How To Bronze Shoes

A great way to remember a loved one is by wearing bronzing shoes.You can bronze the shoes of a friend or family member.You will use a camel hair brush to apply liquid bronze to the shoes after you clean them.

Step 1: Dirt and old shoe polish can be removed from the shoes.

Before bronzing a pair of shoes, you need to remove any dirt or polish that is on the surface of the shoes.Wet the cloth with water.Carefully clean the shoes after taking the damp cloth.

Step 2: Rub the shoes with alcohol.

Rub the shoes with alcohol after you have removed as much dirt as possible.This will remove the polish from the shoes.saturate the cloth with alcohol.Rub the entire surface of each shoe.

Step 3: The shoes should be allowed to dry.

Allow the shoes to dry completely once you have rubbed them with alcohol.Allow the shoes to dry.Don’t attempt bronze shoes that are still wet from the cleaning process.

Step 4: There is a hole in the sole of each shoe.

You will be stringing a piece of wire through each shoe, and using the wire to hang the shoes to dry in between coats of bronze.You can use a box cutter, knife, or drill to make the hole.If you accidentally cut yourself while cutting the hole, make sure you exercise caution.

Step 5: The hole has a string wire through it.

Make a wire loop for each shoe.Attach the wire through the hole in the sole of the shoe.The closed loop is large enough to hang the shoe.The process for both shoes should be repeated.

Step 6: The shoes should be arranged.

If you want the laces and tongues to be for bronzing, position the shoes.Tie the shoelaces.The tongue should be adjusted so that it touches both sides of the shoe.The laces and tongue should be locked with a little bit of rubber cement or super glue.

Step 7: The liquid bronze needs to be prepared in a bowl.

According to the package directions, mix bronze powder with a quick-drying spar varnish in a plastic or glass bowl.Particles can settle in the bottom of the bowl if the liquid bronze is not stirred thoroughly.You can buy liquid bronze at a hardware store.

Step 8: Each shoe should have a coat of liquid bronze applied to it.

With your non-dominant hand, hold the shoe by the wire loop.Then use your dominant hand to apply a thin coat of liquid bronze to the shoes.Start on the top of each shoe and work your way down the sides to the sole.You need to make sure you paint all of the shoe’s surface area.

Step 9: To dry the shoes, hang them.

Allow the shoes to dry after applying liquid bronze.Attach the wire loop to the shoe with a hook or nail.In between coats, you should let them dry for at least ten minutes.

Step 10: As needed, apply additional coats.

If there are dull spots on the shoes, it’s because of the initial coat of liquid bronze.You will need to apply at least one more coat of bronze if this is an indication that the bronze has soaked through the shoes.You will need to apply several coats of liquid bronze to the shoes until they are covered in bronze.