How To Blog on Facebook

This website teaches you how to become a writer.If you want to share your writing and ideas with a wider audience, you can use a Facebook Page to do that.

Step 1: You can create a page on Facebook.

Artists, musicians, public figures, organizations, businesses, and other projects can connect with fans and customers on special pages on Facebook.It’s a great way to keep your posts separate from your standard account on Facebook.You will have access to the statistics you wouldn’t be able to see on your regular profile.Sign in to your personal account at to create a Page.The 9 dots are in the upper-right corner of the page.Click under “create.”The “Page name” field is located in the upper- left corner.If you want to choose the best category for your blog type, you need to type it into the “Category” field.You can type a biography into the “bio” field.Click.For a deeper dive into setting up your first Facebook page, see How to create a Facebook Page.

Step 2: Go to your page.

Clicking in the left panel will allow you to access your page on Facebook.

Step 3: The cover image should be added.

A cover image stretches across the top of your page.This would be a great place to put your logo or title image.Decide on an image to use that reflects your style and personality.The image must be at least 400 x 150dpi.If your cover image has text, save it as a PNG file and use any major image format to get the best results.You can click at the bottom-right corner.Select.You can choose an image.

Step 4: A profile photo can be uploaded.

A profile photo reflects your Page on Facebook.This can be a photo of you, a special image you created, or anything else you want.Click the camera icon on the photo and choose an image from your computer.The image will be adjusted to fit the circle.

Step 5: Click on settings.

The gear icon is at the bottom of the left panel.You can find all of your Page options here.

Step 6: You can adjust your Page preferences.

The options are up to you.Right now your Page is public, so there are a few tips to get you started.Click next to “Page Visibility” if you don’t want to launch your website just yet.Once you’re ready to share it with the world, don’t forget to publish it again.You’re the only one who can post on the blog if Visitor Posts are disabled.To do this, click next, select and then click.

Step 7: Click Page Information to complete the page.

It is in the left panel.At the top of the page, you can add a description and edit your name.You can use the “Username” field to create a custom name for your website that will give it a more meaningful web address.You can add contact information, such as an email address or website URL.General location information can be added to your website.You can add those links to the bottom of this section if you have other social media accounts.Click its name at the top- left corner to return to the page.

Step 8: You can share your Page on your profile.

You will need some followers now that you have a Facebook page.Encourage your fans to like your page.If you aren’t already there, go your Page.The cover image has three horizontal dots.You can type something like “Check out my new post on Facebook!”You can click like to follow.Click.To invite people, click the three dots and select to choose friend and send invitations.

Step 9: You can open your Facebook page.

You can go there by either visiting its URL directly or by logging into Facebook and selecting the left panel.You can use the Publishing Tools section to create a draft instead of scheduling a post for later.

Step 10: Click to create a post.

There is an upper-right area on the page.

Step 11: You can type your post.

Since the “Text” box is small, you may want to create the actual post in a word processing or text editing app like Pages, Microsoft Word, or Notepad, and then paste it into the box.If you click the colorful box below the Text field, you can choose a color scheme and background for the post, but it will only work for shorter posts.Click the face to send a message.

Step 12: Other features can be added to your post.

To check out the options, click the three dots in the bottom-right area.You can allow people to send a message through Messenger, or you can let them receive it through WhatsApp.Click if you want people to respond to a question.Click to let us know what you’re feeling.You can check in from a location, raise money for a cause, or get gift card purchases if you choose the other options.

Step 13: To share your post, click Post.

This will add your post to your page.It will show up in the news feeds of people who are following you.

Step 14: You can open your Facebook page.

You can go there by either visiting its URL directly or by logging into Facebook and selecting the left panel.

Step 15: You can use publishing tools.

It is in the left panel.You can draft posts that you can share now or on a different date if you go to the special area of your Page’s settings.

Step 16: The post creation option is available.

There are several options in the “Posts” area of the left panel.If you want to schedule the post for a different date in the future or the past, select one of the two options.You can start working on a draft of a post by clicking.This option allows you to backdate a post, which means that the publish date will appear as a date in the past rather than the date it was posted.

Step 17: Click the button to create a post.

Depending on the option you choose, you’ll see a blue button at the top of the page.

Step 18: Click Save if you want to save all the scheduled posts.

The post will appear on your news feed if you choose the date and time.

Step 19: You can create a post.

Since the “Text” box is small, you may want to create the actual post in a word processing or text editing app like Pages, Microsoft Word, or Notepad, and then paste it into the box.Click to attach media is one of the other options you’ll have.You have to check the box next to “Instagram Feed” to share a post.If you want to link to an external URL, paste it into the “Link Preview” field.Click to let us know what you’re feeling.

Step 20: Go to Schedule Post or Save as Draft.

The option at the bottom depends on how you’re posting.If you save a scheduled post, it will show up in the area.Your entry will move to the area once it is posted at the scheduled time.The draft will stay in the area if you save as a draft.

Step 21: It is possible to backdate a post.

If you saved a draft, you can backdate it by clicking in the left panel.Next to “Edit”, click the down-arrow.Select.You can choose a year, month, or date.If you hide the post from people’s news feeds, it will be visible on your Page but not announced to your followers.Click.

Step 22: You can modify a scheduled post.

You can easily change a scheduled post’s content or posting time.The section is in the left panel.Click on the post you want to modify.Click the three dots at the top-right corner of the post to change the content.If you want to cancel the post, click the menu at the top-right and select.You can change your scheduled post at any time by clicking in the left panel and then clicking the post.