How To Become Well Liked and Popular (Teen Girls)

When they are a teen, most students want to be loved.In no time, these methods will make people flock around you.

Step 1: Be confident.

Don’t be afraid of everything.When you get something wrong, walk confidently, say everything confidently and leave with dignity.Don’t let the confidence turn to cockiness.

Step 2: Do you have a good posture?

People will start to think that you’re not in a good mood if you always sit down.Sit up straight and look presentable.You might think people don’t notice, but they do.

Step 3: Don’t be foolish.

Girls think acting dumb is cute.Guys like smart girls.Don’t be foolish and show off your knowledge.

Step 4: Be positive.

Pessimism is overstating the negative all the time and it drags everyone down.If something goes wrong, just say, “It could have been worse” and start working on a solution.If someone is having a bad day, be positive around them and point out the good things.Don’t talk about your good day or bad day.You can say something to a friend in public.Don’t be negative.

Step 5: Be respectful.

Don’t make fun of others.People’s feelings and property should be respected.If you went too far, just apologize.You’ll apologize if you really care about your self- image.

Step 6: Tell the truth.

It can be difficult for some people.Lying will eventually come back to you, even though it seems like the way out.From the beginning, it’s better to tell the truth.

Step 7: Listen to it.

People like to know that you are interested in what they are saying.When listing to someone, make eye contact and pay attention to them.Don’t check your phone or talk to someone else.

Step 8: Don’t be mean.

Tell jokes!Don’t make jokes that hurt someone’s feelings.People will like you more if they know you can laugh.You should laugh along with your classmates if you go to the gym.A girl who can laugh can be respected.It’s okay if you feel a little hurt.It’s normal, but know when your peers are going too far.If they’re true, never accept insults as flattery.

Step 9: Be open.

Don’t lie to others.If it’s worth sharing, you should.

Step 10: It should be about them.

Don’t be intrusive when asking questions.Try not to talk about yourself too much.

Step 11: Be compassionate.

Being a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and a person to vent to is what this means.Help others by being aware of other people’s feelings.You’re a good friend and they will appreciate it.

Step 12: Be nice.

Help a friend out, or greet them in a nice way.Don’t compliment people just to get them to like you, do it honestly.

Step 13: It’s a good idea to be friendly.

You don’t have to be friendly with everyone.If the most annoying kid in school sits next to you on the bus, smile and greet them politely.Try not to be mean and be their friend.People will like you more if they know you won’t be mean.You should be nice to everyone.If you are popular, you will be nice to everyone, even those that you don’t like.Say “hello” if someone is giving you a hard time.How was your day?It works all the time.A compliment will lighten up someone’s day.

Step 14: Be trustworthy.

People will know you are trustworthy if you keep your promises.It will take a long time to rebuild your friends’ trust if you break it.Being trustworthy is more than just the truth.It’s also about how you react.Don’t be judgmental about your friends’ choices.

Step 15: Don’t be impatient.

It’s possible that your friend is overreacting because she just had a bad day or something is going on.Ask your friend if she is okay.