How To Boil Lobster Tails

One of the most delicious meals out there is boiled lobster tail.A boiled lobster tail is served with melted butter and fresh herbs.It is easy to make at home.You can have a delicious lobster dinner in no time with just a couple quick cuts through the shell and a few minutes of boiling.

Step 1: Lobster tails can be found at a grocery or seafood store.

Unless you live in a place where fresh lobster can be purchased at supermarkets, your local specialty market or a quality grocery store will have the best lobster for you to use.The fresh lobster tails work too.Do not buy lobster tails that are packaged with triphosphate.The lobster tails are more expensive because of the chemical.

Step 2: Before cooking, thaw frozen tails in the fridge.

The tails can be kept in the packaging.They need time to thaw so that they don’t stick between the meat and the shell, as well as improve the cooking when you boil them.If you don’t have time to thaw the tails in the fridge overnight, you can thaw them in cold water for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: The tails should be washed in water.

Try to rinse every surface of the tail by holding them under the tap.You can dry the tail with a paper towel or let it dry before you trim it.There is a chance that the lobster tails may have been contaminated with something.There is a lot of debris on lobsters at the bottom of the sea.

Step 4: To cut the lobster tail, use shears or a knife.

The lobster should be cut back to the tip of the fin.Cut the meat so that it doesn’t break apart during the boiling process.Pull the shears up on the shell as you cut.Kitchen shears are a safer choice than a knife, since the knife has to face upwards to cut the shell.

Step 5: Pull the tail apart with your thumps.

You can easily break apart the shell with the help of the incision you made.The meat should be kept inside the shell.

Step 6: Place the pot on the stove.

To prevent boiling over, fill the pot with water.The number of tails you plan to boil will affect the size of the pot.A good rule of thumb is to use 1.5 cups of water per tail.You can boil lobster tails in batches.It is possible to raise the boiling point of the water by salting it.

Step 7: The water should be brought to a boil.

To reach a fast-paced boil, set the heat to high.As you begin to place the lobsters in the pot, the bubbles should be rapidly reaching the surface.

Step 8: The tails should be placed in the water.

To make sure the tails are submerged below the surface, use kitchen tongs to gently submerge them.The tails have room to spare.Don’t splash the boiling water on yourself or anyone near you.The water can be kept in the pot if the tails are added one at a time.

Step 9: The burner should be turned down to medium or high.

While the tails are cooking, keep the boil just above the boiling point.The tails cook all the way through before they separate from the shell.

Step 10: The lobster should be boiled for 1 minute per ounce.

Most lobster tails take between 5 and 12 minutes to cook.Depending on the heat level and how full the pot is, it may begin to boil over.If this happens, turn the heat down.

Step 11: The lobster meat should be eaten with a fork.

When the meat is white, the lobster tails are ready.The shells should have a bright red hue, and look very different from the meat.Don’t remove the lobster from the water if it’s not ready.The lobster needs to be cooked all the way through.

Step 12: The lobster tails should be put in a strainer.

A number of kitchen tools can be used to pull the tails out of the water.It’s possible to gently remove the meat from the shell.If you want, you can drain the tails in a strainer.

Step 13: If you want, you can slice the meat all the way through.

It is easier to eat lobster meat that has been pre-sliced.It will most likely be enough for the average diner, but cutting all the way through makes using a fork much easier.

Step 14: The lobster tails should be buttered.

One way to enhance the lobster’s flavor is to serve it with melted butter, either on the side or the tail.To coat the top of each tail, use a fork or brush to spread butter around.Clarifying butter, which is melted butter strained through a cheesecloth, is one option.It is a popular dipping sauce for seafood.

Step 15: The lemon should be squeezed over the tail.

The lobster meat has a pleasant acidic taste.If you plant to serve your tails with lemon, you can either squeeze the juice over them yourself or cut up lemon slices for your guests to use themselves.

Step 16: You can choose herbs for the dish.

You can serve parsley and basil with lobster.If you’re going to use the meat and the plate, make a mess of it.A delicious flavor combination of butter, lemon, and herbs.

Step 17: If you want to use the meat in another recipe, cut it up.

The meat from the lobster can be used in almost any recipe that calls for lobster meat.The cooked lobster tails won’t keep as well as frozen ones, so if you plan to use the meat in another recipe, do so immediately.