How To Become a LaVeyan Satanist

Laveyan Satanism is not related to Satan from the Christian Bible.Laveyan Satanists don’t believe in the devil.Satanism was created in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey.individualism and free thinking is what Satanism is all about.One can only be considered a Satanist if they live their life according to a few simple tenets.

Step 1: Register with the Church of Satan.

The basic membership of the Church of Satan requires you to register on their website.A fee of $225 in US dollars is required to become a member of the church.If you want to join the Church of Satan, you have to pay a fee and sign a statement.The material can be found on the website of the Church of Satan.The Church of Satan has no local branches.The memberships are processed in New York.Fees are not required after this registration period.Your membership card should be kept safe.You will officially identify yourself to other members of the organization.

Step 2: Become an active member by applying.

The application can be downloaded and filled out.The Church of Satan has active members who take a more visible role in church activities and may be asked to represent Satanism in various functions.There are questions about The Satanic Bible on the application.Do your homework before applying.To be better prepared for the application, you should read “The Satanic Scriptures” and gain more insight into what it means to be a Satanist.To become an active member, you must be a registered member.

Step 3: Climb through the hierarchy.

Become a good reflection of the church by living like a Satanist.If you want to get noticed and promoted by the higher ranking members of the church, you need to spread good will and represent the teachings in a positive light.You can be a member of the Church of Satan if you hold a Third, Fourth, or Fifth degree.

Step 4: The satanic bible is a good place to start.

The theories and practices of Satanism can be found in the Satanic Bible, which was written by the founder of the religion.It is not necessary to read the satanic bible before applying to be a Satanist.Literature that helped inspire The Church of Satan can be found on understand how you should act.There are works by philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzche.

Step 5: Acknowledge the statements.

The way of life for Satanists is outlined in the Nine Satanic Statements.To act in accord to the expectations of the Church of Satan, remember these statements during your journey as a Satanist.The devil is a representation of indulgence instead of abstinence.The existence of Satan is vital rather than spiritual.Satan is not a hypocritical self-deceit.Love is wasted on ingrates and Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it.The other cheek is represented by Satan.Satan is concerned with the responsible instead of the psychic vampire.Because of hisdivine spiritual and intellectual development, Satan has become the most vicious animal of all time, more so than those that walk on all-fours.All of the so-called sins are represented by Satan, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional satisfaction.The Church has never had a better friend than Satan.

Step 6: Know the rules of the Earth.

The rules dictate how a Satanist should live.Similar to the Ten Commandments, these rules are meant to bring prosperity and good fortune to you.Satanism is not about spreading good, but about living in a way that brings joy without hurting others.The rules reflect this.There are eleven satanic rules.Unless you are asked, don’t give opinions or advice.If you’re sure they want to hear your troubles, don’t tell them.Show him respect or he won’t go there.Treat a guest cruelly if he makes you angry.If you want to have sex, you need to be given the signal.Unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved, don’t take that.If you have used magic to get what you want, acknowledge the power of magic.You will lose all you have obtained if you deny the power of magic after success.You don’t need to subject yourself if you do not complain about anything.Don’t harm children.Unless you are attacked or your food is in danger, do not kill non-human animals.No one will bother you when you walk in open territory.Ask the person to stop bothering you.If he doesn’t stop, destroy him.

Step 7: Remember the nine satanic sins.

Satanists are advised to avoid the Nine Satanic Sins at all costs.They created a road map for the Satanist to live a productive life.These sins should be avoided whenever possible.It’s stupid.The Satanist needs to be educated in all things.Pretentiousness.This can lead to further sins if you posture as something greater than you are.There is solipsism.Don’t forget that the world is more than just you.Do the same thing as they do.Self-deceit.Don’t act like you know what you’re doing.It’s called herd conformity.It is the opposite of thinking for yourself.There is a lack of perspective.In Satanism, independence is important, but don’t let it cloud your judgement.Forgetfulness of Orthodoxies.Don’t forget the past, but move forward with your future.Pride is counter productive.Don’t let pride get you in over your head, it’s important to recognize your worth.There is a lack of beauty.Take care of yourself.

Step 8: Live your life on your own.

Independent thinking is a trait of the Church of Satan.The power of choice is represented by the Church of Satan.You can disagree with other Satanists.Part of being independent is questioning your assumptions.Satanism questions the things around you.Make your own decisions.Don’t feel the need to agree with a Satanist just because they are Satanists.It is expected that you make your own decisions.

Step 9: Practices rituals.

Rituals are practices designed to self-actualize one’s desires.Similar to meditation or yoga, rituals involve focusing the mind on a particular goal or way of thinking to achieve that goal.Candlelight or the dark of the moon can’t be used for rituals.Concentration and the ability to focus are all that is needed.It works best for you.Greater Magic is about changing your thoughts and feelings.Lesser Magic is concerned with changing the thoughts and feelings of others.

Step 10: You can find other members.

The members of the Church of Satan used to meet in “grottos” to socialize.Though they no longer have an official channel for discovering gatherings, members still gather together.It is possible to find like minded individuals through independent channels.The 600 Club and the Satanic International Network are social websites for Satanists.Don’t forget to take care when meeting strangers.Remember, you won’t agree with every Satanist you meet, so make sure they are official card carrying members of the religion.

Step 11: You can celebrate holidays as a Satanist.

The follower’s own birthday is the biggest holiday for Satanists.Birthdays are a great day to celebrate the self as a self-centered religion.Throw yourself a huge celebration if you take it seriously.The changing of seasons is celebrated by Satanists because they worship nature.Halloween is celebrated for what it has become.The general public is willing to become self-centered just once a year according to Satanists.After the original pagan holiday of Saturnalia, Christmas is considered a celebration of indulgence.Despite what Christmas stands for to Christians, Satanists have no issues celebrating this holiday.Purchase gifts for your friends and have fun.

Step 12: Don’t indulge recklessly.

You can partake in a substance if it is legal.The Church of Satan does not encourage compulsion.The ideals of the Church of Satan are against addiction.The highest of laws is survival.Satanists are advised not to use illegal substances.Independence is important to Satanists, but the church does not condone illegal activities.