How To Burn Myrrh

Myrrh is derived from the myrrh tree.Myrrh has been used for thousands of years to treat wounds.Some burn Myrrh as incense for ceremonies in various religions, while others argue that it has health benefits.Before you can burn myrrh, you need the right supplies.

Step 1: Acquire acenser.

You can use this container to burn incense.There are many shapes, sizes and styles of censors.They can be made from metals like brass or steel, or non-flammable materials like ceramic.The material and style you choose will not affect the performance of the censer.You can use various items around the house for burning myrrh if you don’t want to buy a censer.It needs to be non-flammable and can hold the charcoal.A plate or bowl can do the job.Never burn incense in a plastic container.This could cause noxious fumes.

Step 2: Purchase self- lighting charcoal tablets.

The pieces of charcoal have a circle on top.Whether it is powdered or in chunks, this is to stack incense.You can find these charcoal tablets in health stores.You can purchase them online.

Step 3: You can get myrrh in gum or powder.

You can get this substance from any incense store.You can buy myrrh online.

Step 4: Sand can be put in yourcenser.

You want this layer to fill no more than a few inches of the censer.It will help keep the censer from getting too hot.The myrrh will burn longer.Cat litter or gravel can be used in yourcenser if you don’t have sand.

Step 5: The censer should be placed on a heat-resistant surface.

The censer can get quite hot, and the last thing you want is burn marks on your table.If you have pets or children, make sure to place the censer somewhere they can’t reach, since the incense will burn for about 30 to 45 minutes.If you want to use your censer on a wooden coffee table, place a ceramic coaster or tile on the surface first.You can put your censer on the tile or coaster.

Step 6: The charcoal should be light.

To place the charcoal on the burner, turn on your stove and use tongs.Once the charcoal starts sparking and turning red, you should use the tongs to flip it.When the bottom is completely red, put it on the stove.If your burners have exposed coils, you can light coals on an electric stove by setting them directly on the burner.If you have a gas stove, you can light the coals by resting them against the edge of the burner and letting them sit for a few minutes.If you have a glass or ceramic stovetop, don’t do this.If you shatter the glass, you could burn black marks on it.You can light the charcoal with a match or lighter.It will take a bit longer to light it this way.

Step 7: The sand has charcoal on it.

Once the charcoal is lit, use tongs to transfer it to the censer.Make sure your charcoal is pointed upwards.

Step 8: Myrrh can be added to the censer.

The myrrh should be placed on top of the charcoal.You should only add a quarter of a liter of myrrh at a time.Before putting myrrh on top, you can fill the charcoal tablet with salt.