Step 18: A trench is needed around the bush.

To expose the bush’s roots, use a pointed shovel or garden shovel.To expose the roots on all sides, dig all the way around the bush.

Step 19: Use an axe to cut the roots.

The exposed roots can be severed with an axe or mattock.You may be able to do this with a pointed shovel or saw if you don’t have one.

Step 20: On either side of the bush, place plywood boards.

There are two or three flat boards on either side of the bush.The jack is able to raise the bush with the help of the boards.

Step 21: There is a jack stand on the side of the bush.

There are Jack stands at auto parts stores.The lifting arm should be facing upwards to place it on one of the plywood board stacks.Stack 2 or 3 concrete blocks on top of the plywood if you don’t have a jack stand.

Step 22: The jack should be on the other side of the bush.

The jack should be on the other stack.It is important to use a strong jack.This type of jack has a mechanical arm that you can crank while standing behind it.Scissor jacks are often packaged with cars.Only designed to lift your specific type of car, they are a little more flimsy.

Step 23: A wood beam is placed over the jack and jack stand.

A 4 in 6 in beam is the standard size, but you may need a longer one for bigger bushes.Rest one end on the jack stand.

Step 24: The stump should be tied to the beam with a towing chain.

Make sure the towing chain is not damaged.Get a new one at an auto parts store if it is.Run the chain around the beam and down to the stump.Wrap it around the stump and tighten it.

Step 25: Clear the area by wearing safety goggles.

The beam and chain will be under a lot of pressure.If this happens, wear eye protection.Children, pets, and onlookers should be far away from each other.

Step 26: To raise it, crank the jack.

The jack has a mechanical arm on it.The stump will be lifted by the arm.Put wood blocks on the jack’s arm if the stump doesn’t lift enough.

Step 27: Saw off the roots.

You should get a cutting implement that you used before.Lower the jack to reduce tension on the chain.Roll the stump out of the hole.