How To Become a Geek

“Geek” is a term used to describe a person who is very passionate about their interests.It used to be an insult to consider yourself a “one of the geeks”, but nowadays it’s a lot more acceptable.Geeky people make up for their awkwardness by having an immense passion for the things they’re interested in.If the thought of becoming a nerd has ever crossed your mind, there’s some part of you that already fits that bill.Being a nerd means being proud of the things you’re interested in, and considering your hobbies as an inalienable part of yourself.

Step 1: Cater your interests.

There is no such thing as a typical nerd.From all walks of life there are nerds.Are you a fan of computers?You’re a computer nerd.What about math, music, architecture, or history?Technology-oriented interests may be preferred in geek culture, but you can fit your identity to match your own.

Step 2: You can subscribe to a journal.

This category includes Nuts & Volts, PC World, Mac World and Cinefex.Pick out at least three words you’ve never heard of before and read from cover to cover.Try to use them frequently.Learning words and taking notes will help you learn more when you’re talking with your friends.

Step 3: You can develop your skill with computers.

A common interest in computers and technology is what makes most nerds unite.If you consider yourself a nerd, you should be able to work around a PC, Mac, or Linux.It was relatively comfortable.You will learn quickly if you read magazines like PC World.If you’re planning on being a nerd, your local community college may offer night courses in computers.Computers earn special credit because they are important to the geek culture.geeks will go out of their way to learn the ins and outs of using a PCTry different browsers, media players and play with coding.Many people are computer programmers.It’s not a requirement to be a computer whiz.

Step 4: Stay up to date with technology.

It doesn’t hurt for a self-respecting nerd to stay up to date on the hottest tech trends.Chances are, if people know you’re a nerd, they’ll approach you with technology advice at one point or another.Knowing more than the basics will take you far in your geekdom, even if you’re not a master at apps and computers.Check online electronics publications for reviews and specifications.

Step 5: Pick up some sci-fi and nerd information.

After computers, nerds are most associated with their passion for science-fiction and fantasy.Whether you’re talking about video games, films, TV or books, nerds are all over anything that speculates about distant lands and strange new worlds.It is possible that you already have an interest in some of the franchises.Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who are all important.Go online and read up about the media.When you’re hanging out with friends, you want to impress them with your knowledge.A true nerd holds his own tastes more important than any social expectation.Even if you don’t like sci-fi or fantasy, you’ll find other people with similar interests.Geek interests include comic books, video games, and computers.Board games, history, antiques and conspiracy theories are less common interests.The list continues.Some things are more common than others, but nothing is forbidden if it doesn’t hurt anyone else.It’s a very popular subject for nerds, and attracts its own kind of nerd.

Step 6: There is a rebellion against the establishment.

A true-to-form nerd should have no problem shaking up the order and rebelling against the status quo, even if he appears meek on the outside.Geeks are outsiders.Their interests are very nichey and they are more passionate about their interests than what is normally seen as fashionable.You shouldn’t allow yourself to embrace certain values just because you think society expects you to.It’s fun to know that you are different from the mainstream.

Step 7: “Geek chic” is what you should embrace.

Since geek culture has become popular and accepted as fashionable, there are fashion outlets that cater specifically to it.This doesn’t just include clothing, but also gadgets and home decorations.Geek chic is a style of clothing that references interests like science fiction.Take some of the clothes out of your wardrobe.The people who get the references will be able to see you as a nerd.There are options for “Geek chic” in cosmetics.Star Trek eyeliner is a example of a brand that will be themed after a pop culture reference.Buying something that’s based on your favourite sci-fi or fantasy franchise can be more fun than buying regular cosmetics.

Step 8: Wear funny t-shirts.

The person you are and what you value most in life should be shown in your clothing.There are tons of cute t-shirts that have references to pop culture.There are a lot of Star Wars and Doctor Who shirts.You will fit right in with the rest of the geeks if you wear a shirt like this.The majority of people you cross paths with won’t get a reference.New friends can be formed by recognizing a fellow fan.

Step 9: Consider putting on glasses.

For a long time, glasses have been seen as the symbol of nerds.If you wear glasses, you are more intelligent than the average person.It’s not recommended to wear glasses if you don’t have a proper use for them, but trading your contact lens for glasses can be a smart move.It is possible to wear non-prescription glasses without a need for them.Adding a pair of clear glasses to your wardrobe is a way to complete the typical geek look.Geeks with legitimate prescriptions may be offended by the fashion choice.

Step 10: As a nerd, show confidence.

Geeks are attractive because they don’t care about what other people think of them.They love what they do.They are who they are.You need to embrace this mentality in order to be a true nerd.Think about the things that make you worthwhile, and take full confidence in who you are.

Step 11: Accept that nerds are social creatures.

The major difference between nerds and geeks is that nerds like to celebrate their interests with like minded people.Geeks are social creatures by design and definition.If you talk to other people and share the things that make you happy, you can gain a lot.It isn’t easy to overcome shyness.It’s easier to break the ice with a common interest.When talking to someone new, remember that they have at least one thing in common with you.You can talk about that all the time.The majority of nerds won’t complain about discussing their interests.

Step 12: Web forums are a good place to join.

The rise of the internet is part of why nerds are so cool.Even if you don’t know much about your interests, you can meet like minded people at the touch of a button.It’s important to join web forums when you want to meet friends.You can join multiple forums based on your interests.You’ll meet a lot of people this way.You can join in-site groups at social media outlets.Talking over the internet is not a substitute for in-person socializing.You can use the internet to meet people.

Step 13: Attend a convention.

A convention is like a big party for nerds.Whether the convention is for science fiction, comic books, video games, or computers, attending one of these events is sure to be a memorable experience.If you have a vested interest in the subject at hand, they’re a great chance to meet people who are the same kind of person you are.

Step 14: They are playing a game together.

Geeks and nerds used to be the only ones who knew about gaming.Video and computer gaming is a favourite among nerds.If you have any friends who are interested in playing a game with you, set something up and play.Live microphones are a good way to talk to your friends while you’re playing.It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a passion and share the experience with others that is perfect for the would-be geek.

Step 15: Consider the risk of being alone.

You will probably end up alienating yourself from the mainstream of society if you get closer to people with the same interests.Even if you’re functional in society, there are still going to be people who will judge you for being unfashionable.You’re not alone.There are lots of people with similar interests.If you start to feel lonely, you can look to them.If you’re a woman, it’s more difficult to be a nerd.Some men will take exception to women trying to join in.Don’t be angry with these people and know that they are not the exception to the rule.A lot of nerds would be happy to have you as a friend.