How To Blue

This is a way to find Pokemon in different colors.Depending on how far you have traveled, it will most likely require you to restart your saved game.Isn’t it worth it for this rare Pokemon?

Step 1: If you go too far in the game, restart your saved game.

You have to battle Gambler and Youngster.

Step 2: Press the Start button in front of the Gambler below the underground path from Lavender Town to Celadon City.

The Pause Menu will appear if you don’t pause the game.

Step 3: You can fly to Cerulean City.

After you press fly, the gambler will see you and you’ll hear his music, but you won’t fly to Cerulean City anyway.The start button won’t work yet, but it will soon.

Step 4: Just after the Nugget Bridge, go up to the Youngster.

He is the second Youngster you come across.He’s above a “Lass”.He only has a Slowpoke, so it’s easy to beat him.

Step 5: Fly back to Lavender Town after defeating the trainer.

The start button should work.

Step 6: The exit of the town is left.

The pause menu should pop-up.

Step 7: The battle can be started by exiting the pause menu.

You should be careful because Mew will only be at level 7.

Step 8: The Master Ball can be used to catch the Mew or weaken it.

If it is weakened, try catching it with a ball.

Step 9: If you went too far, you should stop the game.

You have to battle the trainer in the grass and Youngster in Cerulean.

Step 10: If you don’t have another Pokemon that knows Teleport, catch an Abra.

You can find it on Routes 24 and 25 and on Route 5.

Step 11: Go to the north of Cerulean and you will see the character in the photo and video.

Step 12: Save

Step 13: Go forward.

At the same time, press start.

Step 14: You can choose between Abra and Teleport.

You’ll find yourself at the Cerulean Pokémon Center even if the trainer doesn’t see you.

Step 15: Go to the Youngster if you want to go to Bill.

If you leave a gap between him and you, he’ll be able to walk.

Step 16: If you beat the trainer, use Teleport again.

You will be outside the center again.

Step 17: Walk north again.

There will be a Menu at some point.You should find yourself in a battle if you exit it.

Step 18: You can extend your catching skills.

If you know how the trick works, you can use it to catch other Pokémon.Fighting the Youngster will result in a Mew encounter because his Slowpoke has a Special of 21.If you fight something else before going back to Route 8, it will change the Pokemon you encounter.If you chose a starting Pokémon other than Bulbasaur, you will regret it.Bulbasaur’s number is 99, which is converted to decimal.You can fight a wild Pokémon with a Special of 153, but only on a Level 64 Chansey in the Unknown dungeon, which is the only place to find them.They only have a one-in-sixteen chance of getting the right Special.Ditto’s transform is a solution to this problem.If you follow the steps in this section, you can catch any Pokémon in the game.

Step 19: There is a special stat for Bulbasaur.

You can find a complete list at the bottom of the page.

Step 20: There.

Go away from the battle.

Step 21: Fight any trainer that can see you and then walk up to you to get your start button.

Step 22: If you find a wild Ditto, you can transform it into your Pokémon.

Step 23: If you want to fly to Lavender Town, beat the Ditto and then just run away.

Step 24: Bulbasaur will appear if you enter Route 8.

Step 25: You can use the Special to get the same Pokémon if you add 128 to the values listed above.

There are a few Pokémon that have an identifying value that is lower than the minimum Special that they can have.You can find her by using a Special of 258.Any trainers you fight after the Gambler will be used up.You want to catch all the Pokémon, so make sure you have enough unused trainers.The Gambler can be used to initiate the trick many times.

Step 26: If you went too far, restart the game.

You have to battle Gambler and Biker.

Step 27: Go in front of the Gambler below the underground path that leads to Celadon.

Step 28: After that, your start button will be disabled.

Step 29: Go up Bicycle Road after walking to it.

Step 30: Keep going up when the bike is moving slowly.

Turn right when you see the water.

Step 31: Continue until you see grass.

The biker will be facing the grass.

Step 32: Go to the Biker.

Fight him.

Step 33: The start button will work again after you defeat him.

Go left towards route 8 after flying to lavender town.The start button will pop up.Press out of it.

Step 34: There’s your Mew after that.

If you weaken it, you can catch it with a Pokeball.