How To Become a Person Everyone Wants to Know

Everyone wants to know the people you’ve seen before.They are likable and charming.They light up a room.You can become one of these people with a little work and dedication, so that you can be the center of your next party.

Step 1: Don’t forget to practice gratitude.

It shows if you are thankful for the things in your life.It overflows to the people in your life because you show your gratitude.You can learn to be more grateful by keeping a gratitude journal.You can use social media to make a daily gratitude post.

Step 2: You can find your passion.

People like people who have passion and are able to have fun with their work.If you are passionate about the same things, more people will want to know you.You can join local hobby clubs through your parks and recreation department.You can check out books from the library.

Step 3: It’s a good idea to ground yourself before social events.

If you’re going to a party or meeting someone, take a moment to find your center.You want to clear your mind so you can be present for your encounter.Close your eyes.You can feel the weight of your body on the ground in your feet.Count to four.Count to four and breathe out deeply.Keep breathing and focus on your center.

Step 4: People are in the eye.

Few people can actually hold your eye contact.It makes you appear happy and confident.Take some time to practice with your friends or family.

Step 5: You should put a smile on your face.

It makes you appear happy and confident.It makes other people feel more comfortable around you.It’s a good idea to smile often when you’re with people.

Step 6: You should focus on your attention.

When you’re talking to someone, don’t be distracted by other things.Put your phone down.Don’t look at the screen.Make sure you say that with your body language, and keep your attention on the conversation.Point your body towards the person.

Step 7: Hold your head up.

Stand up straight and don’t slouch.Don’t tilt your head.You will be more likable if you stand up straight.

Step 8: Speak up

Mumbling is not a good way to hide your words.You can show your confidence by speaking at an appropriate volume.You don’t want to shout.You want to be heard.

Step 9: People’s names are used.

Say “Hello, Joe, good to meet you” when you meet someone for the first time.Try to use it again in the first conversation.People like to hear the sound of their own name.Say it and you will be more likable.

Step 10: It’s good to compliment people.

People like to hear nice things about themselves.However, they must be positive.If you pick something that you actually do appreciate about the person, make sure to say it with intention, not in an offhand way.You don’t need to praise someone’s looks or outfits.Try for a compliment such as, “I love how sunny you are!”You seem to be happy today.

Step 11: Don’t bother with the complaints.

Everybody else has problems in their life.What’s going well in your life is what you should focus on when talking to other people.More people will want to be around you.

Step 12: Be who you are.

You think you can’t be yourself because of your weird quirks.Most people appreciate honesty when it comes to quirks.Don’t be afraid to be yourself.People can tell when you’re genuine and likable.

Step 13: Take some time to listen.

People aren’t going to be around you if you dominate the conversation.Give people a chance to talk about themselves.Try to let the other person talk more than you do.Try asking open questions instead of closed ones.A closed question can be answered with a “yes” or “no”An open question encourages discussion.Instead of asking, “Do you like your job?”What do you like about your job?Asking people about their lives is one way to get them talking about themselves.Ask about their jobs, kids, and pets.People will usually talk about those three things.

Step 14: Listen to what other people are saying.

When people are talking, pay attention to what they are saying.Don’t just be thinking about what you are going to say next.You can show you are listening by nodding along, repeating back a synopsis of what the person said, and asking questions.

Step 15: Don’t talk about it.

People don’t like to hear about the millions of awards you’ve won.They want to know you as a person, so don’t brag.It doesn’t matter if you praise other people.It makes you look generous.You shouldn’t completely ignore the compliment.Say “Thank you” when someone gives you a compliment.”I appreciate that.”It can make you seem like you are trying to be too humble, which can turn people off.